When it comes to the subject of diverseness and what is has taught me I truly think of a few things. Diversity has truly taught me a batch approximately myself every bit good as tolerance to others around me. Truly there is nowhere in the universe today that diverseness is non present or has non had some kind of consequence on our society as a whole. All in all I think that diverseness truly merely means being different than others in assorted ways. I think if the United States ne’er had any cases of diverseness we would be a pretty drilling and simple society. Many of our great heads of today every bit good as the yesteryear where really alone and diverse persons. Without any type of diverseness we would be precisely alike there would be nil different about each other. The universe would be apparent and deadening every bit good. I like to believe that without any type of diverseness the universe would be without any type of colour or texture as if we were in a 50’s Television show. We are different in race. gender. age. gender. faith and a whole batch of other things. There will be certain things that we have in common and some things that we don’t have in common. In order to understand person I believe you need to acquire to cognize them better. You need to understand what makes them happy and what truly works their nervousnesss.

There are so many civilizations out here that we truly don’t cognize anything about. It is good to larn about the different civilizations that are out here. By larning from the different civilizations we are able to see the things that we do that are in common with our civilization and the things that are done otherwise from us. Some things that we do for merriment might be something that they don’t approve of. Nowadays people take certain things for granted piece in another civilization they enjoy it and non mistreat it. There are a batch of different things that I have found out about my race. As I was reading back over some of the chapters I see that “the matrimony of a White individual and an African American would hold been illegal in 22 other states” back in the 1960’s. ( Chapter 1 Racial and Ethnic Groups ) That is something that I truly did non cognize and was truly shocked to happen out every bit good. I did larn an interesting fact about African Americans nevertheless. It was interesting to larn that non all African Americans were brought over here to the United States as slaves or that they were the lone slaves.

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It is a common error made that America had merely “Black” slaves. There were many Europeans sent here as apprenticed retainers. They had to work off the trip to America and besides some were sent here because of debts and had to work them off. Irish Immigrants were besides thought of as lower than slaves. The Nipponese and Chinese were both used as slaves and many lost their unrecorded edifice our railway system. You besides must retrieve there were Blacks who owned slaves. One of the largest Plantation houses in the South was owned by a Free Black Woman. Not all inkinesss were slaves it is merely the manner it has been portrayed in History books. Equally far as tendencies in the country of in-migration I would hold to state I agree with the info in the reading stuff. After looking over the reading stuff from Chapter 1 there is a pie chart of the population for the old ages 2010 and 2050. In the chart the anticipation for the U. S. population for 2050 provinces that there will be more Hispanics than there was in the 2010 chart. There will be a lessening in the White Non-Hispanics and the African Americans stays about the same per centum. Although the United States is to a great extent populated I say that the Hispanics will hold overpopulated many of the other races.

The United States truly has a batch to cover with in the country of diverseness and its people. Discrimination is one of the major challenges that we will confront because we can’t seem to acquire along and handle others like we are supposed to be or desire to be treated ourselves. I think that the United States will be a batch better if we could all acquire along and truly hold a better apprehension of the others around us and those who came before us. Like I stated earlier the United States was built on a premiss that we are the ultimate dream and welcome people from all over the universe. Hopefully possibly one twenty-four hours that will come true but that remains to be seen today and in the future old ages every bit good. Prejudice is another challenge that the United States faces due to the diverseness of the people and those set in their ways. Stereotyping is another challenge that we face today every bit good as the past old ages every bit good. These things are in my sentiment really much taught and passed down from coevals to coevals.

All three of these challenges are serious and need to be stopped because they are all inappropriate in many ways and merely kick average and vindictive. There are enough more challenges out here that we face on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing but we have to get down someplace. When it comes to holding a diverse society I think there are truly several benefits. There truly are so many different benefits that we can hold. Bing that we are so diverse we will inherit a batch of things such as the different nutrients that all the different civilizations have to offer. Each civilization has something different than what the other civilizations have. Each person has something different to offer to our society. Bing diverse is something particular because we can each larn something new from one another. There are different dances. music ; we all celebrate different vacations and a whole clump of other things. The society that we live in has so much to offer and we are excessively unsighted to truly see what is go oning.

