Fast nutrient is the term given to nutrient that can be prepared and served really rapidly. Nowadays Fast nutrient has been well-known of the whole universe, and it has brought immense influences to the whole universe, including China. Fast nutrient, like McDonald ‘s and KFC, has come into China for more than 30 old ages. It forms its ain civilization measure by measure and takes great effects to China. Fast nutrient has been a really of import portion to people ‘s life. This paper will analyse the formation and development of “ Fast-food ” and the influences of “ Fast nutrient civilization ” , and so sum up the enlightenment of “ Fast nutrient civilization ” , like cultural localisation and right position of “ Fast nutrient civilization ” .

Cardinal words: Fast nutrient civilization, consequence, enlightenment

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1. Introduction

Harmonizing to Wikipedia, “ Fast nutrient ” is the term given to nutrient that can be prepared and served really rapidly. While any repast with low readying clip can be considered to be fast nutrient, typically the term refers to nutrient sold in a eating house or shop with preheated or precooked ingredients, and served to the client in a packaged signifier for take-out/take-away.The term “ fast nutrient ” was recognized in a dictionary by Merriam-Webster in 1951.

“ Fast nutrient ” , which came out from McDonald ‘s in the USA in 1950s, has brought immense influences to the whole universe, including China. For a long clip it forms its ain civilization measure by measure and takes great effects to China. What does “ Fast-food civilization ” mean? Harmonizing to The Analysis of “ Fast Food Culture ” Status in China, it means speedy, popular, short-run dad. This paper will analyse the formation and development of “ Fast-food ” and the influences of “ Fast nutrient civilization ” .

2. The Formation and Development of “ Fast nutrient ”

The beginning of larning a civilization is larning its history. And the history of civilization chiefly includes its formation and development. How about the history of “ Fast nutrient ” ?

2.1. “ Fast nutrient ” in the USA

Harmonizing to Baidu, Fast nutrient ” is originated from the USA. “ Fast nutrient ” came out from McDonald ‘s in the USA in 1950th at the beginning. At that clip it merely was little eating house with a tabular array, several chairs and a tatterdemalion mark in a little square without screen.

All the things exist by choosing the superior and extinguishing the inferior. In the cruel competition, McDonald ‘s was survived and win. Foreigner like its convenient, so KFC, which founded in 1951 by Colonel Harland Sanders, and Pizza-hut, which founded in 1958 by Frank and Dan Camey, followed its stairss and they formed the original country of “ Fast nutrient ” . And it grew really fast and had strong power. The ground why “ Fast nutrient ” developed so fast is that the consequence of the development of the society.

Nowadays the gait of life becomes faster and faster, and holding repasts seems to go a problem, a behaviour of blowing times. Because of the ground people begins to cut down the times for repasts. And “ Fast nutrient ” , a sort of delightful and convenient nutrient, becomes really popular and the societal mainstream.

2.2. “ Fast nutrient ” in China

“ Fast nutrient ” came into China in the early of 1980s. And it received great success in a short clip. At the get downing “ Fast nutrient ” was popular in adolescent, until now all the people like to eat “ Fast nutrient ” , such as the immature and the old. But there are some differences that people frequently wait for a line to purchase “ Fast nutrient ” . And it rarely happens in the USA. Some people think that “ Fast nutrient ” is non fast. Peoples realize that “ Fast nutrient ” can non salvage the clip, alternatively, pass much more clip. However, most people still like eating “ Fast nutrient ” . Chinese people ever love feeding, and people think that “ Fast nutrient ” means manner. Further, people find “ Fast nutrient ” is really delightful.

For a piece some mediums claim that “ Fast nutrient ” is non unhealthy nutrient and it can caused tonss of wellness issues. The intelligence gave a large round to “ Fast nutrient ” , like McDonald ‘s and KFC. But a soundless period subsequently, “ Fast nutrient ” was active once more with a new “ face ” -new advertizements and new values. Now people frequently go to McDonald ‘s and KFC with whole household or closed friends to portion the felicity and sorrow.

