1. Tax in Malaya

For Residents of Malaysia, income of any individual including a company, accruing in or derived from Malaysia or received in Malaysia from outside Malaysia is capable to income tax.. This subdivision is divided into salaried employees and concern proprietors because both of these classs files different types of revenue enhancement returns. Salaried employees will hold to supply personal income revenue enhancement returns while concern proprietors have to register concern income revenue enhancement returns. This subdivision besides explains what type of concerns are applicable in which type of returns as there are assorted classs of concerns like exclusive proprietary, private limited companies every bit good as partnerships, among many.

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However, income received in Malaysia by any individual other than a resident company transporting on concern of banking, insurance or sea or air conveyance for a twelvemonth of appraisal derived from beginnings outside Malaysia is exempted from revenue enhancement.

2. Beginnings of Income Liable to Tax

The below beginnings of income are apt to revenue enhancement:

  • additions and net incomes from a trade, profession and concern
  • additions or net incomes from an employment ( wages, wages, etc. )
  • dividends, involvements or price reductions
  • rents, royalties or premiums
  • pensions, rentes or other periodic payments
  • other additions or net incomes of an income nature

Chargeable income is arrived at after seting for allowable disbursals incurred in the production of the income, capital allowances and inducements where applicable. Section 34 of the Income Tax Act 1967 allows specific commissariats for bad or dubious debts. However, no tax write-off for book depreciation is allowed although capital allowances are granted.

3. Company Tax

A company, whether occupant or non, is assessable on income accrued in or derived from Malaysia. Income derived from beginnings outside Malaysia and remitted by a resident company is exempted from revenue enhancement, except in the instance of the banking and insurance concern, and sea and air conveyance projects. A company is considered a occupant in Malaysia if the control and direction of its personal businesss are exercised in Malaysia.

Effective from the twelvemonth appraisal of 2007, the corporate revenue enhancement rate is reduced to 27 % . The revenue enhancement rate is further reduced to 26 % in 2008 and 25 % in 2009. These rates are besides applicable to the undermentioned entities:

  1. A a trust organic structure
  2. A an executor of an estate of an person who was domiciled outside Malaysia at the clip of his decease ; and
  3. A a receiving system appointed by the tribunal

A company transporting on crude oil upstream operations is capable to a Petroleum Income Tax of 38 % .

With consequence from the twelvemonth of appraisal 2007, tax write-off for payment of zakat made by a company, concerted society or trust organic structure shall non transcend 2.5 % of its aggregative income in the relevant twelvemonth of appraisal.

Tax write-offs are allowed for parts made to:

  1. A the Government, State Government, and local governments ;
  2. A establishments approved by the Minister of Finance ;
  3. A athleticss activities approved by the Minister of Finance or Commissioner of Sports ; and
  4. A undertaking of national involvement approved by the Minister of Finance ;

The parts in regard of two, three, and iv shall non transcend 7 % of the aggregative income of the company in the relevant twelvemonth of appraisal. With consequence from the twelvemonth of appraisal 2009 this bound shall be increased to 10 % .

4. Personal Income Tax

All persons are apt to revenue enhancement on income accrued in, derived from or remitted to Malaysia. However, a non-resident person will be taxed merely on income earned in Malaysia. The rate of revenue enhancement depends on the individual’s occupant position, which is determined by the continuance of his stay in the state as stipulated under Section 7 of the Income Tax Act 1967. Generally, an person who is in Malaysia for at least 182 yearss in a calendar twelvemonth is regarded as a revenue enhancement occupant. Income remitted to Malaysia by a resident person is exempted from revenue enhancement.

4.1 Resident Individual

A resident person is taxed on his indictable income after subtracting personal alleviations at a calibrated rate from 0 % to 27 % . In twelvemonth 2009 the maximal rate shall be reducefrom 27 % to 26 % .

The revenue enhancement charged on a resident person is reduced by manner of the undermentioned discounts:

I. An person with a indictable income non transcending RM35,000 enjoys a discount of RM350. Where the married woman is non working or the wife’s income is jointly assessed, she besides enjoys a farther discount of RM350. Similarly, a married woman who is assessed individually will besides bask a RM350 discount, provided her indictable income does non transcend RM35,000. Effective twelvemonth of appraisal 2009, the discount shall be increased from RM350 to RM400.
two. Any fee paid to the authorities for the issue of an employment base on balls, visit base on balls or work license

4.2 Non-Resident Individual

A non-resident person is apt to revenue enhancement at the rate of 27 % without any personal alleviation. But, he can claim discounts in regard of fees paid to the authorities for the issue of an employment work license. In twelvemonth 2009, the rate shall be reduced from 27 % to 26 % .

