Your assignment requires you to place an enterpriser of your pick in this instance Richard Branson.

The assignment provides a profile brief of the individual Richard Branson you have selected to analyze as an enterpriser and explicate why you have selected him in this instance as my pick of survey.

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Using constructs and theoretical accounts learn from faculty BUS 6360, explain why your pick of individual can be classed as an enterpriser.

Critically measure what you feel has been the entrepreneurial scheme that your chosen topic has deployed to accomplish acknowledgment as an enterpriser by you.

Richard Branson Profile

Richard Branson started life as a dyslexic schoolboy who did awfully on the standard IQ trial but had an astonishing ability to excite the aspiration of others.A A His endowments emerged in the late sixtiess when he started his ain pupil newspaper that focused on pupils from a figure of schools but non the schools themselves.A This concern was started with a ?4 contribution from his mother.A A In 1970, the authorities abolished the retail monetary value care understanding but none of the large shops discounted records.A A Branson saw the chance to sell records cheaply to pupils by running adverts in his magazine.A A The orders flooded in for both records and subscription to the magazine.A A Richard rounded up the staff of “ Student ” , leased an old shoe store and opened their first record store named “ Virgin ” .A A From these little beginnings Richard Branson is now caput of around 400 companies that carry the Virgin name.A A Branson has no elephantine caput office, really few board meetings, and keeps his endeavor little and relies on authorising people ‘s thoughts to fuel success

Nowadays the Virgin group is known for the diverseness of merchandises and services it provides, such as Virgin money, Virgin Hotel, Virgin Galactic, Virgin air hose, Virgin Broadband. The group employees over 50 000 people throughout the universe and had is good respected trade name in the universe.

Harmonizing to the 2010 Forbes list of billionaires, Richard Branson is ranked among the 212th richest individual in the universe with a net worth of around $ 4 billion USD. He is known for holding turned his record company into a rail, telecommunication, wellness attention, travel, Entertainment Empire. Richard Branson has revolutionised concern through making great employee civilization and running his concern based on great consumers service. He is known for his endowment in doing the workplace an attractive topographic point for the work force, and managed to pull great employees to work for corporation.

Entrepreneur I admire

I admire Richard Branson for his ability to actuate people and bring forth the best public presentation from his employees.

Branson wrote ‘having a personality of caring about people is by and large of import. You can non be a good leader unless you by and large like people, that is how you bring out the best in them ( Branson 2008 ) such an indispensable leading quality – possessing societal accomplishments, is non a common trait in leaders. As the CEO, he would near riders in the economic category of Virgin Airlines, sit beside them, play with their kid and cod feedbacks.

Richard Branson possesses several personality traits, viz. his endurance for failures lending to persistence, being a hazard taker, possessing emotional intelligence every bit good as holding a thrust and achievement motivation.

In the kingdom of concern, Richard Branson has experienced the equation of success and has experienced his portions of failures. The Virgin group controlled a big sum of concern and most of them have been sold or closed or lost most. Despite them Richard Branson ‘always believed in the defy of acquisition and seeking to carry through something better than in the yesteryear ‘ ( Henry et. al 2003 ) . This truly outlines his admirable quality of continuity.


Branson believe if person knows one concern therefore the individuals knows any concern. In add-on he besides mentioned ‘if can run an air hose, you can run a bank. If can run a record company, you can a soft drink company ‘ . Branson has genuinely proven without debt to be a existent hazard taker. ( Dearlove 2007 )

One of the facets I admire from Branson ‘s character


He is self-regulated ; he thinks that choler promotes counterproductive therefore he tries to stay unagitated all the clip. “ Branson believe that his employees should be give top precedence ” , hence he spends most of this clip actuating people ( Morgan 2009 ) .


Branson embodies the definition of being drive and achievement motivated, he possesses a strong demand to carry through ends he has set for himself and is willing to take hazards, because he feels a sense of joy upon its completion. Branson said, “ I ever pick myself up and seek once more. I prepare myself to hold another pang at things with the cognition I ‘ve gained from the old failure ” ( Dearlove 2007 ) .

He strongly believes that a reverse is ne’er a bad experience ; it is merely a learning curve. This ability to take hazards and holding an timeserving outlook gives him a strategic orientation and makes him proactive in his strong desire to accomplish ( Henry 2001 ) .


‘Entrepreneurship is the procedure of making something different with value by giving the necessary clip and attempt, presuming the attach toing fiscal, psychic and societal hazards, and having the attendant wagess of pecuniary and personal satisfaction. ‘


Today ‘s enterprisers are equipped with a list of features and accomplishments, supplying the edifice blocks for successful entrepreneurship.A A Stokes ( 1998 ) categorises these accomplishments and features into three headers:

Technical accomplishments, embracing merchandise or service cognition and an apprehension of the market place.

