In 1997. the GPS was used to roll up groundwater quality in the countries environing the Great Lakes ( Brian Murray. 1997 ) . Because of the huge country to be covered. it was necessary to come up with an efficient system of roll uping information from a sum of 1600 Wellss and 58 installations. With the assistance of bing studies. several control points were set up in the different installations and locations and these in bend provided the baseline informations to develop the GIS map for Northwest Indiana environing Lake Michigan.

The Global Positioning System ( GPS ) has been deriving broad usage in the kingdom of environmental direction. Over the old ages. it has been a changeless comrade and tool in the development of Geographic Information System ( GIS ) in assorted countries of environmental direction and protection. For case. there have been a batch of preservation attempts to salvage a batch of endangered species of animate beings.

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With the assistance of GPS. control points can be set up and GPS devises installed in order to come up with a GIS map. This will assist in placing possible safe home grounds for the animate beings. The information generated by this can so be forwarded to authorities functionaries. scientists and environmentalists and can be used to minimise impact of developments into bing carnal home grounds. The engineering provided by GPS is now going a really valuable ally to environmental direction.


Brian Murray. R. K. ( 1997 ) . A Method Using GIS Coverages and GPS Equipment for Determining Well Locations for Regulated Facilities in Northwest Indiana for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. Hazardous Waste Geology Section. Retrieved May 26. 2009. from hypertext transfer protocol: //proceedings. esri. com/library/userconf/proc97/proc97/to250/pap221/p221. htm