Conducting an international concern is more complicated than a domestic 1. There are differences between states. States vary harmonizing to economical, political and legal systems. Furthermore, civilization alterations dramatically in different states due to different instruction and skilled labors. All of these factors obligate directors pay several attending in each state, with appropriate scheme and selling mix. Successful directors need to place the similarities and differences between markets, in order to derive chances and work out any draw falls.

Mina drug company is one of the most possible pharmaceutical companies in Egypt. It has many critical merchandises in the market, This paper will exemplify how this company can travel successfully to planetary concern.

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This paper has three subdivisions. First, it will discourse civilization, economical, political and legal systems of Kuwait market, so it will discourse Emirates market severally. Finally it will compare and contrast between them.

Kuwait market:

Development of planetary concern entails attending to inside informations that can come seldom into drama in the local markets. The political, economical and legal systems of a state can impact the economic development of the state. Consequently, it can impact the attraction of a state as a production location for the company. So, we need to equilibrate the long term benefits of making concern and the likely costs and hazards. “ The benefit-cost-risk trade off is likely to be most favourable in political stalls developed and developing states that have free market system and no dramatic rush in either rising prices rates or private sector debt. “ ( Hill CWL2009, p.81 ) . For illustration, when MacDonald ‘s decided to open the first eating house in less developed states like Moscow ; the deficiency of substructure and providers forced them to construct their ain farms to protect the quality of merchandises, but it accordingly increased the cost of the merchandise. Kuwait has a democracy system and advanced substructure that may assist the company to cut down the cost of production. In add-on to a strong legal sywtem that protects belongings rights and provides safe contract.

The director can measure a possible market by roll uping informations about gross domestic merchandise and the national income per capita. ” Kuwait has a GDP ( PPP ) of US $ 167.9 billion and a per capita income of US $ 81,800, doing it the fifth richest state in the universe. Kuwait ‘s human development index ( HDI ) stands at 0.912 with a GDP growing rate of 5.7 % ” ( Wikipedia ) . It is obvious that this market is really attractive ; the director can find the buying power of the state, and the section of state that can purchase his merchandise.

Cultures differ from state to state due to different linguistic communications, penchants, and traditions pattern. These differences make a force per unit area on international concern to travel for localisation of its merchandise to fulfill clients. The director may utilize the analysis of Hofsted posit, ( cited Hill CWL 2009 ) who isolated four dimensions by which he can distinguish between civilizations of different states. For illustration, Kuwait scored high uncertainness turning away that requires regulations and ordinance for occupation security and calling form, and scored low in persons with high inequalities in power and wealth. Fortunately, this is the same civilization of Arab peoples.

Choosing scheme for entry to that market, while the demand for local reactivity is minimum, and there is strong force per unit area for cost decrease, a planetary standardisation scheme is the best. ( Karl Heil ) It assumed that the industry depended on the competitory advantage that arised from deriving economic system of graduated table, larning consequence, and location economic system. So in my company I will place the production procedure in Egypt and attain economic system of graduated table to cut down the cost of production, and ab initio enter Kuwait market by exportation. ( Hill CWL 2009 ) Export will assist the company to salvage significant cost required to setup fabrication operation and it besides allow the house to recognize experience curve and location economic system.

The Turkey Market:

( Ali Carkoglu 2004 ) Turkey has a democratic system which encourages the foreign direct investing in last decennary, and besides is engaged in many free trade pacts. The legal system is scored low in 50 % Property Right Index.It may raise the hazard of making a concern depending on technological as competitory advantage.Turkey has the universe ‘s 15th largest GDP-PPP and 17th largest Nominal GDP. ( Ali Carkoglu,2004 ) .

Beside entry to turkey market may let the companies to come in the European market in the hereafter, after come ining to European Union. These factors made Turkey an attractive market for investors from different parts of the universe, taking to raise the fight between the companies and the chief force per unit area that faces the planetary company is cost decrease.

Culture is varies throughout the universe, so the director should measure these differences. ( Hill CWL 2009 ) harmonizing to Hofsted theory, Turkey has scored low in accepting ill-defined state of affairs and emphasised Bolshevism over individuality. However they are westernized in the manner of life, so there are many differences in comparing to Egyptian civilization.

The last measure for the director is how to come in this market, the market is saturated with competitory companies, and so cost decrease is the chief competitory advantage.We can take the advantage that a medical specialty requires a minimal demand to custom-make the merchandise to local status, and cut downing the cost through mass production, larning consequence and location economic system. Due to extremely competitory market such as Turkey, we may necessitate strategic confederation with local companies, ( Hill CWL 2009 ) which may assist to portion the fixed cost and facilitate entry to foreign markets.A Firm may experience that they need a local spouse, who has a good connexion and apprehension of concern status. For illustration, Fuji-Xerox confederation is a successful 1. Xerox found that Nipponese ordinances prohibited the foreign companies to construct a entirely owned company, so joint venture allowed Xerox to come in the Nipponese market.

Comparison and contrast.

Now we can compare and contrast between the two markets, and I think entery to both markets is really attractive. Kuwait has a good economical, political and regulative system that make the benefits overweight the cost and hazard associated with concern.In Turkey it is the same, but there is a hazard of go againsting belongings rights. Harmonizing to Hofsted theory both states scored high uncertainness turning away civilizations and underscore Bolshevism. ( Greet Hofsted ) therefore they are extremely oriented to regulations and ordinances in order to diminish high sum of uncertainness


Finally, traveling to planetary concern face two type of competitory force per unit area, they are monetary values and locally antiphonal force per unit area. That is why the director should be cognizant of these factors to take the entry scheme in to that market. Furthermore the director should roll up a database about economical, political and legal systems m about that market to find the overall attraction of state as a market by equilibrating the benefits against cost and hazard associated with that market.