In general, safety is really of import in all industries. This is because, when there has safety, so employees will experience confident and comfy to execute the work assigned. Safety must besides be emphasized by direction so as non to meet jobs in the hereafter. Workplace accidents may be preventable if safety patterns emphasized in day-to-day work. Practice safety and suitableness can run depending on the industry ‘s public presentation, excessively. Safety patterns of import because it can give large benefit in term of fiscal because of if there no accident or incident, organisation can minimise the payment for employee compensation, insurance fees and legal fee.

Indeed, hotel industries are presently really active as the statistic from tourer Centre shows the increased of the reaching of tourer ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) . These have led to hustle of the employee in hotel industries to function the client as the best they can. Even so, the hotel direction is still exposed to the menace internal and external. This menace can give bad feeling on the direction of the hotel if they fail manage it. For illustration, the latest bombardment occurred at CS Hotel ( Thailand ) and besides two other bombardments at the JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels ( Indonesia ) . This incident has caused tourers to be worried about leasing a room at that hotel. Other issue involve safety in hotel such as fraud, fire or larceny. Based on David J. Adams ( 2008, p.p. 89 ) stated that the major challenges within the hotel industry:

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Accidents and Injuries,

Natural Disaster,


They have to get the better of this job so that they can derive more client and sale.

Therefore, the research and analysis needed to find whether employees comply with the existent and the effectivity of any regulations formulated by the hotel. Issue on hotel safety for employee besides gets serious attending from NIOSH and OSHA until bing act OSHA 1994.

Research inquiry

What are safety patterns?

How far employees comply with safety patterns and ordinance in hotel industries and why?


To do certain this survey achieve the intent, research worker has set three

aims that have been identified:

To specify safety patterns in hotel industries.

To find the most of import safety factors that affects the public presentation

To place the effectivity of safety patterns

Scope/ restriction and cardinal premise of the undertaking

This survey will merely discourse about conformity employee hotel on ordinance and method hotel direction apply to mensurate effectivity of safety pattern in order to extenuate the hazard of accident involve hotel employee. However, other facet such as appraisal, quality, enforcement and investigate related with safety of employee are non being discuss as this survey restriction.

Importance of the undertaking

This survey was conducted to detect on conformity safety patterns among employee in hotel industry. The result from this survey can assist hotel direction to better their safety degree of employee and workplace for sake their concern continuity. Other than that, this survey besides can construct up client trustworthy as the hotel selected has applied safety for their employee and employer excessively. Customer trustworthy can be gain by hotel display their safety consequences yearly from the internal hotel. So that, client know, they will be safe if they stay in the hotel due to hotel direction have put precedence to the safety.


As a decision, this chapter briefing on the background of the subject research that research worker interested to hold better apprehension. It besides gives some thought of aˆ‹aˆ‹what to be done by the research worker for this survey subject but it still does non beyond the range available. At the terminal of chapter, researcher strongly stresses the of import of this survey on hotel industry.

Chapter 2


This chapter will concentrate on the literature reappraisal by showing a definition of employees, employers, and safety patterns. In add-on, some treatment on employees ‘ perceptual experience on the importance of safety patterns and besides why employees should follow with safety patterns covered under OSHA 1994 and FMA 1967.



Employee is chief plus in a concern. Without employee, an organisation will hold difficult clip in managing their concern as all occupations is managing by one individual. Employee is an person who work with an organisation and receive pay for the work it done. Every occupation has own rate wage based on place.

Alwi Saad ( 2011, p.p. 19 ) stated that “ any individual who employs another individual under a contract of service ” .

Daniel E. Della-Giustina ( 2010, p.p.6 ) define as “ every individual who is required or directed by any employer to prosecute in any employment, or to travel to work or to be at any clip in any topographic point of employment ” .


Daniel E. Della-Giustina ( 2010, p.p.6 ) define as “ an employer can be a chief employer or an immediate employer.

A rule employer includes the followers:

A director, agent or agent or individual responsible for the payment of salary or rewards to an employee.

