As we know taking Marines is the most of import portion of the Marine Corp. There are 11 leading rules. and 14 leading traits a great leader demonstrates. These traits & A ; rules help you stamp down the leaders that came before us. Everyone has their ain manner of leading though. Great leaders must encompass the ethos ; Respect and follow the foundations. Accept the challenges he or she will confront in front. A Marine lives by his or her ethos. It’s what makes us a different strain. We are bred to better than the remainder.

Ethos consists of being a rifleman. transporting on traditions. and does what it takes to acquire the mission accomplished. Henry Hank Elrod demonstrated premier ethos during the Chosin Reservoir. Elrod lead a platoon in heroic defence for 15 yearss. His platoon besides demonstrated good ethos for demoing the willingness to obey. and determined to follow orders. Besides they upheld pride and assurance at all times during the unsmooth times. Leading by these ethos isn’t about the rank you wear. but what’s in your bosom. Leaderships have to put the illustration by esteeming and following the foundations of the Corp.

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These foundations are alone. It is seting away the mundane rules we learned in boot cantonment. life by a higher criterion than everybody else. A good leader is ever larning. and uses ethical determination devising. Leaderships must hold regard of their followings. or their words are nonmeaningful. Followship is merely every bit of import as the leading. to hold followings as leader a Corporal one time said it best. ” Strive to make subject in yourself and your Marines. ” Marine leaders go through some of the toughest challenges. whether in combat or fort.

These challenges include: Physical. Mental. and Moral. The biggest type of challenge a leader can confront is clash between Marines. Keeping everybody happy is virtually impossible. but as a leader you must seek. A physical challenge is maintaining combat ready and or non allowing organic structure acquire out of criterions. “Guts and pride can non replace physical fittingness. ” Mental challenges as a leader is a immense portion in developing to even better leader. Making the right mental determinations can maintain your Marines out harm’s manner. The moral challenge is the 1 where a leader has to look within to see the reply.

Keeping up with moral is defined by small minutes that reflect a leader’s criterions. In all being a Marine Corps’ leader is the most sought after. and respected occupation. A great leader keeps up with his or her ethos. foundations. and is up to the challenges. In the terminal it’s all about the relationship and the bond which can non be broken. Leaderships teach from history. Just retrieve the traits and rules that were set garrison ; “Marines are non born cognizing them. but must larn what they are. and what they represent. ”