The most outstanding illustration of a formal scene in the book is school. However. Lookout does non larn much from school. This can be examplified by the fact that when Scout is able to read better than the instructor. Miss Caroline Fisher had expected. Miss Caroline Fisher told her to state her male parent to halt learning her how to read. Alternatively of assisting Scout to better her reading. Mrs Fisher is hindering Scout’s larning procedure. This shows that schools do non provide to kids of different abilities and Scout’s acquisition is restricted in school.

Hence. school is non the lone topographic point where a kid learns. Jem and Scout learn moral values from Atticus. This is examplified by the many values Atticus teaches them such as moral bravery and to stand up for what one believes is right. Atticus brought his kids up to handle the inkinesss and the Whites as peers. When Scout tells Atticus to direct Calpurnia off. Atticus told Scout that they could non last a twenty-four hours without Calpurnia and he told Scout to “mind” her. Scout learnt that she had to handle Calpurnia ( a Negro ) like how she would handle a White and to be respectful towards Calpurnia.

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Jem looks up to Atticus and attempts to emulate him. This is because Atticus is a good function theoretical account and a good male parent. Jem learns from Atticus to hold the moral bravery to contend for what is right. This is apparent as Atticus went all out to contend for Tom Robinson as he believed that Tom was guiltless. Atticus did this although he knew that he would confront terrible unfavorable judgment from the people in Mycomb and that he would set his life and his children’s at hazard. From the illustration he sets. Jem is able to larn to hold the moral bravery to contend for what is right.

Hence. Jem and Scout do larn in informal scenes. Jem besides learnt to hold the bravery to make what one decides to make. This is apparent from Jem’s brush with Mrs. Dubose. Mrs Dubose is a morphine nut and she tried really hard to acquire rid of her dependence. Mrs. Dubose sets an dismay clock and made Jem read to her as he was angry at what she said and cut off the top of her shrubs. When the dismay clock rings. it would tag the terminal of Jem’s reading clip. During this period of clip when Jem is reading. Mrs Dubose will forbear from taking morphia.

She used this method to seek and acquire rid of her morphine dependence. To farther elaborate. Mrs. Dubose was really brave to seek and acquire rid of her morphine dependence as it was a really painful procedure. Mrs. Dubose was about deceasing but she wanted to go forth the universe beholden to nil so she tried her really best to acquire rid of her dependence and displayed a strong sense of bravery. Jem learnt from Mrs. Dubose that no affair how painful the procedure is. one should hold the bravery and finding to carry through it. Hence. Jem do larn in an informal scene.

Jem and Scout besides gained cognition from a new experience that Calpurnia showed them. This is apparent as Calpurnia showed them how it was like in a Negro church. By sing their church. they learnt about the difference in the conditions of the Negroes’ church and their church. They besides learnt more about Tom Robinson’s instance when Scout asked Calpurnia why the curate demands a contribution from everyone to assist Tom Robinson’s married woman provide for her childs. From these. the kids were slightly more cognizant of the favoritism go oning in Maycomb.