At times I think the media does a good occupation of portraying people wrongly and it teaches us to pigeonhole them every bit good. We are so speedy to judge others instead than acquiring to cognize them based on what we have seen or have heard from others. We truly necessitate to make a better occupation and happen the best manner to further a good clime of credence for those around us and different than we are. It all starts with merely moving in a good civilised mode at all times. “Cultural pluralism is a term used when smaller groups within a larger society maintain their alone cultural individualities. and their values and patterns are accepted by the wider civilization. ” I think every bit long as we treat everyone they manner that we want to be treated so we would be better off. It is truly every bit simple as that and there is no better manner to set it. We chiefly need to larn to acquire along and halt all this spat in add-on to the other affraies that are presently traveling on in this universe. The media can be a great tool when it comes to learning approximately diverseness every bit good as a manner to portray people in the incorrect sense every bit good.

The media perpetuates pigeonholing and prejudice a batch sometimes whether it be on the wireless or on the telecasting set every bit good. An illustration of pigeonholing would be portraying all black males as being in different packs or some type of goon. In Reality the per centum of inkinesss that are in packs is non every bit high as told. In fact non all immature black males are in a pack or even packs affiliated for that affair. Take the Treyvon Martin instance for illustration. The thing was so blown out of proportion due to the fact he was a immature black male walking about at dark with a hoodie on. The media portrays this as a pack member and to some grade it could be the ground he was killed. The craze created merely caused Mr. Zimmerman to overreact therefore doing him to hit this adolescent and cause indignation in the black community. Normally when the telecasting portrays inkinesss or even Hispanics for that affair it is normally a narrative about either slaying or. You barely see them publicize anything about a Caucasic making anything unless it is some kind of famous person or possibly some eldritch random narrative taking topographic point in Alabama or any of the southern provinces.

You truly hold to make a hunt for them because I assume they don’t believe it is of import. It is so much bias traveling on out here in this universe until it truly doesn’t do any sense. I wish we could all acquire entirely but sometimes that seems impossible. The media truly needs to make a better occupation of supplying a better sense of diverseness and how we perceive others. I think that the media should assist the viewing audiences to understand that non everything you hear or see is truly true. If there was a class for everyone to take to allow them cognize that they need to look into on what they hear or see. Television Stationss and wireless Stationss need to get down appreciating diverseness. Diversity is beautiful and needs to be recognized more frequently. If it was non for diverseness we would be all field and drilling. We as a state truly necessitate to make better when it comes to the subject of diverseness. I wish that we could all acquire along and be treated as peers but that is merely non traveling to go on anytime shortly.

There are still a batch of prejudiced people out here in this universe and unhappily non a batch has changed over the old ages. I have had the displeasure of being around some people that were prejudice and it truly makes me sad for them. To believe that people are so individual minded and put in their ways is pretty sad. I don’t truly cognize how we as persons and the United States work together to cut down bias but we need to get down someplace. I think categories such as cultural diverseness are a good manner to get down but there is no manner to do people believe outside the box. We need to hold more educational telecasting shows that will increase the grasp for diverseness.

We besides need more telecasting shows that can assist us to cut down bias because it is a serious topic that needs to be addressed. I think when it comes to altering my ways or my behaviour there is a few things I can make. I think that if I change my behaviour to be more inclusive and pluralistic I would necessitate to believe about certain things before I act on them. By merely seting a small more thought into things can merely make a better result. I think that I need to acquire to cognize other people in different civilizations and larn more about what they do and how they function. By acquiring to cognize other people in the other civilizations will truly assist me to understand them instead judging them before really cognizing what they are about.