Negative Leadership Behavior
Bad leading experiences can be both a bad experience and a learning experience. We have all had bad experiences with leaders and we should utilize these experiences to assist us turn and go good leaders. Poor leaders tend to be focused more on themselves than on their employees and this will do employees to lose trust in their leader and to ignore their leader’s counsel and advice. A batch of companies suffer because of hapless leading and leaders non using their employees decently. A company can still be successful even if it has hapless leading from what I have experienced. but the success is normally short lived. A company will non make its ends or remain on top with hapless leading.

My personal experience with hapless leading would be when leaders fail to acknowledge their squad member’s single endowments and give the right assignments to the right people ( Simonton ) . I was working at Staples as their Easy Tech Associate and the leading there was awful. The troughs were lazy and one had merely turned 21 old ages old with the head of a 13 twelvemonth old. They would delegate people undertakings and walk off without explicating anything or demoing them what they wanted done. My foreman was awful at his occupation and couldn’t hole a computing machine to salvage his life. There were several times where he made clients promises that he couldn’t deliver on and I would hold to come in and salvage him. He was really unorganised and every clip I came into work I had to run things down that I needed and play find the paperwork for computing machines that were there for fix. It made my occupation harder holding to clean up after him and maintain me from acquiring things done that I needed to make. It seemed like I had to travel behind everyone that worked there
because cipher seemed to cognize what they were making. This is why I finally quit.

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My hapless leading experience at Staples truly addressed several hapless leading features. The direction squad demoing a deficiency of energy and desire by non caring if anything got done right or got done at all. They set low ends for themselves so that they could experience like they were carry throughing something. but would seek to soak off the existent work onto their employees. They wouldn’t listen to any thoughts from their employees because they felt like they knew it all. This one was really difficult for me because I can’t stand working for person that I am smarter than. but they think they are smarter than me. The leaders at that place besides lacked any type of true leading accomplishments or any existent accomplishments at all ( AG Careers ) . I couldn’t sell anything unless I would be at that place to make the work. Almost every clip I came to work I had to cover with an irate client because my director failed to make what he had promised them. Poor leading non merely makes the employees suffer. but the company suffers every bit good.

To repair this job. Staples should pay more attending to who they put in leading functions and what assignments that they give to employees. They could listen to their employees more and do a better occupation at turn toing their employees concerns an suggestions. The direction squad should take more clip to demo employees how to decently make things so that they are done right the first clip and no 1 has to travel after them and repair it. The direction squad could besides make a better occupation at taking by illustration. If the directors did their portion. this would lure the employees to work harder and the shop would be in so much better form ( Simonton ) . Basics could besides supply excess preparation for their directors to assist indicate out their hapless leading qualities and demo them ways to turn to them to turn them into good leading qualities.


The hapless leading that I experienced at Staples didn’t do me believe severely of the people I worked with. but it did do Staples as a company expression ill organized. Bad leaders don’t merely do themselves look bad. they make the company look bad every bit good. It is merely every bit of import for a company to
reference bad leading qualities as it is good leading qualities. When good leading patterns are exercised. employees will take pride in their work and whatever the leaders put into it will be multiplied by how many employees that they have. In order for a company to be successful and stay successful. they have to hold a good strong leading squad. Without good leading. they are like a ship at sea with no paddles or motor. they will merely float about or drop alternatively of acquiring to their finish.

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