In fact, “ Fast nutrient ” , some nutrient is pocketed for taking off, has existed for a long clip in China but people can non recognize it. In people ‘s head, “ Fast nutrient ” means McDonald ‘s or KFC, really the traditional bite bars beside the McDonald ‘s or KFC besides belong to “ Fast nutrient ” . With the popular of the McDonald ‘s or KFC, Chinese Fast nutrient, like the traditional bite saloon, besides has fast development, but limited by some opposition force.

3. The influences of “ Fast nutrient civilization ”

“ Fast nutrient civilization ” has brought immense influences to the whole universe, including China. And some effects are positive and some effects are negative. The comparing of positive effects and negative effects of “ Fast nutrient civilization ” as follow:

3.1. Positive effects of “ Fast nutrient civilization ”

“ Fast nutrient civilization ” takes many benefits to the whole universe. It promotes the rapid development of society. And it takes positive effects to many countries, particularly instruction.

3.1.1. Easy and fast instruction

How to judge a civilization is good or bad? There are two regulations: one is whether the civilization beyond the mainstream of the period, the other is whether the civilization can be accepted by most of the people. ( ???a»?a?Z , 2008 ) “ Fast-food civilization ” is non merely the felicity and enjoyment, but besides is the most direct and the simplest manner of instruction for the adolescents. And the civilization takes some active effects to the position of the adolescents ‘ value.

“ Fast nutrient civilization ” makes the adolescents ‘ value turn into the variegation. With the popular of “ Fast-food civilization ” , the position of democracy and wild unfastened is alternatively of the old position of values. And the variegation of the value it is a great advancement to people. That is good for the growing of the adolescents. All tonss of the value exist and develop together at the same clip, it makes the people ‘s life become more fantastic and people pay more attending to their life. In the instance, the adolescents can larn more than earlier.

“ Fast nutrient civilization ” uses the simplest manner to reassign the cognition of the civilization. It has non the strong power of the “ classical civilization ” , and it besides is non like a star, light everlastingly. However, “ Fast nutrient civilization can utilize one manner that all the people can accept to elaborate the rich and deepness of the societal civilization. And that can cut down the degree of instruction and do all the different people can hold one speedy manner to larn the civilization. The adolescents can be deficiency of the plentifulness of the cognition and civilization and it can supply has resulted in the popularity of corporate intranets. ( ???a»?a?Z , 2008 )

3.1.2. An invention in other countries

Harmonizing to The Inheritance of Chinese National Music From “ Fast Food Culture ” , “ Fast nutrient ” in the early 80s in the twentieth century, introduced into China at the beginning of the twenty-first century, with the “ fast nutrient ” household words of the continually turning, “ fast nutrient ” is non merely impacting the eating house industry, cultural industry, and spread to the political, educational, household life and other industries. Chinese common people music has besides been affected by “ fast nutrient civilization ” , ensuing in “ fast nutrient music. ”

Chinese common people music and “ fast nutrient times ” in Modern Music has a different mark, the contents of different signifiers. China ‘s Hong Kong and Taiwan music, Western music, Chinese traditional music is non incompatible, the key is that they contain the indispensable elements – they convey, the public presentation of the ideas or feelings, to what the audience can act upon and raising. It merely gives people the elusive influence of good ; it had the value of being.

The development of common people music history can non be cut off. Any Age of music is inseparable from the heritage of traditional music ; any state can non abandon the state and re-start. At the same clip, we besides recognize that any sort of good traditional music, merely with the advancement of the times, invariably discarded, modified and updated to keep its verve in order to reflect the vivid modern-day life, and give the unlimited thrust to existent life. Although the outgrowth of fast-food civilization to some extent affected our state ‘s cultural heritage and development, but it besides gives our state ‘s workers work in the heritage of common people music sounded the dismay. Concerned that the fast nutrient civilization is a derivative of the times, its outgrowth and development of their being is inevitable. Peoples should maintain the development point of position to see this job, select the kernel and fling the impurity, in order to come down Chinese common people music better.

