I will be researching a clip when I felt like “other” . in this state of affairs I was made to experience unseeable. excluded and excessively seeable all at the same clip. In this state of affairs I chiefly felt excluded but however I felt all of the above. My hubby is Nigerian and I am African American. he attends a Nigerian church and all of the members are Nigerian. Every clip I go to church with him I feel as if I am excessively seeable because I am the lone non-Nigerian individual at that place. yes we are all black but I know nil about their civilization and I do non talk their linguistic communication. They frequently sing Nigerian congratulations vocals and do traditional dances and when this is happening I frequently feel excluded and unseeable because it seem like it doesn’t affair if I’m included since I’m the lone 1 who doesn’t understand what is traveling on. Because of this I really rarely travel to church with him. it would be nice for us to travel to church together all the clip but it’s non comfy to experience excluded or unseeable. You wouldn’t believe you could experience excluded or unseeable around your ain race but subgroups of the same race frequently have different civilizations and traditions that the other doesn’t understand.

In a batch of instances African’s who live in America feel that African Americans have acculturated into society which is “a signifier of assimilation wherein an cultural or racial group or an single takes on the cultural ways of another group. normally that of mainstream civilization. frequently at the disbursal of traditional cultural ways” ( 2014 ) . Bing African American around Africans you frequently get a sense of ethnocentrism from this civilization in respects to linguistic communication. faith and behaviour. Sometimes people are non cognizant that they are doing the “other” feel uncomfortable or excluded merely because they don’t cognize how to include the “other” .

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Many people are non as culturally competent as they may believe and this can do a batch of strife between different cultural groups. Unfortunately both groups have been marginalized. holding diminished value. importance. parts. or properties. Because both groups notice cultural differences we feel the demand to be guarded and defensive at all times. This does non assist with communicating and interaction between our civilizations. One manner for me to get the better of this is exerting emotional intelligence which involves developing the ability to pull off and appreciate differences.

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