Do Religion And Politics Go Hand In Hand? Of Course They Do! Religion in political relations has long been a tabu topic or elusive subject to most as they argue that they can non cohesively coexist together when in all actuality they can and make coexist together. Religion and political relations basically belong together like mashed murphies and gravy so to talk. However. all around the universe the extent to which they coexist varies depending on the cultural influence every bit good as historical significance refering to their country. Religion plays a immense function in American political relations.

During the 2012 election twelvemonth people were polled on the importance of faith in their lives and 56 per centum said that it is “very of import in their lives. ” ( Miller ) Religion plays a significant function in political relations — from act uponing how some politicians will project their ballot on certain issues to carrying electors to vote for one campaigner or another. Although America prides itself on its spiritual diverseness and separation of church and province nevertheless it is a prove fact that faith helps find who a elector will project their ballot for.

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A Gallup canvass from June of 2012 discovered that 58 per centum of Americans would vote for a Muslim campaigner while merely 54 per centum of Americans would vote for an atheist campaigner. When polled it besides found that merely 1 in 5 Americans would vote for a Mormon campaigner which could hold basically cost Romney 1000000s of ballots due to his spiritual penchant. Indeed we have seen faith play a really influential function in political relations in 2012.

Religion and political relations were really closely tied together during the presidential term of George Walker Bush. “In the eyes of a batch of people religion played a bigger function in authorities than usual during the presidential term of George W. Bush. President Bush evoked God in his addresss more frequently than other presidents. stated in interviews that God advised him on certain actions and that he steadfastly believed that he was ordaining God’s will as the main executive of the United States. ( Oganesian ) Even our Declaration of Independence closely ties faith and political relations together with such statements as. “We hold these truths to be axiomatic. that all work forces are created equal. that they are endowed by their Godhead with certain inalienable rights that among these are life. autonomy and the chase of felicity. ” Notice that Creator is capitalized and undeniably it states that we are endowed certain inalienable rights from our Godhead. This can either be someone’s higher power if they choose to name it by that name or merely it could be God.

Does faith genuinely belong in political relations? This may really good be one of the toughest inquiries of all time asked in this twenty-four hours and age. Religion delves on the belief in good and morality while political relations are the workings and traffics of the disposal of authorities. We are a State that was founded on Moral Values. Decency and the regulation of jurisprudence. God’s Torahs will ever play a portion in political relations. If you examine our money even it says. ” In God We Trust. ” Truly separation of church and province will ne’er be to the full successful.

When our President is sworn in to the curse of office even he has to curse on a Holy Bible. Is he non the highest superior authorities functionary in our state? Yet even he has to follow the regulations and guidelines that deal with faith. Over and over once more we see how closely faith and political relations are really entwined with one another. Harmonizing to Djupe and Olson. psychological attacks to the survey of faith and political relations “view the cardinal attachment point between spiritual religions and political committednesss as the individual’s designation with spiritual mention groups” ( 2007:256 ) .

Leege and his co-workers noted that the psychological power of group designation is indispensable to religion’s consequence on political relations. For illustration. groups form the footing of cleavage in a larger society for a assortment of cultural and political grounds: ( 1 ) whether based on voluntary association or generational replacing. groups socialize members into their values ; ( 2 ) through procedures of societal designation ; groups develop consciousness of sort so that it is possible for members to state “we… hey” ; ( 3 ) through the interaction of members. a sense of societal coherence develops that provides support for group individuality and norms ; and ( 4 ) through an advantageous political stenography. political elites think of society in footings of groups. ( 2002:49–50 ) Political issues such as abortion and even same sex matrimonies are governed by some underlying spiritual values. For illustration. many Torahs covering with these issues are either vetoed or non set into jurisprudence by the people who in bend use their spiritual values to assist them vote on the subject.

Many provinces still outlaw homosexual matrimonies because when it is put on the ballot those who believe that it is incorrect ballot against it so such Torahs can non be passed. Many top politicians think of society in footings of groups whether they be spiritual groups or political groups. We live in an progressively spiritual universe in which religion and belief affect every dimension of our being. so our politicians better talk about it. ( Marshall. 2008 ) Religion does non be in purdah or expressly by itself. It molds our cardinal position of the kernel of human life and the morality in which we should populate our lives.

Traveling back to the Constitution the First Amendment guarantees “the free exercising of faith and prohibits the constitution of faith by the authorities. ” By vouching the free exercising of faith and forbiding the constitution of faith by the authorities these rules are working together to protect spiritual freedom every bit good as a variously thriving and spiritual landscape. The function of faith in political relations around the universe is sometimes controversial at best nevertheless even in other states political relations and faith are closely tied together.

Even in post-communist states such as Latvia political parties and spiritual groups have confederations which can sometimes rock their protagonists to vote for a certain political force. The “Harmony Center” . that places itself as an confederation of several ( but non all ) Social Democratic parties. besides demonstrates particular courtesy to the church. ( Tcraudkalns. pg5 ) Even in Australia where their repute for “godlessness” day of the months back to the 19th century where most topographic points had pubs before they had a church faith and political relations are still tied closely together.

Australia has a alone manner of depicting political relations and faith in footings of maleness and muliebrity. “This mention to Australian “maleness” suggests that treatments of the relationship between political relations and faith are ever besides treatments about gender. The association of maleness with the public kingdom and reason. and of muliebrity with spiritual religion and the place. makes this impossible to avoid. ” ( Bellanta. pg10 ) Although there has ne’er been an established church in Australia the churches that are big and established have had a specific presence and function in public affairs.