Management competences, embracing the countries of selling, finance and human dealingss.

Personal properties, such as holding an advanced and determined nature, being equipped with an external focal point and being a squad leader.


The ownership by the enterpriser of these accomplishments and features can help him when turning his vision into strategy.A A With little companies and new ventures at high hazard of failure, following a strategic attack will better its opportunities of survival.A A A successful scheme should supply the way necessary to apportion the resources of the endeavor in a alone and feasible manner, taking into history internal strengths and failings and besides external chances and menaces. ( Stokes, 1998 )

Richard Branson demonstrates individualised consideration by giving personal attending to his staff and develops on their demands. He gave his staff chances even if they lacked experience and preparation as a consequence created the feeling that people worked in Virgin for the merriment and exhilaration. For illustration, when Virgin Airlines made a pit halt at Sydney, he would remain at the hotel with his 200 cabin crew, and communicate with them and happen out about their sentiments and concerns about their work ( Branson 2008 ) .

Branson would besides walk the floor ; write letters bespeaking his place reference and place telephone figure to every employee leting them to voice out jobs, suggestions and thoughts ( Manfred & A ; Kets de Vries 1996 ) . In add-on

Leadership Style

Richard Branson is magnetic and this is one of the cardinal qualities in transformational leaders. “ His personal appeal comes from personal heat and obvious liking for people ” ( Manfred & A ; Kets 1999 ) . Many would look up to his bravery in hazard taking therefore increases his personal appeal. Apart from his personal appeal, he is considered an inspirational leader. His ability to pass on his vision of “ Pick person bigger than you ” have been cultivated into his people therefore leting them to accomplish what they thought was impossible

Entrepreneurs must hold a vision of where the company will be in the future.A In add-on, “ you must be able to pass on your vision so as to actuate employees, investors, and spouses to assist you achieve that vision ” ( Landrum 2004 ) .

Entrepreneurs are known for their bold attitude, towards taking hazards. Branson has proven clip in clip that he is so one bold hazard taker his actions have

Shown that he is non afraid to accomplish his personal and concern ( Rifkin 2009 For illustration, when Branson was exited and enthusiastic about the chance of running a Trans-Atlantic air hose, the remainder of the Virgin Group managers were non tried to deter him. However, being a risk-taking enterpriser with an oculus to a good selling chance, Richard Branson went in front ( Lancaster & A ; Reynolds 2002 ) .


Enthusiasm, being another indispensable idiosyncrasy, contributes to the leader ‘s thrust to accomplish and succeed.A This in bend, influences and motivates their followings to desire to stand out in their Fieldss as good. Such leaders see the bigger image and are frequently really ambitious. Entrepreneurs set indispensable ends for themselves and remain dedicated to accomplishing them despite of the obstructions that get in the manner

The purpose of Branson towards Virgin was to make a merriment working atmosphere where people enjoy working into the administration alternatively of looking as a topographic point to work in order to last. “ Branson has been called a visionary, a sage, a guru even ” ( Dearlove 2007 ) . Branson has become a airy whose direction manner and doctrine offers important lessons for his followings.

Richard Branson is oriented towards unfastened communicating and feels that is the key to a stronger substructure where everyone is devoted to the overall public presentation of the company ( Bower 2000 ) . This confirmed by the fact that every month a missive addressed to his employees is given where the hereafter programs of Virgin is provided, in add-on with his telephone figure and place reference for any suggestions, thoughts or job that might happen.

Branson rewards his director by leting them to be shareholders in Virgin ‘s new venture, swearing them with full authorization, and is proud to hold produced new millionaires from his ain administration.


Critically measure what you feel has been the entrepreneurial scheme that your chosen topic has deployed to accomplish acknowledgment as an enterpriser by you.

Richard Branson has created and developed Virgin Group through developing a diverseness of companies in different sector and tie ining into one trade name name.

The name Virgin comes from the thought, stand foring that each concern come ining the market is seen as a virgin. The Virgin group does non be as one division/firm, but a assortment of concerns. The Virgin group is comprised of a assortment of different signifiers of concerns, with holding concerns in many different waies. The Virgin group is diversified in approximately 200 concerns, with each division falling under the Virgin group.


‘Virgin ‘s principle for enlargement is based on a ferocious external variegation scheme ‘ , which is driven by changeless creativeness derived from Richard Branson in an attack to new challenges. “ The Virgin group sees itself as a restructurer ; which means that it has low cardinal costs due to a comparatively little corporate Centre, with the minimal engagement at concern degree ” ( The Virgin Group, A 2009 ) . The trade name is the most of import plus of the Virgin group, with the aim to set up it as a major planetary name. In order to set up such a planetary name, virgin need to hold a figure of nucleus concerns with planetary potency. The Virgin group can be categorized in the undermentioned order, Fig 1:


As illustrated in Fig 1, the virgin group is divided into different concern signifiers which are all connected to the virgin trade name name. All these divisions form portion of the Virgin group. “ Virgin group ‘s principle is to diversify into every bit many markets executable, with extend to the virgin trade name name farther at a low cost: where stature could be relied on to cut down some barriers to entry into inactive markets ” ( Virgin corporate scheme, A 2002 ) . Virgin sought the challenge in supplying a better service/product than its rivals, by come ining a market that is still at its turning stage.