The resident of a workplace

The legal representative of a asleep proprietor or occupier.

Any authorities in Malaysia, such as authorities section, local authorization or statutory organic structure.

An immediate employer

Where the work of the chief employer is carried out by another individual ( at the topographic point of work of the chief employer ) this individual is the immediate employer to the individuals he employs.

Safety patterns

A recent study put out by the Department of Health and Human Services ( DHHS ) within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) states that there are no guidelines for nanomaterial managing safety processs, such as the choice of vesture or dress ( CDC DHHS, 2009 ) .

Presently, one of the lone broadly-available “ best patterns ” counsel for nanomaterial industries is the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health ( NIOSH ) “ hierarchy of exposure control patterns, ” which are used by industrial hygiene professionals to minimise hazard and exposure to jeopardies in the workplace. Rather than having nanomaterial specific safety, these guild lines follow “ the traditional NIOSH hierarchy of exposure control ” ( Barry, 2008 ) .

Building contractor safety patterns are of import for many ground ( Nicole,1988 ) :

Human-centered grounds: Safety protects people ‘s lives

Government ordinances: Most local governments have safety Torahs and ordinances of some sort. Typical safety ordinances and fire codifications are normally issued and administered by the municipality and interior ministry or civil defence. Most of the ordinances trade with the structural safety of edifices and with safety in building and operations. These ordinances govern the issue of constructing licence or license. Some of these ordinances are ( Brauer,1990 ) :

The fire section enforces the edifice interior decorator to include safety demands in the architectural design of the edifice so that care work will hold safer environment.

Government emphasizes safety as a contractor duty and safety policy: a safety plan must clearly place who is responsible for what. Assignment of duty is usually a portion of policy and process.

Government enforces contractor committedness to safety: for safety to be an effectual plan there must be a committedness at the highest degree. That committedness must include a clear statement that safety is of import and support for actions that will do safety of import.

Government identified jeopardies to be recognized and controlled: designation of jeopardies may be associated with new or modified operations, equipment or installations. Inspections or periodic reappraisal of operating processs will assist place jeopardies and whether controls for them are in topographic point and in usage. For illustration, there should be reviews of fix and care work to guarantee the guards are replaced or an country is clear of beginnings of heat and fire.

Communicate with employees refering their duties for working safely: workers must larn about the jeopardies related to their occupation and the agencies for protecting themselves and how to execute peculiar safety processs.

Accident affect public dealingss

Accident may impact operations

Accidents cost money

Productivity is increased with improved safety public presentation

Safety Practices

Following with the guideline in 2003 undertaken by Ministry of Manpower it has been shown that duties of employer and employee. As an employer, it responsibility is to guarantee the safety and wellness of their staff and must take the lead in advancing safety and wellness in the hotel. Employees must understand that safety and wellness as non a duty but they have function to play it good.


Alwi Saad ( 2011, p.p. 26 ) describe hazard as “ anything which has the possible to do or lend to or be a factor in an accident or bad luck. Anything includes objects, sizes, forms, design, characteristics, features, conditions, state of affairss, stationariness, velocity, motion, location, electricity, illuming, noise, chemicals, darkness or brightness, etc. ”

Have five types of jeopardy based on ( AGC Portal, 2011 ) :

Physical Hazard: temperature high or low, mechanical, quiver, noise

Chemical Hazard: acids or bases, dissolvers, disinfection, gas anastasia and cytotoxic drugs.

Biological Hazard: virus, bacteriums, Protozoa, fungus, plasmodium

Ergonomic Hazard: insistent gesture, no motion, weights, skeletal musculus hurt, ocular show units

Psychological Hazard: occupation emphasis, depression or anxiousness, dependence to drugs or medicine, and sexual maltreatment.

Chemical handling

Room service

One of the services that provide by hotel industry is room cleaning service including cleaning procedure and wash. The staff will be assigned to the room that need to clean up up and when staff starts to work with cleansing procedure, staff will utilize chemical detergent whether for wash bathroom or pass overing dust. As illustration of equipment that needs to have on PPE by staff are like masks and baseball mitts. Masks and baseball mitts are indispensable for staff who may be allergic on dust or chemical detergent.

