How to Construct a Low Wheelchair Ramp for a House


Constructing your ain low wheelchair incline for the place is possible, but with a batch of careful planning every bit good as physical and practical considerations, such as how the added construction will impact the mobility of other members of the place. Decisions on the most appropriate incline location, its aesthetic/ ocular consequence, and existent building demands are among other of import issues you must turn to before shiping on a lasting building.

To assist you do a right long-run appraisal, see constructing a impermanent incline, such as this simple 58-inch-long ten 42-inch-wide ramping faculty. During a dry-run period, re-assess your raging demands and rectify any possible misjudgment that may travel with your initial undertaking.

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Instruction manuals

Thingss You ‘ll Necessitate:

* 4 2×6 by 55 ” Joists ( order two 2x6x10 )

* 2 2×6 by 42 ” End personal computer. ( order one 2x6x8 and cut 2 terminal pieces )

* 10 5/4 ” ten 6 ” by 42 ” Decking ( order 14 ‘ decking and cut 4 pieces from each ) 2AA? 14 ‘ adorning = 10 42 ” pieces

* 80 2 1/2 ” Deck prison guards ( 8 per adorning board )

* 16 3 ” Deck prison guards ( to attach terminal pieces to joists )

* 8 2×6 Joist hangers

* 64 Joist hanger nails ( 8 per hanger )

* Drill

Trouble: Challenging

Measure 1

Cut 4 joists and terminal pieces from 2x6x10 joists to length. Assemble them on a level surface. Space the joists 14 inches apart on the centre.

Measure 2

Use 3-inch prison guards to fall in the terminal pieces to the terminals of the joists.

Measure 3

Ensure that the faculty is square. Then nail on the joist hangers.

Measure 4

Bend the outside rim of the four-corner joist hangers level against the faculty ‘s terminal pieces.

Measure 5

To add decking, foremost take the decking terminal pieces during the incline assembly. The decking may be connected after Step 4 or after the faculty frame is placed in a incline.

Measure 6

Bore a 3/8-inch hole. This should be centered on the terminal pieces. Then bore two 3/8-inch holes that are 6 inches apart from each side. All three holes must be vertically centered on the terminal piece.


1. Before make up one’s minding to construct a incline ask yourself if a incline is the best solution.

2. Situate the incline at a lesser-traveled issue.

3. If your place has no issue with a ramping option, you may hold to make a new issue ( e.g. change over an bing window into a new room access ) .

4. Stairs off the incline ‘s top landing is a good design characteristic to integrate, to enable family members and visitants to enter/exit straight without holding to utilize the rampway.

5. See if the incline ‘s location will vie with yard utilizations.

6. Positioning the incline to the dorsum or to the side of the house may lend to household security.


1. Do n’t rage a chief tract. This might make a job for other family members.

2. Very long consecutive inclines or those that project straight out into a pace may look unsympathetic.

3. Avoid turn uping inclines near trees or shrubs that bead cods or foliages.


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