Recently, the issue of clime alteration has been worldwide discussed much attending is paid on energy ingestion. These jobs inspired new strategic paperss which argue the importance of understanding that edifices refurbishment non merely decreases energy ingestion but besides improves whole status of the edifice “ Sustainable design is an built-in portion of good design. No edifice, infinite or topographic point can be considered good designed if it does non lend to environmental, societal and economic sustainability. Conversely, no edifice, infinite or topographic point can be considered sustainable if it is non good designed. ” CABE ( 2008 ) .

The construct of Sustainable Development foremost appeared in the 1970s and early 1980s where it was defined as “ aˆ¦development that meets the demands of the present without compromising the ability of future coevalss to run into their ain demands. The construct of sustainability has been turning in importance over the past two decennaries and presently forms a basis of most developments and socio-economic activities in the built and natural environments. Peter Graham ( 2000 ) .

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Sustainable development integrates assorted issues: environmental quality, economic restraints, proficient quality, and societal equity and cultural issues. In building context: can be defined as: decrease of environmental impact, minimisation of cost, maximization of proficient public presentation and betterment of societal and cultural quality throughout the whole life of the edifice. Emma ( 2007 ) .

There are many footings in the edifice industry that are used to depict the consideration of sustainability facets in the design of edifices. These include ‘sustainable design ‘ , ‘green design ‘ , ‘eco-design ‘ , ‘design for the environment ‘ , ‘high public presentation green design ‘ and ‘integrated design ‘ . These footings can be equated with ‘good design ‘ . Good design is an suitably holistic procedure that is sensitive to sustainability rules. Danielle ( 2007 )


There is a necessity to look into this country dressed ore upon the inputs and end products of refurbishment undertakings. Sustainable renovation is much more hard to implement than sustainable new edifice well less research has been directed at sustainability methods and techniques for renovation. Council of Europe Brussels ( 2003 ) .

Much argument has been sparked over the benefits and disadvantages of renovation over destruction and new physique. Older edifices can be drafty and inefficient, but retaining and renovating these houses is potentially amore sustainable option than destruction and new edifice. Eco-refurbishment of older edifices gives nest eggs in corporal energy, and can besides accomplish place energy evaluations at least every bit good as new build lodging. Jan Blomstrand ( 2008 ) . Harmonizing to Yates ( 2006 ) more than 4 million places in the UK were constructed pre-1919, so the ability to recycle and renovate these belongingss to modern criterions represents a positive measure towards sustainable building. However, there is the premiss that altering economic and societal conditions has turned this bequest into a liability because of the high costs of renovation, the fiscal attractive force of renovation and therefore the increased lodging demand threatens historic involvement. Therefore the first research inquiry is:

To what extent refurbishment undertakings are sustainable?

However, design procedure non easy to pull off, in refurbishment undertakings the complexness addition by project uncertainness due to the lake of information available during the initial phase of design procedure. ( Egbu,1994 ; Rahmat,1997 ; Hashim,2004 ) .

One Beginnings of major impact in the design procedure that can potentially hold a important impact on sustainability public presentation is a deficiency of apprehension of the design procedure required to accomplish sustainable results. Danielle ( 2007 ) .

Sustainable renovation undertaking may be affected by variables of the undertaking itself such as lake of information about edifice is required to better the environmental public presentation. Final communique from the 3rd European curates conference on sustainable lodging ( 2005 ) . Isabel ( 2007 ) reported that the features of edifices that might impact sustainability public presentation. Azlan ( 2007 ) concluded that the handiness of design information in renovation undertakings was significantly correlated with three public presentation variables which they are complete of design before work started on site, alteration of design during building phase and clip discrepancy. Therefore, the 2nd research inquiry is:

What are project variables at design stage in refurbishment undertakings that seen to be value toward sustainability?

More support for sustainable renovation is needed through counsel and criterions, demands and ordinances, financial inducement, consciousness elevation and preparation Isabel ( 2007 ) . Inefficiency of current ordinance and criterions sing of sustainable renovation, constructing design and building appears to hold small function to play in undertaking sustainability. Tyndall centre ( 2003 ) . Therefore, the 3rd research inquiry is:

What the different challenges that confront the interior decorator in turn toing sustainability standards in different renovation undertakings?