By mentioning to Law of Malaysia Act 139, FACTORIES AND MACHINERY ACT 1967, under S. 24 FMA 1967:

“ Where in any mill individuals are exposed to a moisture or dust-covered procedure, to resound, to heat or to any toxicant, caustic or other deleterious substance which is apt to do bodily hurt to those individuals the Minister may order the proviso and care Factories and Machinery 23 for usage of those individuals suited and equal personal protective vesture and contraptions including where necessary goggles, baseball mitts, legings, caps, foot-wear and protective unction or lotion. ”

So, refer to above Torahs, staff demand to have on Personal Protection Equipment ( PPE ) as in Reg. 2 OSH ( Use and Standards of Exposure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health ) Regulations 2000 which states as “ any equipment which is intended to be worn or held by a individual at work and which protects him against one or more hazards to his wellness or safety and any extra accoutrement designed to run into that aim. ” Latest survey by ( Alwi Saad,2011 ) had a same position.

Safety director should do certain that each employee is utilizing his or her PPE decently and non disenabling or short-circuiting. This position has been supported in the work of Daniel E. Della-Giustina ( 2010 ) .


Ergonomic can be explained as workplace status which is holding hazard of hurt to the musculoskeletal system of the employee. Receptionist and bell attender have high potency hazard for occupational hurts because either longer hours spent on mouse and keyboard or would increase the hazard of holding the cervix and shoulder upsets.

Thomas F.Fisher and Stephen F. Wintermeyer ( 2012 ) in their recent study found consequence from musculoskeletal hurting is awkward positions when bending, making, writhing or executing insistent gestures while finishing their undertakings.

Based on ( Alwi Saad,2011, p.p.25 ) , ergonomics is the survey of relationship of people to work. Work involves the usage of tool, be in a certain position, and in certain instances as in monitoring of control panel, the employee has to maintain ticker on assorted buttons and signals. How could work be done without the employee holding to endure strains or emphasis or even hurts?

Recent research from ( Norashikin Mahmud, Dianna T Kenny and Hamidah Ab. Rahman, n.d ) has written in their study that ergonomics instruction plan is good in cut downing neck ailments among respondents. This is supported by the old surveies that office biotechnologies preparation can cut down the hazards of musculoskeletal upsets ( MSD ) among computing machine user.

( Alwi Saad, 2011 ) acknowledge that there have two applications of biotechnologies:

Sing lifting of weight

Under S. 12 FMA 1967 stated that “ No individual shall be employed to raise, carry or travel any burden so heavy as to be likely to do bodily hurt to him.

Sing comfort and riddance of emphasis by refer to FM ( Safety, Health and Welfare ) Regulation 1970,

Reg. 24 ( 2 ) : the tallness of a workroom should non be less than 3.3 m ( 10 foot ) .

Reg. 30 ( 1 ) , ( 2 ) and ( 3 ) : seating installations should be of proper design and strongly supported.

Reg. 31: every work bench or work table shall be of a design building and dimensions suited for individuals employed so that the work can be carried out without undue strain.

Maintenance and service

The efficiency of the hotel activity besides have related with care work. In a edifice, there a batch of activity care that can be observes such as installing of air conditioning units, wiring electrical, whining wall or care roof. To execute this occupation, employees have to follow a few guideline provided by OSHA 1994.

( Alwi Saad,2011 ) has agree about general demands sing to care. Under S. 15 ( 2 ) ( vitamin D ) OSHA 1994: ” so far as it operable, as respect any topographic point of work under the control of the employer or a self- employed individual, the care of it in a status that is safe and without hazard to wellness.