However secular Australia proclaims to be faith has a new found function for itself which proves it has non been abolished. Gustavo Gutierrez. a Peruvian theologist. has provided since the late sixtiess a theological reading of the individual of God and his work that has been closely linked with human history. and peculiarly with the hapless and the marginalized. ( Aguilar pg. 146 ) Gutierrez believed that a direct connexion of the Christian religion and the pattern of political relations could be felt as a consequence of Christ’s embodiment.

He closely tied together faith and political relations through the human commonalty and to the pattern of faith and political relations centered on the hapless. on the commandment of love and of service to the marginalized as a manner of life and in a new epoch of hermeneutics and commonalty. Gutierrez relied to a great extent on scriptural text to bind together faith and political relations through the service of the hapless. When reading Gutierrez’s composing there is no concise separation of faith and political relations.

He clearly stated that the pattern of faith every bit good as the pattern of political relations must be conveyed through the Christian religion. In the words of Gutierrez: “We shall non hold our great leap forward. into a whole new theological position. until the marginalized and exploited have begun to go the craftsmans of their ain liberation—until their voice makes itself heard straight. without mediation. without interpreters—until they themselves take history. in the visible radiation of their ain values. of their ain experience of the Lord in their attempts to emancipate themselves.

We shall non hold our quantum theological spring until the laden themselves theologize. until “the others” themselves personally reflect on their hope of a entire release in Christ. For they are the carriers of this hope for all humanity. ” Nigeria’s position on political relations and faith are that they mix like “snake oil and fire H2O. ” It is said that Nigerians are some of the most prayerful people on Earth nevertheless Olaye is upset that politicians speak godly words to one another without moving on it. We are taught in the U. S. enerally non to blend faith and political relations I our conversation nevertheless that does non pealing true in Nigeria because they do rather opposite of that. Although Nigeria’s Federal Executive Council is taking supplication from the beginning of public events they are still traveling to read the pious words of the 2nd stanza of Nigeria’s national anthem. ( Sample: “Oh God of creative activity. Direct our baronial class. Guide our leader’s right. ” ( Olaye ) Olaye wishes that Nigeria politicians would halt the lip service and says until they do that their state will go on to endure.

In Egypt even the Secretary General has an interesting position on political relations and faith. He expressed hope that Muslims would pull a line so that “politics does non rule faith. and faith does non rule politics” . ( Ihsanoglu ) Two of the chief frights in Egypt right now after the autumn of Hosni Mubarak are really related to faith. They are spiritual individuality political relations and the largest minority of the spiritual demographic Coptic Christians. He believes in common regard and non-interference between the Islam faith and Egyptian political order.

These beliefs are demoing us that all over the universe no affair how separate people try to maintain church and province they are really necessarily entwined together with no line of separation in sight. Some well-known Republicans such as Mike Huckabee and Billy Graham are good known Christians who besides turn their values of religion into the public’s oculus. During the 2012 election season Graham was quoted as stating. “I believe it is vitally of import that we cast our ballots for campaigners who base their determinations on scriptural rules and back up the state of Israel.

I urge you to vote for those who protect the holiness of life and back up the scriptural definition of matrimony between a adult male and a adult female. Vote for scriptural values this November 6. and pray with me that America will stay one state under God. ” Some would even state that Democrats do the best to populate by scriptural rules of taking attention of the less fortunate among us who are already among the life. However it could be argued that Republicans take a better stance on the scriptural rule of protecting the unborn. Jesus warns against those who aspire to political rightness.

He says: •let them entirely: they are unsighted leaders of the blind. ( Matthew 15:14 ) •…in vain do they idolize me. learning as philosophies the commandments of work forces. ( Matthew 15:9 ) •Can the unsighted lead the blind? Will they non both autumn into a cavity? ( Luke 6:39 ) ( The Holy Bible ) Even as far back as in Jesus clip he himself laid out the foundation of political relations and faith being one in the same. In church it is taught that traveling against what is the jurisprudence such as hurrying is considered wickedness and goes against the political Torahs which have been set Forth in our society.

Therefore spiritual people must stay by the political values set Forth in our society. If you turn the table’s politicians must even be spiritual to a grade because they consider killing. stealing. etc. to be incorrect and therefore are sacredly entwined to the Ten Commandments. In decision I say faith in political relations has long been a tabu topic and elusive subject to most as they argue that they can non cohesively coexist together when in all actuality they can and make coexist together.

Religion and political relations basically belong together as they day of the month back to even scriptural times. However. all around the universe the extent to which they coexist varies depending on the cultural influence every bit good as historical significance refering to their country. We have seen that I topographic points such as Latvia. Egypt. and even Nigeria that faith and political relations do travel together nevertheless the extent of their brotherhood depends on their different cultural influences.

Religion and political relations even though we have been taught do non necessitate to convey up as a remarkable topic and in fact they really can be brought up together and should be because they are basically a married brotherhood to one another. Whilst some critics will still reason that faith and political relations are a catastrophe when they are meshed together their will ever be people who disagree o the topic. Everyone will ne’er be o the same page when it pertains to religion in political relations or political relations in faith.