The sustainable design procedure as an inability to do design determinations based on environmental considerations harmonizing to Fullbrook ( 2006 ) the implementing a sustainable edifice is more complicated and need more attending on the initial design stage peculiarly during the development of design brief and promoting an integrated and co-operative design attack.

Steve Sorrell ( 2003 ) mentioned that there is deficiency of integrating in current patterns and altering this civilization is cardinal to increasing efficiency and quality in building. The integrating of the three dimensions of sustainability are still rear. Stefan ( 2008 ) .

Cecodhas ( 2007 ) Mentioned that the energy efficiency is an issue of increasing importance for societal lodging organisations. Particularly in the field of energy renovation, new accomplishments and know-how are necessary to react to this challenge.

Fullbrook ( 2006 ) besides found that there is unequal instruction and accomplishments, besides due to increasing demand for sustainable edifice and limited scope of practicians the marked has to some extent been limited by the available expertness and accomplishments of advisers, designers, and applied scientists etc. The deficiency of relevant accomplishments and cognition in sustainability is one barrier caused decelerating execution of sustainability in building industry Hawa ( 2005 ) . One Sources of major impact in the design procedure that can potentially hold a important impact on sustainability public presentation is a deficiency of cognition and apprehension of the design procedure required to accomplish sustainable results. Danielle, ( 2007 ) .

Jeroen ( 2007 ) recommended that in order to bring forth the perfect environment for easing the sustainable renovation further research should be focused upon the engagement in design. Sustainability in the physique environment confronting many troubles, to get the better of these troubles it is possible of using inactive procurance construct. Lei ( 2004 ) . Therefore, the forth research inquiry is:

What are the devices ( mechanisms ) to be used during design procedure that utile toward sustainability in refurbishment undertakings? And what the steps will use during design procedure to guarantee sustainability standards efficaciously introduced?

Dr. Azlan ( 2012 ) the chief job with renovation of edifices in Malaysia is the limited sum of information available. The uncertainness of information for design works depends on the status of the bing edifice construction. Frequently, there are instances where structural information for edifices in archive paperss such as studies, as-built drawings and manuals are non decently documented, uncomplete or losing. Some of the available information is inaccurate because of alterations made throughout the life rhythm of the edifice which were non recorded. This state of affairs induces the interior decorators to publish inaccurate designs because much of the information is based on their ‘gut feeling ‘ . As a consequence, many alterations of design demand to be made by the contractor during the building phase.

As information communicating engineering ( ICT ) has became so advanced, this frequently necessitates complete renovation of the bing edifice to put in characteristics such as new workstations and infinite entree floors related to ICT Stationss.

Dr Syahrul ( 2012 ) the chief ground for renovation is to maximise income or plus value ( Gold & A ; Martin, 1999 ) . The alternate to refurbishment is to pulverize an bing edifice and construct a trade name new one. This, nevertheless, is dearly-won in pecuniary and sustainability footings as planning permission will hold to be sought, peculiarly if a alteration of usage is involved. Not all renovation work will be financially feasible and every instance requires single appraisal.

Elizabeth Tinoco ( 2012 ) many jops which are green in rule are non green in pattern because of the environmental harm.


Is the procedure of renovation undertakings produce green constructing really?

To what extent the undertaking belongingss to be refurbishment constructing affect the quality of green design?

To which widen renovation undertaking variable affect green design public presentation of renovation undertaking

To set up to what extent the design squad was integrated green design facets during brief phase of renovation edifice undertaking

To set up to what widen utilizing integrating design squad construct influence green design public presentation during brief phase of renovation edifice undertakings

Survey of the relationship and influence between the variables and the chief factors for renovation edifice of this the research.


The survey aims to develop an appropriate set of mechanisms to attest sustainability standards efficaciously established during design procedure of renovation undertakings?

Therefore, The specific aims of the survey: –

To set about a thorough reappraisal of literature leting a critical reappraisal of the different execution of sustainability demands in refurbishment undertakings to be investigated and documented.