3.2. Negative effects of “ Fast nutrient civilization ”

While “ Fast nutrient civilization ” takes positive effects, it besides takes some negative effects which can non be ignored. Unhealthy nutrient is a large job of “ Fast nutrient ” , because of this, some dirt-cheap civilization has come out.

3.2.1. Unhealthy nutrient

“ Fast nutrient ” brings comfortss to people ‘s life, at the same clip, it brings some wellness issues. Harmonizing to Wikipedia, Harmonizing to the Massachusetts Medical Society Committee on Nutrition, fast nutrient is particularly high in fat content, and surveies have found associations between fast nutrient consumption and increased organic structure mass index ( BMI ) and weight addition. A 2006 survey fed monkeys a diet consisting of a similar degree of Trans fats as what a individual who ate fast nutrient on a regular basis would devour. Both diets contained the same overall figure of Calories. It was found that the monkeys who consumed higher degree of Tran ‘s fat developed more abdominal fat than those fed a diet rich in unsaturated fats. They besides developed marks of insulin opposition, which is an early index of diabetes. After six old ages on the diet, the trans fat fed monkeys had gained 7.2 % of their organic structure weight, compared to merely 1.8 % in the unsaturated fat group.

The manager of the fleshiness plan for the ChildrenHYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: //’s_Hospital_Boston ” ‘HYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: //’s_Hospital_Boston ” s Hospital Boston, David Ludwig, claims that “ fast nutrient ingestion has been shown to increase calorie consumption, advance weight addition, and elevate hazard for diabetes ” . The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranked fleshiness as the figure one wellness menace for Americans in 2003. It is the 2nd prima cause of preventable decease in the United States and consequences in 400,000 deceases each twelvemonth. About 60A million American grownups are classified as being corpulent with another 127A million being overweight. Health issues associated with fleshiness causes economic desperation sing wellness attention. Harmonizing to a 2003 survey conducted by RTI International in North Carolina, the cost of wellness attention in America is said to increase by $ 93A billion a twelvemonth, chiefly from Type 2 diabetes and bosom disease, both associated with fleshiness.

Excessive Calories are another issue with fast nutrient. Harmonizing to B. Lin and E. Frazao, from the Department of Agriculture, states the per centum of Calories which attribute to fast-food ingestion has increased from 3 % to 12 % of the entire Calories consumed in the United States. A regular repast at McDonald ‘s consists of a Big Mac, big french friess, and a big Coca-Cola drink amounting to 1430 Calories. A diet of about 2000 Calories is considered a healthy sum of Calories for an full twenty-four hours ( which is different depending on several factors such as age, weight, tallness, physical activity and gender ) .

Besides the dangers of Tran ‘s fats, high Calories, and low fibre, there is another wellness hazard, nutrient toxic condition. In his book “ Fast Food State: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal ” , Eric Schlosser describes in gross item the procedure of meatpacking. Meatpacking has become one of the most risky occupations in America, with the hazard of hurt being 3 times higher than any other mill work. The meatpacking mills concentrate farm animal into big feedlots and crowd them through processing assembly lines operated by ill trained employees increase the hazard of large-scale nutrient toxic condition. Manure gets assorted with meat, polluting it with salmonella and Escherichia coli 0157: H7. E. coli 0157: H7 is one of the worst signifiers of nutrient toxic condition. Normally spread through undercooked beefburgers, it ‘s hard to handle. Although antibiotics kill the bacteriums, they release a toxin that produces hurtful complications. About 4 % of people infected with E. coli 0157: H7 develop haemolytic azotemic syndrome, and about 5 % of kids who develop the syndrome dice. E. coli 0157: H7 has become the taking cause of nephritic failure among American childs.

