1. What modern-day grounds would do world to pull “closer together” and to beef up “the ties between different peoples” ? ( 2 ) Culture. common beliefs. athleticss. births. deceases. jubilation. calamity. reunions. nuptialss. music and war are all modern-day grounds that would do world to pull closer together. Regardless of age or gender. one can still love a athletics. When Steve Jobs passed off. the universe mourned. Though tragic. decease can convey many people together and learn them non to take everything for granted. Besides. late. the matrimony of Prince William and Kate Middleton brought together many people all across the universe – everyone was watching. Of class. war. Though war isn’t truly recent. when soldiers died for Canada. people were brought together at the clip. they were safer. closer in Numberss. Besides. protests bring people together to contend for a common belief. In this sense. all the grounds that conveying people together and beef up the ties together are because EVERONE has been affected. When something happens and EVERYONE is affected. it causes people to come closer together.

2. Harmonizing to the Church. what three things draw people to fellowship? ( 3 ) I ) “One is the community of all peoples. one their beginning for God made the whole worlds race to populate over the face of the Earth. ” Basically. we are all human. and our beginning is God. and we all portion and populate on the Earth together. two ) “One besides is their concluding end. God. His Providence. His manifestations of goodness. His salvaging design to widen to all work forces. ” – This means that the concluding end of world is to make God through Salvation. and that He will be our Saviour. two ) “Until that clip when the chosen will be united in the Holy City. the City ablaze with the glorification of God where the states will walk in His Light. ” – That this glorious metropolis of God. Eden will come to the people who are good. These are the three grounds that draw people to fellowship.

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3. List the inquiries that are examined by all faiths. What is the footing of the cosmopolitan demand to acknowledge a Supreme Being? ( 3 ) Some common inquiries that are examined by all faiths are: What is adult male?