The chief intent of this instance analysis is to happen the issue and job that Intel Corporation faced and how they improve their public presentation and work out jobs. First. I will sum up the history of Intel Corporation. Second. to indicate out the challenge that Intel Corporation has. And. 3rd. I will utilize SWOT analysis to analyse the internal strengths and failing and external chances and menaces of Intel Corporation. Eventually. I will give some recommendation.

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History of Intel Corporation

Intel Corporation is a taking microprocessor manufacturer for personal computing machine ( Personal computer ) in the universe. Intel Corporation was formed by In 1968. Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore founded Intel Corporation. After Intel Corporation founded. they recruited several employees from Fairchild Semiconductor to assist them. Intel Corporation was largely influenced by Andy Grove. He was an bossy leader and gave everyone tonss of force per unit area. Under his regulations and direction manner. Intel Corporation set a good civilization consequence in the hereafter success.

Since the morning of the Intel Corporation. it has gained the taking place in semiconducting material industry such as memory bit and microprocessor. Intel invested to a great extent in their R & A ; D section in order to beef up their advanced prima place to against rivals. However. in late old ages. the personal computing machine industry appears the negative growing rate which may harm for Intel concern due to the bulk concern comes from personal computing machine. Therefore. Intel Corporation should take a consideration of downward mark to seek chance to work the bluish ocean market.

SWOT analysis of Intel

1. Merchandise Diversification

Intel has assortment merchandises such as processors. motherboards. waiters. overseas telegram modems. and solid province thrust. Although Intel has dominated the market. it still put a batch of attempts on their merchandise invention. Diversification of Products integrated non merely provides clients one-stop buying but besides attract different field clients.

2. Technology Innovative and Strong R & A ; D Competence

Intel to the full understands R & A ; D is the key to let them to take in high tech industry. Furthermore. the clients will ne’er experience satisfaction with purchasing the same or few types of microprocessors. In order to fulfill assorted demands. Intel ever spend immense sum and set a batch of attempts into their R & A ; D section which makes Intel is able to present new merchandises before its rivals. Consequently. Intel can supply the picks to the demand from high-end merchandise with high monetary value and the low-end demand with lower monetary value.

3. Economic of Scale

Intel has about dominated the Personal computer. laptop. and corporate computer’s CPU which allows Intel to construct up extremely barriers for the new entrants because of the big economic systems of graduated table. Once Intel reaches the economic systems scale. they have a important cost advantage over its rivals and that this dominant ability will do its rivals are basically monetary value takers. with small power to put up their ain monetary values.


1. The Struggle of Expanding Smartphone Business

Many experts claim that the smart phone will be flagship merchandise in high tech industry for following decennaries. However. presently. ARM ( The Architecture for the Digital World ) dominates the smart phone bit market and acknowledges the first mover advantaged. As a consequence. it is really hard to spread out smart phone bit concern for Intel and lose its competitory advantage.

2. Downward Microprocessor Demand

As I mentioned before. smart phone may take some market off from Personal computer and laptop. Presently. the demand of Personal computer and laptop’s CPU is decline but Intel can non take any advantages on smart phone bit. Furthermore. the bulk of Intel’s concern comes from Microprocessor which is really hazardous for Intel. Equally long as the demand drops dramatically. it will greatly harm for Intel. Opportunities

1. Keep Advanced Competitive Advantage

Technology Innovation is a cardinal to success in rapid changing and extremely competitory high tech industry. Keeps it open uping introduction new merchandise will develop the entry barriers and derive the competitory advantages.

2. Merchandise Improvement

Recently. Intel has launched it smart phone processor bit to vie with ARM face to face. Although. their bit works better than ARM. their bit cost more power than ARM. Therefore. it is a really good chance to hold on market portion that if Intel improve their merchandise based on their strong R & A ; D.


1. Globally Downward of Consumer Purchasing Power

Economic crisis will trip the downward force per unit area on consumer buying ability. Laptop and personal computing machine is consumer merchandise when the reduced personal income will impact the demand. Consequently. the decreased of the demand will take to negative impact on Intel’s gross revenues and net incomes.

2. The Contending Campaign from Competitor

Although Intel has become the biggest company. they still need to pay attending on their competitor-AMD. The determinations made by Intel are extremely dependent upon the action of their challengers. Intel needs to closely set their oculus on AMD to avoid any engineering autumn behind to maintain their prima invention.


Intel should beef up their Personal computer and sever concern by utilizing proficient leading because the Personal computer section still estimates to hold a turning market about 17 % worldwide. Intel can establish more selling runs and set more attempts on developing new engineering to work more concern. Intel can spread out merchandises into new device. The computer science landscape is altering such as smart phone. smart phones. and tablets are linking to the cyberspace and go more intelligent. Intel should be more aggressive to prosecute chances to spread out their concern in new device classs.