Before any care work starting, the employers, occupier or contractor has to set or put in appropriate signages and warning system so that individuals are adequately warned of dangers that may originate ( Alwi Saad,2011 ) :

Such worksite is closed

Such worksite is close or nearby to public thoroughfare

Where individual may go through by and

Where individuals may go through through

Mentioning to Factories and Machinery ( Building Operations And Works Of Engineering Construction ) ( Safety ) Regulations 1986,

Reg. 99 ( Warning marks at any destruction site ) province as ” On every destruction occupation, danger marks shall be conspicuously posted around the belongings, and all room accesss or thoroughfares giving entree to the belongings shall be kept barred except when being used as a transition for work forces or equipment and during darkness, and visible radiations at flairs shall be placed on or about all roadblocks. ”

Regulation 109 ( Barricades, gimmick platforms and warning marks. ) stated as

“ ( 1 ) Along every pavement or thoroughfare bordering destruction operations there shall be erected a significant roadblock to forestall unauthorized individuals from come ining the site of such operations.

( 2 ) During the destruction of an exterior masonry wall or a roof from a point more than 12 meters above the bordering land degree, if individuals below are exposed to falling objects, gimmick platforms which meet the demands of ordinance 43 shall be provided and maintained at a degree non more than 6 meters below the working degree except where an exterior built-up scaffold provides tantamount protection.

( 3 ) Suitable warning marks shall be put up at conspicuous places. ”

Installation of air conditioning units and wiring electrical.

By mentioning to S. 20 ( 3 ) Occupational safety and health administration 1994, stated that “ It shall be the responsibility of a individual who erects or installs any works for usage by individuals at work to guarantee, so far as is operable, that nil about the manner in which it is erected or installed makes it insecure or a hazard to wellness when decently used. ”

Latest research that made by ( Alwi Saad,2011 ) have same position on safety facet sing to installing as stated that a machinery may merely be installed on strong foundations. This as refer to below ordinance:

By Reg. 5 FM ( Safety, Health and Welfare ) Regulation 1970:

“ 10. Without bias to any jurisprudence with regard to local governments, in regard of any mill, the undermentioned commissariats associating to safety shall use:

( a ) foundations and floors shall be of sufficient strength to prolong the tonss for which they are designed ; and no foundation or floor shall be overloaded ;

( B ) roofs shall be of sufficient strength to transport where necessary suspended tonss ;

( degree Celsius ) all floors, working degrees, platforms, decks, staircases, transitions, gangways, ladders and stairss shall be of safe building so as to forestall a hazard of individuals falling, and structurally sound so as to forestall a hazard of prostration, and shall be decently maintained and kept, every bit far as moderately operable, free from any loose stuff and in a non-slippery status ;

( vitamin D ) such agencies as are moderately operable shall be provided, maintained, and used so as to guarantee safe entree to any topographic point at which any individual has at any clip to work ;

( vitamin E ) every gap, sump, cavity or fixed vas in a floor, or working degree shall be firmly covered or firmly fenced so as to forestall hazard of individuals falling ; and

Factories and Machinery 17

( degree Fahrenheit ) All goods, articles and substances which are stored or stacked shall be so located or stacked-

( a ) in such mode as will outdo guarantee stableness and prevent any prostration of the goods, articles or substances or their supports ; and

( B ) in such a mode as non to interfere with the equal distribution of visible radiation, equal airing, proper operation of machinery, the unobstructed usage of passageways or gangways and the efficient operation or usage of fire-fighting equipment. ”

Maintenance work for edifice can be spliting into two classs:

Agenda care

Planned care work performed and controlled taking into history the possibility that will be during the hereafter.

Eg pumps on a regular basis maintained

Not schedule care

Maintenance work done without following any signifier of planning.

Eg a damaged pump – maintainability rectification

Daniel E. Della-Giustina ( 2010, p.p.34 ) cited that employee should reach appropriate care starter for specific instructions and process. Maintenance work order system although it can take to the rectification of risky conditions, it will non needfully extinguish risky patterns or supply for more inventive attacks to standard conditions and processs to better worksite safety and wellness.

