Marijuana has been a greatly debated topic for 100s of old ages. Marijuana is illegal under federal jurisprudence. However. under province jurisprudence it can be prescribed by a medical doctor in 16 out of 50 provinces. for its scientifically proved medicative utilizations. Although marihuana has medicative utilizations. it is besides used recreationally merely like intoxicant and baccy. while intoxicant and baccy with no medicative utilizations remain legal. Tobacco even states on a battalion of coffin nails: SURGEON GENERAL’S Warning: Discontinuing Smoking Now Greatly Reduces Serious Risks to Your Health ; Smoking Causes Lung Cancer. Heart Disease. Emphysema. And May Complicate Pregnancy.

Alcohol besides states a warning: SURGEON GENERAL’S Warning: The Consumption of This Product. Which Contains Alcohol. Can Increase the Risk Of Developing Hypertension. Liver Disease. And Cancer. There are 1000s of alcohol- and tobacco-related deceases in America entirely. but there has yet to be a marihuana related decease of all time in history. Marijuana is non merely a drug. but a medicine. Marijuana is a safer drug than intoxicant or baccy because one can non o.d. from it. and it is used by physicians to assist dainty diseases. “Marijuana is a green. brown. or grey mixture of dried. chopped foliages. roots. seeds. and flowers of the hemp works.

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You may hear marihuana called by street names such as pot. herb. weed. grass. roar. Mary Jane. mobster. or chronic. There are more than 200 slang footings for marihuana. ” ( National Institute on Drug Abuse. 2010 page 1 ) . The most common slang term used today ( 2012 ) is pot. Every signifier of marihuana alters the head and contains THC ( tretrahydrocannabinol ) . which is the chief active chemical in marihuana. Marijuana besides contains more than 420 other chemicals. There are many authorities of marihuana. it all depends on the sum of THC the marihuana contains. Marijuana is normally consumed by smoking it.

It is smoked like a coffin nail ( called a articulation ) or a blunt which is every bit large as a cigar. Marijuana besides can be smoked out of a pipe or a bong and besides can be mixed into nutrients ( Brownies. cookies. and cocoa ) . It besides can be brewed to do tea. When smoked. the effects of marihuana can be felt within seconds. Some of the effects of marihuanas are: an increased bosom rate. feeling relaxed. reddening of the eyes. waterlessness of the oral cavity. impaired motor accomplishments and concentration. an increased desire for salty and sugary nutrients. and frequent hungriness. Marijuana is non legal in the US unless it is consumed for medical puposes merely.

As of 2012 there are 16 provinces that have legalized marihuana for medical usage. they are: Alaska. Arizona. California. Colorado. Delaware. Hawaii. Maine. Michigan. Montana. Nevada. New Jersey. New Mexico. Oregon. Rhode Island. Vermont. and Washington. If a individual were to compare marihuanas with any other substance. it is really obvious that marihuana is the least harmful to the user. After larning about marihuana. it is clip to analyze the drug intoxicant. “Alcohol is a clear drink that is made from maize. barley. grain. rye. or a drink incorporating ethyl.

When a individual drinks intoxicant. about 20 per centum is absorbed in the tummy. and 80 per centum is absorbed in the little bowel. The concentration of intoxicant. the type of drink. and whether the tummy is full or empty depends on how fast the intoxicant is absorbed. Once the intoxicant is absorbed into the tissue. it affects your head and organic structure. Blood alcohol concentration can lift up to 20 proceedingss after holding a drink. After intoxicant is absorbed it leaves the organic structure in three ways: the kidneys. lungs. and liver. ” . ( TQ0310171. 2003 page. 1 ) Alcohol is consumed as a drink.

The effects of intoxicant can be felt after the first drink. After the first drink ( glass. beer. shooting ) the user will hold a feeling of heat. somewhat impaired judgement. flushed tegument. and reduced inhibititions. After the following twosome of drinks these effects are intensified and dual vision. memory loss. musculus incoordination. and slurred address may happen. Alcohol is legal in all 50 provinces in the US every bit long as the consumer is at least 21. Alcohol is highly harmful and can easy kill the user if excessively much is consumed. After larning about marihuana and intoxicant. it is now clip to larn about baccy.

“Tobacco is a green. leafy works that is grown in warm climes. After it is picked. it is dried. land up. and used in different ways. It can be smoked in a coffin nail. pipe. or cigar. It can be chewed ( called smokeless baccy or masticating baccy ) or sniffed through the olfactory organ ( called snuff ) . ” ( Jacobs. 1997 page. 1 ) There are more than 4. 000 different chemicals in coffin nails including Nicotine. Nicotine is the chemical that makes baccy habit-forming. Once a individual fumes. snuffs. or chews baccy. nicotine watercourse into the blood stream. doing the user crave more.

