When you think of what is involved in the procedure of listening most people think that it involves merely spoken words and how those words are interpreted. But really listening is more than merely simply hearing words ; the existent procedure of listening has many different factors that are involved. I’m traveling to sum up the 10 most common factors that can impact the human hearing procedure. The first factor that affects hearing is civilization. Culture is a factor that has affected about everyone in today society.

Peoples from different cultural backgrounds frequently have a difficult clip apprehension and pass oning with each other’s. Many cross-cultural brushs are difficult for each side to construe because much of the misinterpretation between people can be traced to jobs in listening. Gender is the 2nd factor that affects listening. It affects how adult females and work forces listen otherwise. It is said that adult females hear more of the message really how it is. where a work forces will retrace a message to state what they want it to.

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The 3rd factor that affects hearing is age. When a individual gets older. their hearing will deteriorate and there will an addition trouble for a individual to have messages. Attitudes are the 4th factor ; a positive hearing attitude and being unfastened minded is a critical portion of effectual hearing. The 5th factor that is known to impact hearing is Hemispheric Specialization ( encephalon ) . This factor shows how people listen different based on which side of the encephalon hemisphere is the dominant.

Physical and Psychological province of a individual is factor six. A person’s physical psychological province can hold a profound influence on the manner the individual is listening. When a individual has a physical or mental status active hearing can be interrupted. Factor seven is self-concept. a individual who is positive and is non insecure about them self will be more willing to listen and accept a message that is being received. Factor eight that can impact hearing is Receiver Apprehension.

Apprehension of a hearer can come from being worried about the immediate result of the communicating and a individual with this factor will hold a high degree of anxiousness when it comes to hold a conversation with person. Another factor that affects hearing is factor nine which is clip. The sum of clip a individual has can impact listening if you don’t have clip to to the full listen. you as a hearer will non have the messages to the full. And the last factor that is known to impact hearing is a individual listening penchants. There are many different listening manners that a individual may hold.

One may hold a people-oriented hearing manner that focal point on the emotional and relational facets of communicating. a content-oriented hearing manner where a individual likes more complex information. action-oriented hearers prefer clear. precise information. while time-oriented hearers prefer short limited messages. While the factors that affect the procedure of listening are more complex than people may believe. Listening is still more than merely having messages and reacting to them. it is a procedure that is influenced by many factors that help us understand what listening truly is.