By mentioning to Law of Malaysia Act 514, OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ACT 1994, under S. 15 OSH 1994:

“ Without bias to the generalization of subdivision ( 1 ) , the affairs to which the responsibility extends include in particular-

( a ) the proviso and care of works and systems of work that are, so far as is operable, safe and without hazards to wellness ;

( B ) the devising of agreements for guaranting, so far as is operable, safety and absence of hazards to wellness in connexion with the usage or operation, managing, storage and conveyance of works and substances ;

( degree Celsius ) the proviso of such information, direction, preparation and supervising as is necessary to guarantee, so far as is operable, the safety and wellness at work of his employees ;

( vitamin D ) so far as is operable, as respects any topographic point of work under the control of the employer or freelance individual, the care of it in a status that is safe and without hazards to wellness and the proviso and care of the agencies of entree to and emersion from it that are safe and without such hazards ;

( vitamin E ) The proviso and care of a on the job environment for his employees that is, so far as is operable, safe, without hazards to wellness, and adequate as respects installations for their public assistance at work. ”

All works or fix and care should be recorded, photographed and documented for archival intents and future edifice care.


As a decision, employee must hold high degree on safety consciousness. Safety patterns in the hotel are really of import. Therefore, these safety patterns should be earnestly considered by supervisors to guarantee that employees comply with OSHA 1994 and FMA 1967. The hotel direction must besides guarantee that each of their employees understand and have knowledge associating to employment safety patterns so that in future they improve the quality of work and the figure of accidents can be reduced at the hotel.

Chapter 3:

Research Methodology


This chapter will discourse on how to guarantee the aim of this survey can be achieved. It besides focussed on how to carry on the right distribute questionnaire and interview among employee in hotel industries. After discuss on the method of research it will follow with some treatment on the questionnaire.

Research methodologist

Descriptive research design

As the surveies are on current status of hotel in Malaysia, the research worker prefers to utilize descriptive research design because descriptive research design is more flexible and formal. In research worker survey, employee in hotel industry is chief topic that research worker will utilize to derive the information about current safety patterns and the effectivity of safety patterns.

The research worker focal point group were hotel employee because they can give the existent state of affairs on safety patterns in their workplace. Employee of hotel industry is the right respondent as they ever expose in the hotel environment so that will more easy to measure them.

Time Horizon

Cross sectional surveies

Because primary informations aggregation research worker usage is study that is distribute questionnaire, so transverse sectional surveies is the most suited as it will take up small clip to carry on. Other than that, researcher choose to utilize transverse sectional because the survey that researcher behavior is based on current issue in hotel industry, it as a short term of reappraisal, that why this cross sectional surveies is the best manner.

In this survey, the research worker interested in identifies the safety patterns of the hotel in Malaysia and besides the figure of accident that involve hotel industry from the latest information. So, this survey will conducted in short period at selected hotel in Malaysia.

Data Collection

Primary Data

Research inquiry will be answered through primary informations. For this survey research worker have chosen to administer questionnaire and behavior interview.


Datas obtained through the questionnaire will be analyzed by utilizing selected technique. The consequences of this questionnaire will so reply aim of this survey. Researcher chooses to utilize questionnaire as method for informations aggregation because of the respondent in big graduated table and besides the informations aggregation are the latest information.

The questionnaire was created based on conformity of employee on the ordinance of hotel and effectivity of the safety patterns in term figure of accident involve employee. So that, from the questionnaire, the research worker can acquire the information on the comply employee on the hotel ordinance, awareness degree of employee on their safety and besides the effectivity the safety plan organized by the hotel direction.


Interview besides one of the procedures in cod informations. Normally in a formal meeting with a individual, such as one conducted by a newsman, in which facts or statements are elicited from another. For this survey, research worker will carry on interview on supervisor as supervisor is the closest one to the employee. Data obtain from employee can be verify from the interview conducted.

For this survey, research worker program to carry on at least two supervisors ( daytime and dark displacement ) for each hotel. By merely making this, the informations that researcher obtains from the questionnaire can be accepted as have supported from the supervisor.

