In this assignment. I shall be explicating how wellness. safety and hygiene statute law has impacted on selected two nutrient retail merchants. I have selected Jimmy’s and Tesco. Jimmy’s Jimmy’s World Grill & A ; Bar is a concatenation of counter eating houses in the United Kingdom. In 2012 it launched its flagship eating house in The O2. London. The first Jimmy’s World Grill & A ; Bar opened in 2003 and the concatenation now operates eating houses including Luton. Derby. Bath. Peterborough. Watford. and Wimbledon. Each eating house offers culinary arts from multiple international states including Italy ; China ; India ; Mexico ; the US and the United Kingdom. The eating houses all offer “live cookery stations” where nutrient is cooked to order in forepart of the client.

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Tesco is the UK’s biggest nutrient retail merchant offering a assortment of services for nutrient and non-food merchandises to include insurance. amusement. electrical goods and many more. It employs over 440. 000 people around the universe with over 280. 000 in the UK. It has over 2. 000 shops in the UK and a turning figure of shops abroad in states such as Thailand. China. Hungary and the United States.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 is a ordinance to do farther proviso for procuring the wellness. safety and public assistance of employees at work. This jurisprudence applies to all workplace for commanding the maintaining and usage and forestalling the improper accomplishment. ownership and usage of unsafe substances. Additionally. this act is for commanding certain emanations and besides to assist forestall employees from acquiring hurt. It has an impact on Tesco because they are responsible for making a safe. healthy and productive workplace. Tesco provides preparation to their employees to help staff in placing. minimising and commanding jeopardies following with all safety and wellness demand applicable to their workplace.

The employees of Tesco must have on protective fabric and safety equipment which are safe without hazard to wellness. If anyone gets injured at Tesco. they can be eligible to be sued because it is Tesco duty to guarantee that everyone is safe within the on the job environment. Jimmy’s provides a safe and healthy working environment and they meet their duties. Jimmy’s manages hazards to wellness and safety to forestall accidents. Jimmy’s identifies. buttockss and reduces hazards to wellness and safety as it’s sensible and operable. Jimmy’s aims to forestall any accidents by developing their employees to work safely. For illustration hurts by knifes/fire.

The European Union

The European Union ensures that control criterions are established and adhered to as respects nutrient hygiene. carnal wellness and public assistance. works wellness and forestalling the hazard of pollution from external substances. Food hygiene is a manner of preserving and fixing nutrient which ensures that the nutrient will be safe for people to eat. This ordinance covers all phases of the productions. processing. distribution and placing on the market of nutrient intended for human ingestion. It affects Tesco because they are responsible to supply safe nutrients. implement processs in order to forestall insecure nutrients and withdraw and recall insecure nutrients. For illustration. usage of separate countries and equipment for managing and fixing natural and cooked nutrients and besides usage of appropriate cleansing chemicals.

If the nutrient is non good prepared. cooked or non washed or out of day of the month so Tesco will be entitled to cheating/fraud as clients don’t acquire what they pay for. So Tesco has to do certain they provide good quality nutrients that meet customer’s demands and outlook. Jimmy’s step cardinal merchandise and its quality properties by concentrating on ingredients and stuffs. every bit good as samples collected from the trade. They besides try to go the ideal eating house to run into company demands and consumer outlooks in the market place and they besides guarantee that they do the correct usage of appropriate cleansing chemicals. Jimmy’s provides proper developing to their employees to guarantee hygiene in cooked and natural nutrients.

Health and Safety ( First Aid ) Regulation 1981

Health and safety is a ordinance and process intended to forestall accident or hurt in workplace or public environment. For illustration. fire issue dismaies are installed inside the edifice. Fire assistance is the initial attention given to a ill or injured individual until full medical intervention can be accessed. It is largely performed by a non-expert or sometime by an expert in instance of an exigency. It has an impact on Tesco as they might necessitate first assistance anytime to their workers and every staff must describe it to director if any accident occurs and intervention is necessary.

