You have likely already thought approximately stairss to set about to happen a occupation. Some of you may be working. others are still looking for a station. Whatever we do. we will work one twenty-four hours. and this clip I would wish to give you some utile vocabulary in English. What is a Job? It is what we do on a regular basis to gain money ( most frequently ) . particularly in a peculiar company or for a individual There are different types of occupations First of all. it can be full-time. I e a occupation that you do for at least the same figure of hours a hebdomad as people normally work A parttime occupation is a occupation you do for fewer hours a hebdomad than people normally do. Then we have another word – work. It besides means something you do to gain money or the topographic point where you do it Occupation is a more formal term than occupation. A station is a peculiar occupation with duties you have within a company.

A place is normally used in advertizements and besides means a occupation. To happen a place. you can look in newspapers or Internet calling sites. or look into out posters at specific company web sites. Now. let’s think of what you should make to acquire a occupation. Having located a station you are interested in. you apply for it. This means you should compose a missive or fill in a signifier that will be sent to your possible employer ( a individual. a company or an organisation that pays person to work for them as a member of their staff ) Do non blend up employer and employee: the latter is person who is on a regular basis paid for work You should besides direct to the employer your CV. or Curriculum Vitae. which is a papers giving inside informations of your makings and” tfie occupations you have already had. Normally. there are particular regulations for composing a CV. and American schools. for illustration. include in their classs the topic called concern authorship where pupils are taught how to compose their CVs.

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Now lefs imagine you were chosen from among other occupation searchers ( a formal word used to call person who is looking for a occupation ) . Traveling to an interview – a meeting with people you are trusting to work for – you will likely happen in the office other appliers ( person who applies for a occupation ) or campaigners ( person who is viing with other people for a peculiar occupation ) . And every one of them will besides be an interviewee. i. e. an applier who is asked to come for an interview. If the employer liked you. you will be hired. [ Please. notice the difference between British and Amencan English. In Britain you hire something if you are paying to utilize it for a short clip.

But if you want to maintain it for a longer period you rent it You can besides engage a individual for a occupation that won’t last long But you employ person for a lasting occupation. In American English you ever engage people and rent things. whether it is for short or long periods. ] In instance you do your occupation severely the employer can plunder or fire you: state you that you must go forth the station You are made excess if you are needed no longer in your company. If you take the determination yourself. you resign ; in other words. you say officially you are go forthing the occupation or quiting ( which is more informal ) . And. eventually. you retire when you are old. The adjective used for depicting person who is non working because of his senior age is retired. You can besides be unemployed or idle. or out of work. which is used to talk about person who has no occupation but wants to work.


We would wish you to state us about your occupation experience following clip. Have you already had a occupation? How did you happen the place? How long have you been working in your company? Do you believe it is of import for a individual to do a calling? How to do a good carrer? Which one would you like to hold? Have you of all time written a CV? What should a CV expression like to be noticed by an employer? What personal qualities should an applier have to be chosen among other campaigners? Why can an employee be fired? Are at that place any ways to avoid it? What should unemployed people do to happen a occupation? What are the advantages and disadvantages of full-time and parttime occupations? If you have non worked yet. what occupation would you like to use for?