Building care pattern is one of the duties of installations direction. The of import to holding edifice director in the edifice as to supervise, planning, and implement the care works. Nowadays, the demand of edifice care is increasing due to the addition figure of development by developer and authorities. In Malaysia, the edifice care practise is ordinary status as the deficiency of the experient and specialist people in this portion. Besides that, the failing can be detected in the process of the care which does non holistic between users need. The public presentation and value of the edifice is step on quality of care.

2.0 Introduction

British Standard 3811:1984 defines care as:

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A combination of any actions carried out to retain an point in, or reconstruct it to an acceptable status ( Barrie Chanter, 2007 ) .

What can be understood from the definition is the action taken is non merely about the physical of the edifice but including the fiscal and administration. In add-on, the acceptable status means the effectual use of the edifice as the public presentation showed.

Presents, the demands of edifice care direction are quickly altering throughout the old ages. Constructing care normally related to the procedure to keep, preserve of the edifice construction and its status. Normally, the edifice care systems are used for mill, lodging, school, hotel or office. This indispensable to guarantee the edifice itself can give convenience and attractive environment to people work and populate in the edifice.

The private and public sector should supply these services in instance the edifice is under building and completed. Normally for public edifice, authorities had spent a budget to allocation care of the edifice. Meanwhile, for private developer they besides have to supply this sing the demand to keep the edifice and carry through their users. Unfortunately, we ever heard that public sector that authorities had job to keep the edifice. Our former Prime Minister, Dato ‘ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that authorities had spent a batch of money allocated equipment for the edifice because it better than pass money in the terminal when the serious job already occurs. The Ministry of Works Malaysia should take the duty earnestly and halt accused each other when the failing exposed ( Henti tuduh menuduh isu bangunan kerajaan rosak, 2007 )

Malaysia still has many failings in rehearsing edifice care direction system. The system did non hold connexion between the demand of care the edifice and client or user ( lateef, 2009 ) . The good care should affect the satisfaction of users. So, we can see what the user ‘s needed in the edifice to keep it map.

This assignment is to place what can be done to guarantee efficiency of the edifice care direction. The edifice director must cognize how it is of import to be held organisation in the edifice and keep the edifice every bit good. The system pattern is based on the planning, understanding and method to be use before we start the building.


The significance of efficiency is ‘do the right thing ‘ or what really the produced and performed with can be achieved with the same ingestion of resources ( BusinessDictionary.com, 2012 ) . So, in context of constructing care practise, the efficiency is how the edifice director can set up and pull off the edifice to keep its good status. The elements have been placing to guarantee the edifice director can make the work efficiency as stated below:


The function of edifice director start is at the phase edifice in design brief. The initial phase of the edifice design brief must be follow the rules such as produce a edifice is appropriate and efficient for the map, produce edifice that ‘s provides the optimal physical and environment, produce edifice that balance between initial and runing cost and in conclusion, produce a edifice that is consistent with the demands and aspiration of the community ( Barrie Chanter, 2007 ) . This is really of import to seek a satisfactory design and to put off job solution in the hereafter.

Another significance of design brief is including of the map of the edifice, public presentation demands, and overall design ( Brian Atkin, 2009 ) . The relationship between design and care is to guarantee the edifice can be executing as its map. This is particular for aesthetically design of edifice to guarantee the long term care. Then, the edifice director taking portion in this phase to help the applied scientist installs the equipment right because they have to take care the edifice after the building completed. For illustration, the edifice director discuss with the applied scientist sing installing of machinery and electrical equipment. They must be make up one’s minding where to set the lift, and escalator. Besides that, the edifice director should cognize how the equipment care such as easier to acquire the spare parts. This design brief besides can be mentioning by the undertaking squad members, advisers and others to acquire the more elaborate information.


The forces feature is the of import component in managing edifice care. The characteristic needed is making, soft accomplishment and besides the cognition in the care ( Emma Marinie Ahmad Zawawi, 2009 ) . Normally, the edifice director pattern base on the experience. The relationship between client and edifice users should be considered. As recognition, the edifice director knows that the clients and users is centre of care direction. This group should be focal points as to continue and heighten value of the edifice ( lateef, 2009 ) . The clients are proprietor of the edifice, who provides finance and besides a undertaking brief in the early phase of care plants ( Ali, 2009 ) . The edifice director should hold good communicating and relationship between them to avoid any misinterpretation and do certain the budget allotment is sufficient.

