Ethical and Legal Issues in Business The rights, duties, and responsibilities of the quality control personnel in relation to the core values of the company are one of the key ethical issues. This is because the quality control manager sensibility lay on the ability to execute his or her duties to avoid the occurrence of an incident. The other ethical issue was based on whether G-BioSport should take responsibility for the problem or decline to accept the problem despite the claims to maintain their untainted public image. The goal of attaining maximum profits achieved while clients would lose their trust in the company. Thus a delicate solution had to be formulated concerning the issue” (Felice, 2009). The quality control manager and other personnel had to identify the pros and cons of each ethical lens through which the problem could be solved. Regarding the issue of whether to withhold information about the issue would compromise the moral aspect of G-Biosport particularly after consumers already purchased the product. Loss of consumer loyalty because of the distribution of low standard goods would be a negative effect on business.

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There was need to identify the moral and ethical basis of admitting that the error occurred and that refunds or compensation would be offered for goods already sold is a morally ethical task. This shows devotion to their customers, as their credibility will elevate, customer satisfaction and loyalty will be upheld. “By carrying this analysis on the possibilities offered by various solutions to the ethical issues a concrete decision will be reached making a move that benefits both parties” (Garsten, 2008). To determine the solution to the problem the results or goals of the company were used as ethical lenses.

Consequently, as a way of satisfying the consumers of the product, the company had to ensure the consumers were happy by portraying their good intentions toward health would enable them to sustain high levels of excellence from the consumers (Garsten, 2008). This ethical perception made a good impact towards choosing the stated managerial decisions as the moral and ethical elements of any business are determined by the ethical lenses adopted. This is why consumer safety was prioritized before incorporation of other possible solutions to the problem. The concepts learned during the simulation are applicable in the workplace.

Several members of management are confronted with crucial problems that are affiliated with moral and ethical issues. Sometimes the ethical code in a company misleads the execution of morals. By adopting these ethical perceptions or lenses, the employee who is confronted with an ethical problem will be well armed to solve it in the most ethical and moral way. References Felice, W. F. (2009), How do I save my honor? : war, moral integrity, and principled     resignation. Rowman and Littlefield Garsten, C. and Hernes, T. (2008), Ethical dilemmas in management. Taylor & Francis.