It is known that the economic system is intensively damaged and that it needs to be restructured. The current financial policy that are in topographic point are good. but measures must be taken to avoid a clang of the market. acquire the unemployment rate down. and excite the economic system in the hopes of increasing the gross domestic merchandise and conveying about a rush in the aggregative demand.

Although it may take some clip for all of these events to take topographic point. this is what needs to be done to acquire the economic system to lift. The consumers and authorities must besides make their parts in order for this economic system to lift above the recession it is in now. The primary root cause of the current recession and economic crisis is mostly in portion due to the immense addition in the issue of subprime adjustable-rate mortgages and the collateralized debt duties that they made up.

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The sum of subprime mortgages issued in 2005 and 2006 increased drastically. while the issue of premier mortgages really decreased. Basically. Bankss loaned money to people who would evidently default on those loans. Peoples bought houses with these loans anticipating lodging monetary values to increase. but that didn’t go on. Although. this was the path caused it is non the lone ground we continue to be in a hapless province. Below you will happen the complete position of our current economic system.

The current economic system spread outing or catching is undertaking. Our current premier rate is 3. 25 %
The current involvement rate on recognition cards is 15. 4 %

The current unemployment rate is 9 % ( 2011 est. ) and 9. 6 % in ( 2010 est. ) . The unemployment. youth age 15-24 entire 17. 6 % that includes male 20. 1 % and female 14. 9 % ( 2009 ) . The current rising prices rate is CPI steps rising prices rate 2 % . The current Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) are: GDP ( buying power para ) $ 15. 04 trillion ( 2011 est. ) . $ 14. 82 trillion ( 2010 est. ) $ 14. 38 ( 2009 est. ) . The informations are in 2011 US dollars.