Physical fittingness requires a battalion of bodily operations. The first is a combination of the muscular system and the skeletal system. These two can be combined and are known as the musculoskeletal system. The circulatory system is that which governs the bosom. blood. and blood vass. The respiratory system is that which governs the lungs and their maps. The circulatory and respiratory systems work together to provide the organic structure with necessary O. because the cells in one’s organic structure need O to work decently.

The combination of the circulatory system. the respiratory system. and the musculoskeletal system come together to do up the necessary physical fittingness maps. When all these systems are runing at optimum capacity. physical fittingness is most successful. Physical fittingness at its most basic degree is known as physical activity. which is merely the contraction of musculuss. At the following degree. increased physical activity that is targeted at the betterment of one’s physical status is known as exercising. Exercise is the specific type of physical activity that increases athletic public presentation. Identifying Your Culture:

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The United States is a bouillabaisse of humanity and civilization. Bing a merchandise of the United States. I would state that I culturally identify with a runing pot of different civilizations. For case. my mother’s parents are both German-American. so I know for certain that I am half German-american. I besides know that my grandma on my father’s side is Irish-American. so I know for certain that I am one one-fourth Irish-American. But my gramps on my father’s side was adopted. so I will ne’er cognize for certain that one-fourth of my ethnicity. Due to modern engineering. though. we believe he may be of Irish descent. which would do me one one-fourth Irish American.

All that being said. though. I do non place with any of these civilizations. It may look field and simple. but I recognize most with the “main-stream American” civilization. I grew up go toing church every Sunday. I grew up eating hot Canis familiariss. beefburgers. pizza. battercakes. and waffles. Time was spent on the weekends go toing barbecue parties with friends and households while watching athleticss on the telecasting like football. baseball. hoops. and hockey. The civilization I grew up in was one of American athleticss. Describing How the Culture in which You Identify Influences Your Feelingss. Attitudes and Behaviors Related to the Health:

First. it must be understood that. turning up in American society. it was ever of import to be physically fit and have a nice “beach organic structure. ” But. as was said before. I grew up eating nutrient that was non ever the healthiest for me. A manner to maintain myself in good form even though I wasn’t eating good nutrients was to continually exert. Knowing that it is easy for any American to travel down a route of unhealthiness. I work my hardest to remain as athletically fit as I perchance can.

Besides. my civilization affected my physical fittingness life in that. turning up. I was ever playing athleticss. When I was eight old ages old I started playing football. and I continued to play football for the following 10 old ages. Throughout high school. football allowed me to remain highly physically active and forced me to ever be athletically fit. I played football so much. I even learned to bask physical activity. particularly those physical activities that were straight integrated with athleticss. Do You Think Your Children Will View Same Way You Do? :

I surely hope that my kids will hold the same positions about physical fittingness as I do. In a state that is of all time turning more unhealthy. it will be important for me to learn my future kids about the importance of exercising. It is really evident that the United States does non demo marks acquiring healthier shortly. I know that ten old ages from now Americans will be acquiring more and more out of form. My kids will non be a portion of the of all time turning fleshiness phenomenon. Besides. athleticss are a really major influence in my life. so I would conceive of that my childs will be involved in athleticss every bit good.

Hopefully they will be able to larn about the necessity of physical fittingness through athleticss. In today’s society. athleticss besides open many other doors and avenues for people subsequently in life. I merely want my future childs to hold the most chance possible. How Have You Been Influenced by These Cultural Messages? :

In the long tally. physical fittingness and athleticss have played major functions in my life. It gave me a intent for a clip and allowed me to maturate as a immature adult male. Besides. being athletic at such a immature age allowed me put a form of physical fittingness that has lasted now for old ages. Working out allows me to unclutter my head of emphasis. increase my bodily wellness. and helps me acquire much remainder at dark when I sleep. I can concentrate more at school in category. I work harder at work. and I am socially more competent when I am working out. Yet it is tough for a pupil to happen clip to travel to the gym. particularly a pupil with two occupations.

I guess it is lucky that one of those two occupations happens to be training high school football. As a football manager. I have limitless entree to the high school’s athletic installations. of which I have been taking advantage of late. Cardiorespiratory fittingness. muscular strength. and muscular endurance are all of import to me. On top of holding entree to great equipment. though. and likely more significantly. I have the ability to learn immature people about exercising through athletics and the importance of it. I am frequently learning about the athleticss related facets of fittingness. which are velocity. power. coordination. legerity. balance. and reaction clip. Probably the most rewarding influence physical fittingness has had on my life has been the ability to impact the lives of the immature work forces that I coach. This is how physical fittingness has affected my life.