Secondary Datas

Datas were obtained from the literature to hold a better apprehension to this survey. The information that research worker addition from authorities bureaus, private and in making so in this survey as information mention. That information besides help researcher in physique up the inquiry for questionnaire.

Case survey

Case survey is chief reading of the research worker. In order to increase understanding degree of research worker about the subject survey, researcher explore on article reading, take a few illustration of organisation that have same issue as research worker subject. A batch of instance survey found by research worker but kind it out into safety patterns and hotel or cordial reception industry merely.


Internet beginning as the dorsum up reading. Sometime, a certain issue on safety is non clearly discuss in the selected instance survey, so that why cyberspace is needed to do research worker hold better understand on the issue. A few authorities portal, instruction portal and jurnal online was use as mention for research worker.

Book or magazine

Aid from book or magazine besides as extra reading list. Each issue of the magazine have aid research worker to better the thought on safety patterns. Professional Safety Magazine ( Journal of American Society of Safety Engineers ) unfastened head of research worker about safety in workplace.

Validity, Generalisability and dependability

Under this subdivision, research worker will explicate by utilizing scientific canons ( Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis and Andrian Thornhill,2012 ) :


Researcher must avoid the four menaces in dependability that is participant prejudice, participant mistake, research worker prejudice and last but non least is researcher mistake.

Researcher mistake can be avoided by clearly understand the reply given by the interview. If researcher feel that demand account, ask for it. Make non waver to inquire if non understand what responder reply as it of import for consequence of determination.

Researcher prejudice can be avoided by research worker must lodge with the range of survey. Do non acquire influences by the respondent reply.

Participant mistake can be avoided by distribute the questionnaire at the right clip. As illustration ask the respondent to reply questionnaire non at peak hr as that clip employee are truly busy. Questionnaire or interview can be conducted at twenty-four hours that was promised like on leave or before employee start it on the job hours. Do non come to the employer after working as that clip employee must pall and non truly concentrate on the questionnaire.

Participant prejudice can be avoided like meet the supervisor at their office or allow the employee answer the questionnaire non around their supervisor. This because research worker concern if the supervisor mingle around or in position of employee, the reply employee given is non true as they scared their supervisor.

External cogency

This is procedure which researcher analyzing the consequences and questionnaire. This average capableness of this survey subject sing to safety patterns to other people and on other state of affairs. As illustration research worker focal point groups is employee with safety pattern in all degree consciousness and research worker usage likert graduated table for measuring and state of affairs in safety environment. As illustration is researcher survey on employee that apply safety patterns in their different day-to-day occupation at different day of the month and at different hotel. Merely after research worker have strong external cogency, research worker can generalise to other people and state of affairss with assurance.

Construct cogency

Construct cogency would prove whether the employee really was step the effectivity safety patterns and non method, developing or any other factor. Pilot survey may be an effectual method to prove concept cogency because let them to do any accommodations on the questionnaire.

Research model

To specify safety patterns in hotel industries.

To reply this aim, research workers have to utilize secondary informations such as diaries, book, and refer to instance survey and internet hunt. A batch of reading stuff are need to do research worker have a better apprehension on safety pattern before behavior an interview and distribute questionnaire.

To find the most of import safety factors that affects the public presentation

Method that research worker usage to roll up reply for this nonsubjective thru distribute questionnaire. Based on the apprehension of literature reappraisal, research workers create a questionnaire.

To place the effectivity of safety patterns

For this aim, research workers have use two method that is questionnaire and carry on an interview. This to verify the reply and besides derive excess information on effectivity of safety patterns. In the questionnaire must hold a inquiry that can reply for this nonsubjective inquiry.


In this chapter, research worker concludes the research design research worker usage is descriptive, transverse sectional map and informations aggregation thru questionnaire and interview. Scientific canon besides uses to analyze the questionnaire and interview subdivision are valid in existent state of affairs or non. Overall, this chapter briefing about the research worker program to make for it field work after this chapter. The consequence from this primary and secondary informations will discourse on the following chapter.