Drumhead: Stephen Lewis is trying to acquire Canadians to back up a grassroot AIDSs undertaking in hopes of raising money in legion ways. These ways are referred to as darings and Canadian citizens are encouraged to take part in assorted darings to raise money. Since Canada was in an economic recession at this clip they were non able to take part in donating money to Africa. Throughout this undertaking. Stephen Lewis raised $ 12. 000. 000 between 50. 000 people. This had a big deduction on the economic system since Canada was in a recession and were non able to assist.

Article # 2: Compulsory Testing

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This article is about South Africans being discriminated against their human rights South Africans are now required to prove for HIV AIDSs because they have one of the largest septic populations in the universe. “Up to six million people in South Africa – around 17 per cent of the population – are believed to be HIV positive or enduring from Aids” . The provincial government’s proposal to present compulsory proving follows concerns many people are incognizant of the fact they are infected.

Article # 3: South Africans admit icky occupation contending AIDS.

South Africa is the largest Aid septic state in the universe. Leaderships in South Africa admit to mishandling the AIDS crisis at that place. They denied that HIV was the cause of AIDS and prescribed the incorrect medicine to people with this illness. This finally had a wellness consequence on the people of South Africa. It has an impact on unborn babes. Harmonizing to research workers. 37. 000 babes will be infected with Hiv Aids in the following 6 old ages.