To look into the undertaking variables at design stage in refurbishment undertakings that seen to be value toward sustainability

To determine and document the different challenges ( including regulative, policies ) that confront the interior decorator in turn toing and suiting sustainability standards in different type ‘s refurbishment undertakings.

To determine and document the critical success factors associated with accommodating and set uping sustainability in renovation undertaking – from a design stage position.

To see appropriate mechanisms ( devices ) to be used during design procedure that valuable toward sustainability in refurbishment undertakings.


The survey will concentrate on investigate influence of renovation features on sustainability public presentation and implement design procedure as tool to accomplish sustainable renovation. It will concern with the unity of sustainability rules from early design phase.

To find grade of coaction among design squad design procedure the range of survey will cover designers as design squad leader. The design facets of renovation are non portion of the survey. Even though, the one of the design procedure mechanisms will utilize of the survey is cardinal participants engagement, the research will non cover providers, contractors, subcontractors local governments. The probe will concentrate upon constructing refurbishment undertakings medium and big size ( above RM500.000 ) and was built during last five old ages.


The figure of new edifices constructed yearly in developed states hardly corresponds to 1.5- 2 per centum of the bing edifice stock and concluded that the current building rate, it would take from 50 to 100 old ages to replace the current stock of bing edifices wholly with new edifices. Since the bing edifice stock will stay with us for decennaries, the importance raises of the edifice stock as economic, societal and cultural capital that should non be wasted. CABE ( 2008 )

In the 1990s the renovation sector is of import in the United States, up to 50 % of the building budget was spent in the signifier of renovation, reconstructing and reutilizing bing edifices and the mean disbursement of US national was 25 % of the new building disbursement.US Census Bureau ( 1998 ) .Refurbishment in the UK expected to increase during the following decennaries due to the fact that demand for utilizing the bing assets is more efficient. CCCIS reported that the renovation undertakings had increased from 22 % to 42 % of the entire UK building out put from twelvemonth 1981 to 1996. Egbu ( 1997 ) observed that the demand for refurbishment undertakings had addition significantly over the past 20 old ages in the UK.

Refurbishment sector in Malaysia grows quickly.The CIDB ( 2007 ) reported that renovation increased from 2 % to 16 % of the entire Malayan building industry end product from twelvemonth 2002 to 2006. The growing of renovation activities since 2002 indicates that renovation sectors in Malaysia is turning and going one of the of import sectors in the Malayan building industry.Azlan ( 2007 ) .

Aiste ( 2008 ) mentioned that the edifice sector histories for 40 % of the concluding energy ingestion in EU states. Eurostat ( 2007 ) . Housing, working and leisure topographic points buoy uping, warming, chilling and H2O heating energy ingestion is higher than in conveyance or even industrial sectors. Furthermore, this ingestion continues to turn every bit good as edifices energy proportion in concluding ingestion and CO2 emanation to environment addition.

Marina ( 2005 ) found that while international organisations may look at renovation and redevelopment from different positions and with different involvements, many of the paperss published by these organisations agree as to the importance of the renovation and redevelopment of edifices in sustainable development.writer besides reported that many research undertakings provide information that can back up a sustainable attack to both new edifice and renovation, but, unluckily, such information is non frequently implemented in existent undertakings, particularly in renovation. A few research undertakings are specifically concerned with the bing reinforced environment or with refurbishment undertakings taking at sustainable development.

Final communique from the Third European Ministers Conference on Sustainable Housing ( 2005 ) estimated that bing lodging stock in the EU will supply the greater portion of lodging for at least the following 50 old ages, the bing stock by and large receives small attending in national sustainable lodging policies, which focus more on new edifices. Existing edifices need to be maintained, repaired, refurbished and sometimes restructured to function new maps.

Isabel ( 2007 ) Found that the Current financial inducements for sustainable renovation are comparatively limited increased financial inducements such as stamp responsibility allowances for buyers or concern rates decreases for residents of green edifices would bring forth rapid alteration in the market.

