I consider myself to be an first-class campaigner for your Mental Health Counseling plan for a figure of grounds: foremost of all. in each and every professional and academic enterprise I have taken. going a Mental Health Counselor has been my end and my impulsive force. Apart from finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science. I have besides completed my Master’s Degree in Counseling//Psychology. In both instances. I am well-equipped with theoretical cognition every bit good as applied cognition. This is because I believe that particular accomplishments are required in covering with and in helping clients during reding Sessionss.

I am confident that I possess those particular accomplishments. brought about by my academic grades every bit good as my personal experiences in working as a correctional counsellor. Managing kids with behavioural and household jobs has given me valuable penetrations and competences. doing me suited for the function of a accredited mental wellness counsellor. Another ground why I believe that I am an first-class campaigner for your Mental Health Counseling plan is because I possess the doggedness and strong sense of coordination required for the place.

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These two outstanding qualities have been my powerful tools in covering with all the challenges I have encountered while. at the same clip. set uping myself as a accredited Mental Health Counselor. As we all know. working with clients in guidance Sessionss are highly disputing since they require expertness on particular intercession. accomplishments. and a batch of single and/or teamwork enterprise. I besides believe that holding these outstanding qualities. coupled with my passion to better the criterions and quality of mental services to clients. enables me to efficaciously function my clients every bit good as other people better.

I have chosen Walden University as the establishment where I hope to go on my alumnus school surveies because of the high-standard quality of learning with which your school is known for. Not merely does your school offer first-class classs. you besides have applaudable module comprised of well-known and experient members who will certainly leave their cognition and accomplishments to their pupils. This. in bend. will bring forth skilled. effectual and competent alumnuss. Aside from these. your school besides has ample installations and has presented research undertakings that can function as exceeding preparation evidences for pupils to stand out in this field.

The ground I got interested in your plan is that I found out that the online plan you offer tantrums my agenda every bit good as my vision and ends in my calling. I strongly believe that your Mental Health Program can develop me to assist clients go better equipt to run into the challenges in their life subsequently on. I besides believe that through your plan. I can absolutely accomplish my end of lending in the sweetening of the mental wellness criterions and degrees of services to people who need reding.

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