Good afternoon everyone. Today I am here with you. giving an inspirational address to assist you get the better of life’s challenges and I wish that this address of mine is worthy of your clip. One twenty-four hours. when I was lying on my bed. some inquiries about life comes to my head like. “What is the intent of life? ” . “Why we are here in this universe? ” . and ‘’Why do certain things go on? ’’ . I had ever kept these inquiries to myself but finally pushed them off on my head because I can’t happen any reply and it’s merely doing me in uncertainty of everything.

After thought of those inquiries. I reminisce the times of my life that I experience tests and adversities. Those are the times that I about given up and I feel like that I can’t bear those jobs anymore but I said to myself non to give up because God will non give us burthen that we can non bear. If you have a job. don’t say. “God. I have a large problem” . but alternatively state this out loud whole-heartedly…“Hey job. I have a great God! ’’ and certainly it will decrease the heavy feeling in your bosom and it will animate you to contend those jobs.

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The challenges and troubles that come into our life will makes us closer to God. makes us stronger and a better individual that we should be. Most of the clip. we merely retrieve God when we have jobs and bury him when we are happy and sometimes or possibly frequently. we blame him and inquire. “Why me. Lord? ” . “Why you are making this to me? ” . ”Did I do something wrong? ” We ever say that but have we of all time question him why we are happy and having those many approval.

Have you of all time asked “Why you are giving these approvals to me. Lord? Did I do something right? ” and said “thank you lord? ’ . Never. right? Think of this my friend and recognize that some things will non be as we want it to be. We should besides larn from our errors and we should our restrictions. If we did non larn from those errors. so. there’s no sense in doing them. Life has its ups and downs. merely ever retrieve that everything happens for a ground. After the adversities we’ve been through. approvals and graces wait. God doesn’t state us how he’s working out his programs. but in his clip and his manner. he’ll clearly allow us cognize he’s working out his best for us because He loves us so much.