In the old ages before go toing Richardson. I have dealt with several traumatic experiences. including the decease of my male parent. Through these experiences. I have gained the cognition and understanding necessary to be a more empathic and caring single.

Covering with something every bit terrible as losing a loved 1. a individual can either lose themselves in the unhappiness. or larn from the experience. and take with them the adulthood and apprehension that besides accompanies a decease.

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I am able to utilize my past experiences for the better. I have grown strong in my religion and developed the get bying accomplishments necessary to digest hard tests. In my old ages at Richardson. I was able to reflect my values through compassion. apprehension. and kindness towards others.

I have learned non to judge others who are different from me. Diversity is a fantastic component in life. although it may take some a life-time to detect this. Being different is what makes world so astonishing. My clip at Richardson has taught me how to accept others who are alone. With these life accomplishments. I am able to come in the community and genuinely do a difference in the universe.

Richardson has broadened my skylines in many ways. Academically. I have mastered a accomplishment which will transport me throughout a life-time. Emotionally. I have matured and grown into a strong and independent grownup. And socially. I have established solid friendly relationships that will transport me throughout my grownup life. Attending Richardson has given me the foundation to go on larning. turning. and going a better individual.

I have been able to reflect on my past experiences and use those times to better understand the universe around me. I have been able to show my moral values and compassion towards others during my clip at Richardson.

In my four old ages at Richardson. I have given my best attempt at all I have attempted. I have helped my equals in every manner possible. I have taken any chance to better the school environment. every bit good as impart a concerned and friendly manus to those in demand. I have applied myself to the full in accomplishing my ends and assisting those around me to make the same. To that terminal. Richardson has equipped me with the cognition and ability to come in the work force and the community with great understanding. every bit good as credence for those around me. I have learned to broaden my skylines in all aspects and for that ; I have become a better individual.