In a research experiment done by Pediatricss, 6,212 kids and striplings ages 4 to 19A old ages old were examined to happen out some information about fast nutrient. After questioning the participants in the experiment, it was discovered that on a given twenty-four hours 30.3 % of the entire sample have reported to hold eaten fast nutrient. Fast-food ingestion was prevailing in males and females, all racial/ethnic groups, and all parts of the state. Children who ate fast nutrient, compared with those who did non, consumed more entire fat, saccharides, and sugar-sweetened drinks. Children who ate fast nutrient besides ate less fiber, milk, fruits, and non-starchy veggies. After reexamining these trial consequences, the research workers concluded that ingestion of fast nutrient by kids seems to hold a negative consequence on an person ‘s diet, in ways that could significantly increase the hazard for fleshiness.

3.2.2. Dirt-cheap civilization

Harmonizing to most people ‘s positions, “ fast nutrient civilization ” is tantamount to “ debris civilization ” and cultural content of thin, deficiency of nutrition. The ground why people criticize “ cultural fast nutrient ” , is chiefly on history of its negative impact. Because of “ cultural fast nutrient ” classs in all civilizations, it has the strongest commercialisation, and best-selling, so it is most popular to company. Some people, for gaining large money, merely nonreversible chase of amusement and centripetal stimulation, to fulfill the desire, finally it fall into the trap of bad civilization. American philosopher Daniel aˆ? Bell said: “ The cultural transmutation of modern society chiefly due to the rise of mass ingestion. ” the consumer of “ Fast nutrient civilization ” decided it must be market-oriented, providing to popular consumer gustatory sensations. “ They seem overpowering, in fact, filled with in writing sexual content, non-historic, no deepness, which has self devastation, fast velocity but rotten. ” “ Fast nutrient civilization ” makes immature people appear confused in values, the gradual debasement of aesthetic gustatory sensation and cultural grasp to the low-level diminution.

“ Seeking velocity abandon quality ” is easy to take hedonic, effete value orientation

With the faster of life, people ‘s behavior seek for velocity, accent on clip, people ‘s believing emphasizes simpleness. Peoples do everything rapidly ; life seems to miss a stable deep significance. To abandon the old for the new becomes the favourite of the people. Peoples are long for the easy to effortlessly rich and comfy life, hankering for granted pleasance. Peoples are more willing to be on the couch gesture image and music to convey a “ more relaxed ” centripetal stimulation ; to distribute the literature, romantic novels, soldierly humanistic disciplines fiction to look for “ religious fast nutrient ” ; in all topographic points of amusement to while away leisure clip. Those who own the publication for net income concern, taking at the market ‘s hot musca volitanss, to take “ speedy ” tactics that make money strive to make the amusement, leisure, Bo people smile to the “ fast nutrient ” manner books. Fast nutrient civilization is non merely filled in the grownup, but besides among immature people set off a moving ridge after a moving ridge of heat. Vulgarizations of cultural merchandises affect immature people ‘s value of nonsubjective cognition and judgements, so that some immature people have a religious hedonism and effete stuff values. On analyzing, many pupils wallow in the web and cyberspace games in peacetime, no clip to analyze. When text coming, they frequently study in a haste or even darnel in trial. They ever have no aspiration on head except enjoyment.

In “ Fast nutrient civilization ” environment, speedy success is easy to organize in the values of immature people. In “ Fast nutrient civilization ” quick successes frequently become the tendency. “ Fast nutrient civilization ” is non merely the people or civilization amusement ingestion, but instead reflects a sort of stylish life and values. Its commercial, market features and the chase of stuff desires embodied and centripetal enjoyment cultural environment, it is easy to values and behaviour of people brought “ money worship ” and the “ useful ” features. ( ???a»?a?Z , 2008 )

4. The enlightenment of “ Fast nutrient civilization ”

Harmonizing to the formation and development of “ Fast nutrient civilization ” in China and the influences of “ Fast nutrient civilization ” , people can acquire some enlightenment. Cultural localisation is the biggest enlightenment. And people should maintain a right position of “ Fast nutrient civilization ” .

