I started my first category of reding today. I was really nervous and excited at the same clip. I was nervous because I had non been in formal instruction for the past 10 old ages and excited because I was traveling to make something for myself after 3 old ages of sitting at place and concentrate on something other than domestic issues. I arrived to my first category tardily and that made me more discerning. Looking around I noticed that there were people from different age and background. I started the category by stating others about myself and listened to them. I felt like I was in a group therapy. in a manner it really was because we were utilizing our listening accomplishments. which I believe is indispensable portion of reding. As it happened at the terminal of the undertaking I was less nervous than I was at the beginning. Our following undertaking was to happen a spouse and speak about ourselves to each other. We talked about our lives and it was up to us how much to state our spouse and to portion it with the remainder of the group.

Again here. our listening accomplishments were tested. This undertaking besides acted as ice ledgeman where the ambiance of the category go more relaxed as we listened to each individual’s life and their accomplishments every bit good as their aspirations. I realised that most of the people who attended the class were at that place because of their life experiences propelled them to this class and that they felt they have something to give back as counselor. or that they may larn some reding accomplishments to assist them with their ain lives. As for myself. since analyzing reding as portion of my degree class 10 old ages ago. I have wanted to go a counselor. I ever was motivated to assist others.

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My lone inability is and has been my deficiency of assurance. This is non because I don’t have the ability to listen and assist others. but merely that I am non a confident talker and my communicating accomplishments needs to be enhanced and by making this class I am trusting to get the better of both and be prepared for farther makings in reding. During the category in groups we besides discussed. what we want from remainder of the group and what is required of me. There were some points. such as. Respect. Confidentially. Honesty. Bing non- judgmental. etc. that we all agreed on.

We ended the category by “checking out” . where we said how we felt and what we learned. like me. the remainder of group was besides more relaxed and were looking frontward to the remainder of the class. I see this class as larning path. where by the terminal of it I have learned some reding accomplishments. hopefully I will besides get the better of my ain issues. which might hold an impact on my function as a assistant.