Steve ( 2003 ) reported that the fact that green edifices require an incorporate design squad, uniting a broad scope of different specializers, is good established. It is merely through in-depth coaction that the complexness of tradeoffs between architectural characteristics, edifice services and other factors can be achieved. Besides he mentioned that Green edifices are possible if an incorporate design squad is appointed at the beginning and right instructions are given. But it is difficult to happen such squads. Architects are seldom willing to compromise their design unity and defer to M & A ; E13 demands at an early phase.

Larissa ( 2005 ) Studied public presentation indexs of sustainable design she found that there is still deficiency of instance surveies about sustainability indexs for edifice. Mohd Nordin ( 2000 ) investigated Indexs of sustainable development and he found that there is a demand to supply a solid base for determination devising at all degrees of authorities, inform the populace and for supervising advancement towards the ultimate aim of self-acting sustainability. This in bend must be based on the application of a tool that enables integrated environment and development decision-making. The sustainable development index is one such tool.

Marina ( 2005 ) found that the research and the legal demand of attention in renovation are really of import, but still have non been sufficient to back up a careful attack. there is a lake of concern for go outing edifice qualities of the site, a deficiency of architectural competency in many undertakings and deficit of adept craftsmen, the deficiency of preparation in saving issues has meant that many designers and edifice workers do non hold the specific accomplishments that are necessary, limited economic resources and economic involvements besides present a high hazard for inappropriate solution and inefficient engagement by cardinal histrions.

The energy efficiency is an issue of increasing importance for societal lodging organisations. Particularly in the field of energy renovation, new accomplishments and know-how are necessary to react to this challenge Cecodhas ( 2007 ) . In refurbishment undertakings the clients are really depended on the cognition and accomplishments of the undertaking squad Smith ( 1999 ) .

Sustainable renovation demands should be included in Building ordinances and planning policy. The bulk of accent to day of the month in footings of policy and Building Regulations has been on new edifices. Consequently, there is comparatively small duty for the building and belongings industry to present sustainable renovations, unless client demands are to make so. Isabel ( 2007 ) .

Earthscan ( 2009 ) The environmental impact of renovation will about ever be less than destruction and new physique. This is because all the stuffs carry embodied energy – to replace them causes new C emanations. Furthermore, the destruction procedure and waste disposal creates C emanation every bit good as other waste disposal impacts. It is frequently argued that a new edifice will run at higher energy public presentation than a refurbished one, and that during its life-time, may hold less environmental impact. Two of import effects should be considered – that new physique is merely the lowest emitter after the break-even clip period, and that this period can be extended by improved public presentation of the refurbished option.

International labour organisation sectoral Activities Department study ( 2010 ) The pick between restituting bing and building new edifices depends mostly on single instances in different parts. However, back uping grounds points to a immense potency in energy nest eggs by restituting or renovating bing edifices instead than building new 1s. As already noted, in the close to medium hereafter ( at least up to 2020 ) new physique will merely consist 15 per cent of entire lodging stock.

Dr Syahrul ( 2012 ) the chief grounds for renovation are as follows:

1. To run into modern criterions, or to run into altering demands of edifices such as hotels, offices, airdrome terminuss, retail premises, leisure and amusement installations and educational and wellness attention edifices.

2. The upgrading in criterions or transition to new utilizations, of the whole or parts of industrial edifices, with production go oning in the country or next countries.

3. Rearrangement of public services installations with rigorous operational safety demands, such as railroad Stationss ( both surface and resistance ) , where the proviso of the services must be continued during renovation.

4. The transition of edifices of extant usage such as warehouses, Millss, abandoned railroad Stationss, big residential belongingss to new utilizations such as hotels, offices, exhibition halls and residential flats.



The methodological analysis describes how the research will be undertaken, in general, discusses research procedure, and the sample will affect in the survey, the method will utilize to roll up informations, the informations aggregation process and the analysis of the informations.

