In the last old ages. we have been confronting the deficiency of values in the society and in human relationships. We consider as ” value ” the grade of importance. significance or significance that objects get. the actions. the state of affairss or places. to the extent that respond to the demands of the species and the human being in a certain clip. and the battle for this. to turn up and rank the stuff and religious goods in order of importance. Talking in footings of what it is worth an object. in one manus. to fulfill a demand and on the other manus. to show the dependance of constructing a life end.

Compassion. freedom. unimportance. generousness. justness. peace. tolerance. honestness. trueness. regard and trust among other values are no longer the qualities that characterize the people in the universe. These new behaviours that have adopted the bulk of the people are antisocial and dehumanised but unluckily are installed in our society as common form.

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As a consequence we get attitudes such as: the deficiency of regard that has been lost to the adult females and in many instances the adult female no longer demands that regard. because in many topographic points the “gender equality” is traveling to new extremes and because of that there exists jobs between them such as ; the early dependence to the coffin nail. consume of alcoholic drinks. smoke. which is non merely seen in adolescents but in most of the community. besides non planned gestations in adolescents. and sometimes this deficiency of duty is the ground an abortion takes topographic point doing them really cold and dehumanized.

All of this is because the parents do non raise them the manner it is supposed to. or have bad friends that give them the incorrect significances of the values. or they do non even set them in pattern any longer. If in the instruction that they give them to the kids there was more love and more involvement. the universe would non wish it is now. with drug traffic. slaughters. shots. organized offense. snatchs. robberies. and even wars.

We all complain about the insecurity of our state. of the unfairnesss and robberies committed by our swayers without recognizing that these swayers and these slayers were educated by a female parent and a male parent who are portion of our society and those who did non learn and demo them the values needed to do them good citizens and above all. good people. Everything that has happened is due to a deficiency of values and influences by those who have lived and shared his life with.

Parents many times because of work. economic jobs. emphasis. or sometimes by the simple fact of non desiring to contend. go forth to one side the instruction of their kids. and in a batch of instances they think they can replace the love with material things. purchase the love from their off springs.

There are parents who think that the schools are responsible for the moral instruction their kids are having without recognizing that the values are obtained from the house and everything comes from household. harmonizing to the experts until their first 7 old ages. Cipher is born cognizing how to be father. so. you have to learn adolescents that they will be the grownups who will necessitate to be responsible to educate and learn these values to their kids. Parents need to set more attempt into organizing a bond and pass oning with their kids. they need to derive trust and regard for them.

But do non do the error of non cognizing to tag their line of “freedom” to “debauchery” . because of that many adolescents do non cognize the regard and the instruction of being able to follow regulations and listen to their seniors. If we want to see a different universe. a more balanced society and a more hopeful hereafter. so this is the clip to hesitate and believe. what do values intend to me? Which 1s take portion in my life? What do others intend to me? And so we should halt believing about the “me” and bend to the others. be generous and see that others need us more than we need ourselves.

We need to acquire people to perpetrate to their ideals. values. households. professions and personal lives. The values are and will ever be a usher that will let us to take us on the right way. so we should reenforce. transmit and commit ourselves to set our values in pattern every twenty-four hours.

As a adolescent I have many dreams merely as you. I merely wish that everything that happens around us changed. I do non desire to be arms-crossed. and when I turn on my telecasting see far excessively many calamities happen that are no longer unnatural. Anyone can alter from “normal” to something “different” if they are determined to make it. Believe me that it would be something really nice to see that our province. our state and our universe grows with the aid of so many people who like me want to accomplish a end in life without selfishness for the good of everyone.

The of import thing in life is non your place. but your temperament. The alteration depends on all of us for the hereafter that we want to make. be born as worlds is non plenty. we need to make out to really be worlds. And when we have succeeded with we can be proud to state “I was portion of the alteration “ .