4.1. Cultural localisation

In the epoch of globalisation, it has been recognized as an effectual selling scheme to see the local civilization and values. McDonald ‘s and KFC, as transnational companies are successfully into Chinese market which has different civilization and values and has achieved great success. The best manner is to take all the cultural scheme of localisation of advertizement and step. ( e™?aˆ© , 2007 )

Chinese topographic point eating in an of import place, feeding has become indispensable in Chinese civilization is an of import portion. Although the nutrient civilization in the West non developed plenty, but still reflects the typical features of their civilization. Therefore, we can contrast between Chinese and Western nutrient civilization. Practices in the nutrient, the Chinese traditional nutrient patterns are the chief veggie. Staple nutrient is grain, veggies complementary eating, plus a little sum of meat, while most of the ancient Chinese believed in Buddhism, and eating vegetarian. Westerners, adhering to a mobile, seafaring people of the cultural beginning, to fishing and hunting, engendering chiefly to the aggregation, cultivation, supplemented, Meat more. These cultural differences nutrient, McDonald ‘s, KFC to alter the construction of a individual nutrient, Chinese nutrient gustatory sensation better than the failings, continue to present all sorts of sense out of new assortments of the Chinese population. In Kentucky, “ Crispy Strips “ is added in fresh poulet wings, star Pimpinella anisum, cinnamon, sesame oil and other traditional Chinese flavorer, won the congratulations of consumers ; Chinese manner, “ Gallic french friess ” can be described as East meets West ; “ popcorn poulet ” as the consumers, a new leisure pick ; in add-on to cola drinks, soft drinks, besides harmonizing to the Chinese people “ balanced diet ” of eating wonts has launched the “ Hibiscus fresh veggie soup, ” “ mustard porc soup. ” Even more arresting is that KFC eating houses in Guangdong, they even sell to local clients ‘ herbal tea. McDonald ‘s launched KFC in China has non so much nutrient, or made their ain efforts, in 2004 McDonald ‘s first gustatory sensation of Chinese merchandises, “ rice Burgers ” launched in Taiwan, is a fried poulet or beef with chou and made of boodle, two pieces somewhat after baking and flavorer of “ rice bar ” between. It is an of import that the localisation of foreign merchandises is doubtless the fast-food eating houses under the Chinese civilization and adjusts its selling scheme. ( ??Z?™“a?‘ , 2005 )

Ad run highlight the traditional of Chinese household values. First, harmonizing to some advertizement, Western fast nutrient is largely to pull promotion at the clip — – the largest consumer groups of kids. The sound of joyful music, Ronald McDonald and Colonel Grandfather ‘s smiling face became their merchandising point. But with the turning size of endeavor, consumer groups variegation, foreign fast nutrient advertisement has become progressively outstanding in Chinese traditional construct of household values, because the value of the Chinese people in the You group orientation, attending to blood relations of the household dealingss and household construct. In McDonald ‘s 12 advertisement, there are five whose background is either one or both parents and kids in the household, out-of-door drama and dining scene. Accompanied by lively music, humourous secret plan, those create a relaxed, warm and happy household life state of affairs. KFC ‘s web site in 30 picture ads have nine to happy household life is as attractive sight. On the other manus, in the reform and opening up of the state of affairs, now China began to dispute old thoughts, more and more groups of immature people requested way from the absolute freed. They made a bold invention, the construct of a sense of competition, focal point and better self-awareness, engagement and besides look frontward to greater cultural experience across the state.

“ I like ” ( I ‘m lovi n’t ) is McDonald ‘s latest advertisement footings. “ I like ” publicizing the publicity in McDonald ‘s history is an of import milepost in McDonald ‘s for the first clip at the same clip, more than 120 states around the universe together with the same set of ads, with a message for trade name publicity. These ads will see the civilization and consumer merchandises linked given more significance than the merchandise itself.