In the instance survey it is said that, Virgin set out to distinguish itself by offering advanced services. Virgin ‘s projection of corporate principle is simply on Sir Richard Branson ‘s ‘own personal doctrine ‘ . The accent lies on invention and distinction, to offer more goods/services for less.

A Sir Richard Branson described the Virgin group as ‘a branded venture capital house ‘ which is puting in a series of ventures and trade names to spread out at the disbursal of net incomes. The Virgin Group is “ strategically targeted towards a five pillar system ” , where Branson wants to get down five companies from abrasion and sell five companies each twelvemonth.

As illustrated in Fig 1, all ventures has its name get downing with Virgin, whether its Virgin travel or Virgin rail. This is because of the Virgin name that is the ‘single most of import plus of the company, with the trade name name being good marketed and promoted. The Virgin trade name name is classified and has become synonymous with Sir Richard Branson ‘s name. With each venture transporting the Virgin name, it sends out a message to the consumer that the venture belongs under the Virgin group and carries a severally good trade name name.

All concerns that starts with the name Virgin can instantly be identified to the roots of the Virgin Group, and as Sir Richard Branson ‘s ain. The ventures within the Virgin group are identified as it has created a trade name name for itself through selling and publicity of the trade name name. All ventures within the Virgin Empire as illustrated in Fig 1, “ sacrificed short-run net incomes to derive long term growing and uses an independent concern degree determination doing method ” ( Virgin corporate scheme, A 2002 ) .

Virgin has a strong trade name name as can be concluded from the instance survey where there is assorted joint ventures that have formed together with Virgin. These concerns that formed together with Virgin are concerns such as ; AMP and Victory Corporation which joined with Virgin

Virgin creates more value by holding joint ventures than dividing each venture and holding each concern stand entirely in the market, which would weaken Virgin as a corporate parent. Value is added and achieved by the followers:

A·A A A A A A A A A Understanding of markets

Virgin ‘s direction identifies and delivers complacency in a market, with its scheme to add value by offering more for less.

A·A A A A A A A A A Get the better ofing barriers to entry

Consumers choose Virgin as its trade name name is much respected within the British populace, and serves as a market leader.

A·A A A A A A A A A Limiting hazard

Any concern that is in a joint venture with the Virgin group has the benefit of restricting the hazard of failure within the market topographic point.

A·A A A A A A A A A No direction limitations

“ The level running construction helps advance invention, allow flexibleness and promotes values of shared ownership and duty ” ( Virgin corporate scheme, A 2002 ) .

A·A A A A A A A A . Invention

Virgin acquires like-minded persons and spouses that match the ability to organize joint ventures and to be able to utilize each one ‘s ability to introduce and distinguish.

Harmonizing to the instance survey Branson adopted his ain personal manner of direction, pluming himself on actively affecting employees and seeking the demands thoughts on ways of farther adding value to the clients.



In decision, it is apparent Richard Branson have proven through clip his effectual leading accomplishments have allowed him to win and besides choice himself up after failures. We have learnt that a leader should non merely depend on proficient accomplishments but besides be flexible and be adaptable to today ‘s dynamic universe which is of all time altering.

The ability to catch chances once it arises is of import because in the concern industry, there ‘s a high degree of fight, if a leader were to supervise such a opportunity ; they face the potency of losing 1000000s.

, if one of the clients has a bad experience on Virgin trains, they might hold different positions for the remainder of the Virgin trade names. Majority of clients know that each of the Virgin concern units are managed different and are immensely diversified into different merchandises and services. Therefore each of the concern units will hold their ain strategic programs harmonizing to their mark market and hopefully this should convert the clients to go on to utilize their merchandises and services.

The of import issues originate in the hereafter when it ‘s clip for Branson to travel off from Virgin, this could intend the terminal of the Virgin Group. To work out this possible job, new direction, selling and promotional manners can be used that are non related to Branson ‘s techniques and see whether these are successful.


Therefore, Virgin is a successful company that applies their ain schemes harmonizing to their mark market under the way of Richard Branson. Virgin are able to diversify into new markets chiefly through joint ventures, therefore able to increase their market portions in several markets. However, the inquiry arises when it ‘s clip for Richard Branson to Separate Company with the Virgin Group, how will they get by and whether they can keep a competitory border in the markets that they are viing in.