Nicotine is considered to be a stimulation because it speeds up the nervous system. makes the bosom round faster. raises blood force per unit area. and makes the user feel like he or she has more energy. Tobacco is legal to devour in all 50 provinces in the US. There are many deceases that occur each twelvemonth from the usage of intoxicant. If a individual were to imbibe a big sum of intoxicant. unconsciousness can happen and if that individual were to go on imbibing it. it could take to alcohol toxic condition and decease. Death can besides happen through suffocation by rotter. There are many people ( largely teens ) that maltreatment intoxicant and imbibe more than there organic structure can manage.

A person’s motor accomplishments are greatly affected after imbibing intoxicant which makes it illegal to drive after imbibing. Every twenty-four hours 36 people die and about 750 people are injured because of accidents caused by rummy drivers. Alcohol is the drug most abused by adolescents. More than 3. 000 teens die each twelvemonth as a consequence of imbibing. “Excessive intoxicant usage is the 3rd taking preventable cause of decease in the United States each twelvemonth. accounting for about 79. 000 deceases annualy ensuing in about 2. 4 million Old ages of Potential Life Lost [ 1. 2 ] . Approximately 10 % of these deceases occurred in the province of California entirely [ 3 ] .

” ( Stahre M. 2010 page 1 ) Alcohol claims many lives a twelvemonth. but so does the drug baccy. “Tobacco usage kills about 5-6 million people yearly worldwide. accounting for 1 in every 5 male deceases and 1 in 20 female deceases in persons over 30 old ages of age. On the footing of current smoke forms. the figure of one-year deceases due to smoking will lift to around 10 million by 2030. and there will be about 1 billion deceases due to smoking in the 21st century. of which over 70 % will be low- and middle-income states outside north America and Europe.

” ( Jha. 2009 page 1 ) There are 100s of intoxicant and baccy related deceases each twelvemonth. but there has ne’er been a marihuana related decease in history. There are many people that do non understand why intoxicant and baccy are legal when they kill 1000s of people a twelvemonth. yet marijuana isn’t legal even though it is harmless. Unlike intoxicant and baccy. it has been proven impossible to o.d. on marihuana. A individual can sit down and fume or eat as much marihuana as they want and ne’er die from it. “Cannabinoids have a singular safety record. peculiarly when compared to other therapeutically active substances.

Most significantly. the ingestion of marihuana – regardless of the measure or authority – can non bring on a fatal overdose. Harmonizing to a 1995 reappraisal prepared for the World Health Organization. “There are no recorded instances of overdose human deaths attributed to cannabis. and the estimated lethal dosage for worlds extrapolated from carnal surveies is so high that it can non be achieved by … users. ” ( Armentano. 2000-2011 ) When people look at the statistics of marihuanas compared to alcohol or baccy. it is obvious which of the three is safer.

Marijuana is more than merely a drug. it is a medical specialty prescribed to malignant neoplastic disease patients and is prescribed for many other chronic diseases. “For illustration. in February 2010 research workers at the University of California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research publically announced the findings of a series of randomised. placebo-controlled clinical tests on the medical public-service corporation of inhaled hemp. The surveies. which utilized the alleged ‘gold standard’ FDA clinical test design. concluded that marihuana ought to be a “first line treatment” for patients with neuropathy and other serious unwellnesss.

” ( Armentano. 2000-2011 ) Medical marihuana is reccomended by physicians for patients who have malignant neoplastic disease. many types of arthritis. anorexia. binge-eating syndrome. or even to people who have terrible hurting. Marijuana helps allieviate hurting. sickness. and helps increase a person’s appetency. Medical marihuana has helped so many people with their chronic diseases. Thankss to marijuana. people with malignant neoplastic disease are able to eat. make non experience nauseous. and are able to cover with their hurting easier. Marijuana has been good to many people who suffer and has done more good than anything.

When comparing marihuana. intoxicant. and baccy it is really obvious which drug is the safest to devour. Marijuana has been used to handle diseases. there are no deceases that have of all time been caused by it. and it is a safer drug of pick when compared to alcohol and baccy. Even though intoxicant and baccy kill 1000s of people a twelvemonth. they are legal to devour in all 50 provinces in America. yet marihuana. which is a harmless substance. is legal as a prescription in merely 16 out of 50 provinces in America. There are so many things incorrect with that image.

Alcohol and baccy are really harmful to a person’s wellness and kill 1000s of people a twelvemonth. but marihuana is harmless. Marijuana should be the drug of pick. because it is the safer pick when compared to alcohol and baccy. Works Cited Armentano. P. ( 2000-2011 ) . Recent Research on Medical Marijuana. Retrieved from NORML Foundation: hypertext transfer protocol: //norml. org/component/zoo/category/recent-research-on-medical-marijuana Jacobs. M. ( 1997 ) .

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