Public dealingss besides need localisation. Public dealingss is a map, its end is to be effectual with a assortment of public dealingss to pull off the organisation ‘s image and credibleness. Good public dealingss will assist determine the comparatively stable, believable, accessible trade name image. KFC entered China since 1997, are different each twelvemonth to back up the Chinese metropoliss, regional kids ‘s instruction. Harmonizing to statistics, in recent old ages KFC usage for immature people straight and indirectly in China, the cause of instruction and societal public assistance payments about 20 million kwai. Set up in China ‘s largest particular fund for public public assistance, “ the morning of China ‘s KFC Fund ” , since the official launch in November 2002 has been to four metropoliss in 16 universities received financess to hapless pupils. In the battle against “ SARS ” , the decease of wellness attention workers, called McDonald ‘s shops participate in China ‘s full web to back up Yao Ming and other Chinese Red Cross Society initiated the battle against “ SARS ” in the public fund-raising activities. It should be said that these public service activities and the traditional Chinese morality love clemency, coincides with the construct of societal committedness, but besides make people have some sense of designation with them on emotion. ( e™?aˆ© , 2007 )

In fact, the fact, the success of the cultural localisation of McDonald ‘s and KFC in China, gives Chinese people a large enlightenment. No individual learns about them than themselves. Chinese Fast nutrient should be got a large support and be popular with all Chinese people. Merely Chinese people can larn about the true Chinese values and take Chinese Fast nutrient be good known of the whole universe.

4.2. Right position of “ Fast nutrient civilization ”

Harmonizing to the analysis of “ Fast nutrient civilization ” position in China, “ Fast nutrient civilization ” is frequently described as the chase of quick, popular, short-run dad, but frequently ignores the profound accretion and intrinsic value of cultural tendencies and cultural phenomena. Fast-food civilization, fast and violent, penetrates every corner of day-to-day life, full of cultural and even infiltrate to the academic community.

“ Fast nutrient civilization ” in the field needs a major cultural merchandise, but it is non the proved classics in the cultural market, but it can accommodate to the altering demands of the market, which is necessary for people to bask real-time civilization thing. There is no uncertainty ; “ fast nutrient civilization ” is the merchandise of the development of market economic system. Therefore, the reason of the market economic system is the necessity of such cultural signifiers produced.

Fast-food civilization in the high-velocity operation of the economic system market, some people merely get down running about in circles, together with the commercial consequence of those straight outgrowth of fast nutrient civilization which has led some to engender the hotheaded attitude, and people want to instant net incomes. That is, at the beginning of fast nutrient in a economic system market, some people barely taste to sit down for a long clip and earnestly thought that painstaking and profound cultural plants. They demanded the immediate enjoyment, and saves clip and attempt things.

This attitude works against the demands of fast-food civilization is “ stylish. ” That has driven some intellectuals to make stylish cultural merchandises. Manner needs the velocity, if it is fast, there will be a batch of things that appear shallow, that is “ fast nutrient civilization ” by the inevitable defects.

However, the “ fast nutrient civilization ” is non merely a lack. The visual aspect of “ fast nutrient civilization ” proves that it adapts to a fast-paced life, and it besides can hold some accommodation consequence to the emphasis in the ferocious competition, agitated mental province. Communities to diversify speed up the gait of life, increased leisure and “ fast nutrient ” civilization is the inevitable.

Most of Chinese people frequently learn something from the bad position at first. It is non a good wont to larn things and it can do a large error to judge things. Chinese people should larn things from different positions. That can do people maintain a right position of things. Here Chinese people should maintain a right position of “ Fast nutrient civilization ” .

5. Decision

All in all, “ Fast nutrient civilization ” has brought immense influences to the whole universe. And fast nutrient does non intend a sort of nutrient any more, that is some manner of life, some value of life. The being of “ fast nutrient civilization ” tells the whole universe the fact that it can fulfill the demands of the society and its being must be the inevitable of the development of the society. Peoples should maintain the right position to see the “ Fast nutrient civilization ” . Chinese people should catch the utile values of “ Fast nutrient civilization ” , like Culture localisation. Peoples can larn about themselves better through others ‘ heads. Harmonizing to this point of position, Chinese Fast nutrient will hold a bright hereafter and be all known of the whole universe.