Next, the edifice director should be believing beyond the current status of edifice as the initial of beware action ( lateef, 2009 ) . The good care is besides based on the support aggregation. The edifice director has to guarantee that the history support to keep and mend the edifice is adequate. The inadequacy in care fund could impact care public presentation ( Ali, 2009 ) . Hence, the clients have to collaborate with the edifice director in order to roll up the fund besides giving moral support to the direction. The determination of payment hard currency is influence the care budget of the edifice.

In add-on, the good edifice director should form the organisation of the section. The agreement of the organisation must be good in order to acquire the efficiency of the edifice care. Each of them must cognize their duty taken. As the edifice director, he/she must be supervising the staff making the work right ( Emma Marinie Ahmad Zawawi, 2009 ) . Besides that, the edifice director have to make up one’s mind whether the care work is done by outsource or in-house direction. This shows that relationship between contractors and edifice director should be concern as they have to make the care work in the edifice.

Furthermore, determination devising. The edifice director must be looking frontward into this sector. The determination doing made by the edifice director depends on the comprehensive information of the edifice affairs. The component that must be consider is the client ‘s petition, edifice age, support, safety and wellness demands, and bing edifice status ( Ali, 2009 ) . The good determination devising will impact the public presentation of the edifice. The director can pull off the cost outgo with efficient and efficaciously.


Planning is needed in the edifice care. The planning must be program as the manner to foretell on the failure incoming as to maintain the equipment and system can be functionally with expeditiously harmonizing to its design life constituent ( G. P. Sullivan, 2010 ) . There are three types care plan detected such as:

Preventive care

The care work is base on the preset intervals. The construct is cut downing the chance of failure or before the job occurs.

Predictive care

The care work done as the status mechanical or operation status. For illustration, lift. The edifice director has to look into the equipment of lift as the modus operandi or uninterrupted proctor to forestall higher cost of mending.

Proactive care

The care agenda is by measure up and making something to work out the job before becomes issue. The other significance is avoiding the job in first topographic point. For illustration, the equipment that is redesigns or modified. The edifice director has to analyze the job before occurs.

The edifice care set up based on the construct of value for money. The other name is Push-pull factor. The construct work is with measuring the public presentation step and after that they have to implement the new manner of the direction ( Barrie Chanter, 2007 ) . This construct provides a brief definition and the ends of the care programmes and policies as the job can be solve ( lateef, 2009 ) . The figure 1 below show how the construct applied in this system:




Strategic edifice rating

Post-occupancy rating

Constructing status appraisals

Premisess audits

Strategic installation planning

Improve workplace environment and productiveness

Cost-efficient plus direction and care

Figure 1: Push-pull factors

Beginning: ( Barrie Chanter, 2007 )

The value based care is when the care is unexpected occurs, so the effectual and proactive action should be taken topographic point as the demand of current users hungering for high quality service, good in clip and less cost ( Arazi idrus, 2009 ) .


Computer-aided installations direction ( CAFM ) .

The CAFM is between computer-aided design ( CAD ) and infinite planning of the edifice, in order to monitoring and planning infinite and activities in the edifice ( Brian Atkin, 2009 ) . This system needed by edifice director to update the information of the edifice care work. This system does non maintain the disposal data merely but include the care work program. From this, the edifice director can ever look into, reappraisal and be aftering outcome program of the care. The information aggregation in this system is about the belongings record file, contractor file, works orders, unrecorded orders file, and invoicing ( Barrie Chanter, 2007 ) . The diagram below shows the informations collected and the solution of the care work:

Figure 2: Five stairss of care solution plan

Beginning: ( Emma Marinie Ahmad Zawawi, 2010 )

Health AND SAFETY OF THE Building

The quality of the edifice is taken into consideration. The edifice director must heighten the productiveness and satisfaction and efficiency of the activity around the edifice ( lateef, 2009 ) . For illustration, the edifice must be installed by fire asphyxiator, constructing dismay system, security guard and else. The clients and users will experience comfy when they in the edifice. The edifice director besides has to look into the safety equipment to forestall malfunction when exigency occurs. The wellness and safety assessment process is documented by the edifice director ( Ali, 2009 ) .

4.0 Decision

The necessity of the edifice care patterns needed to be review by the edifice director whether from public or private sector. The efficiency of the edifice care can ensue the good public presentation of the edifice. The edifice director should hold the experience and soft accomplishment in managing the section of care. Besides that, the care budget must be sufficient to avoid the hold of the repairing work. The users ‘ satisfaction is taking into consideration as the benchmark of the value system. The bing of intelligent edifice is need for good care and requires well-trained care administration. Finally, the effectual and efficient of the edifice care practise is base on the allotment of resources to run into care demands.