5. Withholding Tax

Non-resident persons are capable to a concluding withholding revenue enhancement of:

10 % on particular categories of income such as:

a. in consideration of services rendered by the individual or his employee in connexion with the usage of belongings or rights, installing of or operation of any works, machinery or other setup ;
B. in consideration of proficient advice, aid or services rendered in connexion with proficient direction or disposal ; or
degree Celsiuss. rent or other payments made under any understanding or agreement for the usage of any movable belongings

Withholding revenue enhancement will non be applicable for income received in regard of the services ( a ) and ( B ) rendered or performed outside Malaysia.

Effective from 30 August 2008 until 31 December 2012, keep backing revenue enhancement freedom is given to non-residents experts on income received by supplying proficient preparation services in the undermentioned Fieldss:

  • Post alumnus classs in information and communicating engineering ( ICT ) , electronics and life scientific disciplines ;
  • Post basic classs in nursing and allied heath attention ; and
  • Aircraft care technology classs.

Effective from 1 January 2009, to cut down the cost of proficient services provided by non-residents, reimbursements associating to hotel adjustment in Malaysia will non be included in the calculation of gross proficient fees for the intent of keep backing revenue enhancement.

In regard of keep backing revenue enhancement non paid, a punishment of 10 % is imposed on the entire payment made to a non-resident. However, effectual on 2 September 2006, the 10 % punishment on keep backing revenue enhancement be imposed merely on the sum of unpaid revenue enhancement and non on the entire payment made to a non-resident.

Claims should be submitted to the Inland Revenue Board ( IRB ) .

6. Real Property Gain Tax

Capital additions are by and large non capable to revenue enhancement in Malaysia. Real belongings additions revenue enhancement is charged on additions originating from the disposal of existent belongings situated in Malaysia or of involvement, options or other rights in or over such land every bit good as the disposal of portions in existent belongings companies.

Malaysians and lasting occupants are capable to a 30 % revenue enhancement if they sell the belongings within first old ages, with a cut downing rate until 5 % in the 6th twelvemonth and thereafter. For non-citizens and non-permanent occupants, on the other manus, pay a level rate of 30 % if they sell within five old ages, and thenceforth at the rate of 5 % .

However, with consequence fromA 1stApril 2007, all individuals are exempted fromA the commissariats of the Real Property Gains Tax Act 1967.

A 7. Gross saless Tax

Gross saless revenue enhancement is a individual phase revenue enhancement imposed at the import or fabrication degrees. In Malaysia, makers of nonexempt goods are required to be licensed under the Gross saless Tax Act 1972. Companies with a gross revenues turnover of less than RM100,000 and companies with Accredited Manufacturing Warehouse ( LMW ) position are exempted from this licensing demand. However, companies with a gross revenues turnover of less than RM100,000 have to use for a certification of freedom from licensing.

Licensed makers are taxed on their end product while makers that are non licensed or exempted from licencing demand to pay revenue enhancement on their inputs. To alleviate small-scale makers from paying gross revenues revenue enhancement upfront on their inputs, they can choose to be licensed under the Gross saless Tax Act 1972 in order to buy tax-exempt inputs. With this, small-scale makers can choose to pay gross revenues revenue enhancement merely on their finished merchandises.

Gross saless revenue enhancement is by and large at 10 % . However, natural stuffs and machinery for usage in the industry of nonexempt goods are eligible for freedom from the revenue enhancement, while inputs for selected non-taxable merchandises are besides exempted.

Certain non-essential groceries and edifice stuffs are taxed at 5 % , general goods at 10 % , spirits at 20 % and coffin nails at 25 % . Some primary trade goods, basic groceries, basic edifice stuffs, certain agricultural implements and heavy machinery for usage in the building industry are exempted. Certain touristry and athleticss goods, books, newspapers and reading stuffs are besides exempted.

8. Service Tax

A service revenue enhancement applies to certain prescribed goods and services in Malaysia including nutrient, drinks and baccy ; proviso of suites for lodging and premises for meetings, conventions, and cultural and manner shows ; wellness services, and proviso of adjustment and nutrient by private infirmaries.

The revenue enhancement besides applies to professional and consultancy services provided by comptrollers, advocators and canvassers, applied scientists, designer, surveyors ( including valuers, assessors and existent estate agents ) , publicizing bureaus, consultancy houses, direction service supplier, insurance companies, motor vehicle service and fix Centres, telecommunication services companies, security and guard services bureaus, recreational nines, estate agents, parking infinite services operators and courier service houses.

Professional services provided by a company to companies within the same group will be exempted from the current service revenue enhancement of 5 % . Courier services provided from a point within Malaysia to a finish outside Malaysia will besides be exempted from the service revenue enhancement of 5 % .

Normally, the infliction of service revenue enhancement is capable to a specific threshold based on an one-year turnover runing from RM150,000 to RM500,000 such as those ;

  • auto lease bureaus licensed under the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board Act 1987 holding an one-year gross revenues turnover of RM150,000 and above ;
  • employment bureaus holding an one-year gross revenues turnover of RM150,000 and above ;
  • companies supplying direction services, including undertaking direction and coordination services, holding an one-year gross revenues turnover of RM150,000 and above
  • hotels with A holding more than 25 suites and eating houses.