Customss and traditions based on civilization are patterns. actions or manner of making things that have existed for a long clip. These patterns are frequently believed to hold a benefit. in the instance of female Circumcision. it is believed that a adult female who is circumcised become a better married woman in that it limits the possibility of unfaithfulness. Practitioners of female Circumcision perceive it as an built-in portion of the female’s cleaning and readying for matrimony.

It is perceived as good to a adult female. However. medical cognition identifies female Circumcision as a pattern that is damaging to a woman’s wellness ( Althaus. 1997 ) . In the United States. female Circumcision continues to be practiced because immigrants who believe in this tradition uphold the perceptual experience that such a pattern is good to the adult female. For the CHN. there is a demand to educate these practicians of the damaging effects of such a pattern on wellness.

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To turn to cultural patterns that are disadvantageous or damaging to wellness the best primary step would be to supply instruction sing these issues. The bar of harmful patterns is cardinal to the community wellness pattern and should be directed to “well” persons ( Stanhope & A ; Lancaster. 2004 ) . As such wellness publicity and instruction should get down with local information run that educates about the happening of female Circumcision every bit good as the negative effects it has on a woman’s long term wellness ( Althaus. 1997 ) .

This action provides specific protection to the community. An immediate end should be to be able to pass on to these little cultural communities and inform their members of the dangers of their pattern. Costello ( 2004 ) explained that educating these communities is the best method of protection. This information run should affect written stuffs. presentations. media. group procedure and peer support to supply many channels of communicating to members of the community.

A chief end should be to be able to circulate information rapidly and with great handiness. The aid of community leaders and figure caputs should be sought for this information run. The challenge to the Western wellness practician is to be able to incorporate Western medical specialty with non-Western traditions by affecting community leaders and figure caputs. the CHN additions credibleness within the community and the debut of new constructs can be better received ( Bastable. 2007 ) .

Secondary bar involves placing instances of persons who have been subjected to female Circumcision every bit good as persons who are practicians of female Circumcision. Harmonizing to Althaus ( 1997 ) the pattern of female Circumcision is seldom spoken of and if it occurs to a adult female. the victim. usually does non desire to speak about it. Secondary bar should affect making community centres or groups that can supply support to adult females who have undergone female Circumcision. or who are in hazard of it.

These centres or groups can assist adult females cover with the physical and emotional effects of undergoing such violent Acts of the Apostless. As a 2nd step. an anon. referral service should be established to make a channel where persons can anonymously describe the happening of female Circumcision. persons suspected of holding undergone female Circumcision or persons who promote female Circumcision. This helps the CHN identify persons who may hold physical or emotional demands due to female Circumcision or persons who are in hazard of female Circumcision.

Third bar should affect rehabilitating the individuals who have undergone female Circumcision every bit good as making an alternate pattern that achieves the same benefit as that perceived in the public presentation of female Circumcision ( BBC News. 1998 ) . Harmonizing to Althaus ( 1997 ) female Circumcision was seen as transition into muliebrity and readying for matrimony. In an attempt to forestall the happening of female Circumcision. an alternate induction rite can be introduced to take the topographic point of female Circumcision. Reference List Althaus. F. A. ( 1997 ) . Female January 1: Right of Passage or Violation of Rights.

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