The most common research methods employed by research workers ‘ viz. quantitative and qualitative methods, there are distinguishable differences between the two, quantitative method produce numerical informations whereas the qualitative method produces consequence in the signifier of information which described in words. Combination of abovementioned methods can utilize both methods to obtain advantages and avoid disadvantages of methods, Fellow & A ; Liu ( 1997 ) . A combined research attack will be used, multiple method steps ( quantitative and qualitative ) . Similar attack have been successfully adopted and implemented by Egbu ( 1994 ) , Rahmat ( 1997 ) , Hashim ( 2004 ) and Azlan ( 2007 ) , Elforjne ( 2011 ) who investigated in the country of renovation.

Research Procedure

The methodological analysis will be divided into three chief phases ; first phase is comprehensive literature reappraisal throughout two ways, secondary and primary informations. Secondary information which include seeking text editions, diaries, magazines seminars proceedings, thesis and cyberspace beginnings. In this phase will concentrate on the country of edifices renovation, sustainability rules in general and sustainability in renovation, institutional administration systems which related to sustainability, integrating and engagement of design squad during design procedure.on the other manus, for primary informations will utilize preliminary questionnaire to formalize the theoretical model and place jobs and consequences of the preliminary questionnaire.

Thesis composing & A ; VIVA

Research proposal

Simi Structured Interviews

Preliminary Questionnaire

Comprehensive Literature

Datas Analysis

Final Questionnaire Survey


Review old surveies and paperss related to edifices renovation and sustainability

Comprehensive reappraisal old surveies and paperss related to edifices renovation, sustainability,

& A ; design procedure

To prove cogency of the theoretical model, and to acquire clear information about company & A ; respondent profiles

Statistical Analysis by utilizing SPSS package

Insure concluding questionnaire

is clear and executable

Writing and discoursing research findings

& A ;


Insure preliminary questionnaire is clear and acceptable to respondents


Pilot concluding inquiry — naire to5 experts

Final postal inquiry — naire study

Identify research job objectives & A ; Hypothesis

Test hypothesis determined in early phase of survey


consequences and recommendations


Validate preliminary Questionnaire

To corroborate variables of theoretical model, jobs & As ; consequences in preliminary study


Administration Systems

Sustainability in building

Skills & A ; cognition

Proactive design

Overall apprehension

Integration & A ; constructability

The research attack will be adopted for this survey necessitating the development and distribution of a questionnaire study. A sample study will be conducted through a indiscriminately selected. The questionnaire is to be decently designed and structured ; the factors and variables to be outlined and put into inquiries in manner that enable the quantitative and Qualitative informations collect subsequently will so be able to prove harmonizing to pre-determined research aims. The method of informations aggregation to be adopted includes: mailing questionnaire and semi-structured interviews.

The 2nd phase of the survey will affect in semi-structured interviews to clear up and corroborate variables of theoretical model, and indentify jobs and consequences of preliminary questionnaire and verify the questionnaire will be acceptable to respondents. Before administering concluding questionnaire study to garner required informations, concluding questionnaire to five experts will be piloted to corroborate it is clear and executable.

Finally, the information collected will be decently organized prior to informations analysis procedure. Statistical analysis will be carried out on the informations collected via descriptive statistic and decision statistic, the important of the outline factor and variables to be analysis against the research job statement, SPSS package ( statistical tool ) will be utilized to analysis the informations collected from Architects who are practising in refurbishment undertakings by get offing the questionnaires and semi-structured interviews.

Sample Data Collection

While the survey will concentrate in design phase procedure of renovation undertakings, the appropriate profession would be designers as design squad leaders in Malaysia. Sample informations will roll up from Architects who are practising in medium and big size renovation undertakings. This information will assist to find the feasibleness of the research model developed. The intent of sample informations aggregation is to find whether the informations about the identified variables can be really obtained and to corroborate whether the questionnaire is comprehendible.


Findingss of the survey expected in macro graduated table to back up making high environmental quality and heightening sustainable renovation by cut downing opportunity of refurbishment environmental impact, resourcing stuffs and energy efficiency. In micro graduated table it will profit interior decorator, developers, pedagogues and policy shapers. The survey will supply guidelines to outdo patterns for designers in accomplishing sustainable renovation. It could lend to academic organisations, professional organic structures design organisation authorities organic structures by incorporating the findings into the organic structure of cognition for presenting a sustainable renovation undertakings.