It is of import for Tesco to enter inside informations of any accident or hurt in the book kept in the workplace and they besides should describe from any informant. Jimmy’s trains their employees for first assistance certification so that they can be available in their displacements to help anyone who gets injured. Jimmy’s kitchen staffs are more likely to be injured by knifes /fire etc. . so they make certain they have first AIDSs stored in a safe topographic point every bit good as fire asphyxiator. Jimmy’s makes certain that they trained their staff and besides guarantee the checklist of day-to-day presence of first aider is ever signed in the beginning of the displacement.

Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995

Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995 is a jurisprudence which puts responsibilities on employers. the freelance and people in control of work premises to describe certain serious workplace accident. occupational diseases and specified unsafe happenings. These studies enable the implementing governments to place where and how hazards arise and to look into serious accidents. If person has died or has been injured because of a work-related accident this may hold to be reported. Not all accidents need to be reported. other than for certain gas incidents. a RIDDOR study is required merely when: the accident is work-related and it consequences in an hurt of a type which is reportable

It has an impact on Tesco because they have a legal responsibility to describe accidents or incidents occur in the workplace. This will assist to happen out where and how hazards arise and besides to look into any serious accidents. Tesco staff helps and advices you to forestall actions in order to understate hurts. accidents or incidents. Jimmy’s provides the information that enables the HSE to place where and how hazards happened in the workplace. Therefore. Jimmy’s makes certain that they maintain their information about accidents. hurts or incidents

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 is a ordinance that provides a model to assist protect people in the workplace against wellness hazards from risky substances. The substances may be used straight in the work or may originate from the work such as cleansing chemicals. This jurisprudence requires employers to do an appropriate appraisal of the wellness hazards created within the working environment and besides to specify the steps necessary to protect people’s wellness. It has an impact on Tesco because they need to do certain prevent or understate their workers’ exposure to risky substances. For illustration. Tesco must supply sufficient information in order to cut down harmful to wellness. Jimmy’s ever provides suited and sufficient information. direction and preparation in order to follow the statute law. Jimmy’s makes certain that they prevent exposure to risky substances and sufficiently command the hazards from such exposure. They besides guarantee to maintain chemicals stored in a different room to maintain avoid in touch with nutrient points. If cleaning chemicals are assorted in nutrient. the client who eats could do a terrible hurt or even may be poisoned.

Food Safety Regulations 2005

Food Safety Regulations 2005 is a jurisprudence that applies to all types of nutrient. drink and ingredients. This ordinance requires concerns to do certain nutrient is supplied or sold in a hygienic manner. place nutrient safety jeopardies and cognize which stairss in the concern activities are critical for nutrient safety. Besides. guarantee safety controls are maintained and reviewed in the workplace. Tesco maintains the highest criterion of hygiene by forestalling any infection on nutrient with bacteriums or chemical. Furthermore. Tesco besides keeps their nutrients in a right temperature. If any equipment affected by nutrient safety. employees must necessitate to inform their director. Tesco follows the ordinance by non leting their employees to smoke or imbibe intoxicant in the workplace.

If they found their employees smoke or imbibing intoxicant in the workplace. it will take to disciplinary action and may ensue in dismissal. It has an impact on Jimmy’s because it is their regular pattern to guarantee that all their employees are maintaining their workplace clean and tidy. By taking these active stairss. they can guarantee that everyone works in the workplace are confident in the wellness and safety. They besides have different tools for different nutrient points. For illustration for cutting poulet they use different knives and different film editing objects and home bases. for cutting veggies they have use different knives. Besides these tools are color coded so they know which one is for meats and which one is for veggies.

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is a process carried out for nutrient safety and biological. chemical and physical jeopardies in production procedures that can do the finished merchandise to be insecure and designs measurings to cut down these hazards to a safe degree. In add-on. they need to guarantee that everything they use or touch demands to be cleaned decently. It affects Tesco because they need to do certain that the nutrients produced are safe to eat.

The nutrients need to be kept in a right temperature degree. Tesco ensures that these are safe for consumers to eat when they have passed through the full nutrient supply concatenation. Temperature is an of import facet of HACCP and improper storage temperature can makes nutrients insecure to eat. Jimmy’s following this statute law by doing certain that their drinks are safe for human ingestion. Jimmy’s focal point on the standardization of natural stuffs and all the stuffs must be offered by the Jimmy’s providers.


In this undertaking. I have explained how wellness. safety and hygiene statute law has impacted on Tesco and Jimmy’s.