Harmonizing to Willis ‘s Practice and Procedure for the Quantity Surveyor ( Ashworth & A ; Hogg, 2007, p.1 ) , the function of the measure surveying has been defined by Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ( RICS, 1971 ) as “ guaranting that the resources of the building industry are utilised to the best advantage of society by supplying, inter alia, the fiscal direction for undertakings and a cost consultancy service to the client and interior decorator during the whole building procedure. ”

Harmonizing to Willis ‘s Practice and Procedure for the Quantity Surveyor, Ashworth & A ; Hogg ( 2007, p.126 ) stated that “ the cost planning procedure commences with the readying of an approximative estimation and so the scene of cost marks for each component. As the design evolves, these cost marks are checked against the developing design and inside informations for any alterations in their fiscal allotments. ” Measure appraising profession under this facet will necessitate the measure surveyor to apportion the approximate estimated costs into subdivisions, known as elements within a edifice. Ashworth and Hogg ( 2007, p.122 ) stated that “ These elements costs can be compared against the component costs of other similar undertakings from the measure surveyor ‘s cost library records. ” The intent is to supply a better value of money for client. It besides keeps the interior decorator to the full informed of all the cost deductions of the design. Quantity surveyor might besides seek to cut down the estimated costs by simplifying the inside informations without modifying the design. Besides, contract papers will besides be prepared on this basic to do the readying of cost analysis easier. Cost planning will be developed and while taking history of visual aspect, quality and public-service corporation, the cost is planned to be within the economic boundary ( Willis, Ashworth & A ; Willis, 1994, p.95 )

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It includes programs, lifts and cross subdivision. Some other extra inside informations will besides be prepared based on the complexness of the undertaking. This will supply information for the client to acquire the thought of designer ‘s or applied scientist ‘s design purposes. The contract drawings are usually provided by designer and applied scientist ( Ashworth & A ; Hogg, 2007, pp.243-244 ) . However, the function of measure surveyor is to roll up the drawings and any specifications from the designer and at the same clip discourse the occupation. There is nevertheless some more elaborate inquiries will originate, therefore a timetable for the completion of the contract measures will be agreed, along with day of the months when extra detailed information and drawings can be expected ( Ashworth & A ; Hogg, 2007, p.259 )

Quantity surveyor will affect in readying of contract measures. Ashworth and Hogg ( 2007, p.258 ) stated that “ The assignment of the measure surveyor is likely to hold been made at early phase when early monetary value estimations were under consideration. This may be before any drawings are available, in order to supply some cost advice to the client. ” Due to this, measure surveyor will usually be needed except for on a really little undertaking, the demand for the profession of measure surveyor might merely to be eliminated ( Ashworth and Hogg, 2007, p.258 ) . Besides, there is a status for contractor who wishes to subject stamps in competition to supply approximative measures required for peculiar plants. Therefore, measure surveying houses are so sometimes involved in fixing approximative measures depending upon the completeness of the drawings and other information from which it was prepared contractors ( Ashworth & A ; Hogg, 2007, p.258 ) .

Ashworth and Hogg ( 2007, p.274 ) stated that “ In public governments, stamps will likely be addressed to the secretary or chief main officer. With private clients they are normally forwarded to the designer or the measure surveyor. On the due day of the month for reception of stamps, the envelopes received will be counted to look into that they have all been received, prior to being openend. ” Quantity surveyor will so fix a list of the tendered sums after the envelopes are opened. Preliminary scrutiny will be made after that to determine which stamps will be taken into consideration for credence. A fuller study will be made subsequently by the measure surveyor ( Ashworth & A ; Hogg, 2007, p.274 ) . Besides, harmonizing to Ashworth and Hogg ( 2007, p.274 ) , the designer will trust extensively on measure surveyor for advice on these affairs. A study will be made for the client, puting out clearly the statements in favor of credence of one stamp or another. Quantity surveyor will hold to look into and analyze for the transcript of the priced measures submitted by those tenderer who is under consideration ( Ashworth & A ; Hogg, 2007, p.275 ) .

Ashworth and Hogg ( 2007, p.310 ) stated that “ The bulk of building undertakings result in a concluding cost that is different to that agreed by the client and contractor at beginning of the building works. The computation and understanding of this concluding building cost, the concluding history, is normally of the utmost of import to both the employer and contractor. Therefore, parties to the contract demand to guarantee that the concluding history incorporates a just rating of the plants carried out. ” In this facet, the measure surveyor will make up one’s mind on the suited subdivisions into footings that will be adopted into the history prior to any abstracting or measure remeasurements. As the list of fluctuations develops, measure surveyor will be able to make up one’s mind on how to group them. For illustration, there may be one direction from the designer for increasing the size of storage armored combat vehicles, another for the skip of a imbibing H2O point and a 3rd for the add-on of three toilet basins. Each of these will be measured as a separate point, but the measure surveyor might make up one’s mind to group these together as “ fluctuations on plumbing ” . It is sooner to foreground the “ ground for fluctuation ” in cost study to admit the client on grounds of the costs changed. ( Ashworth & A ; Hogg, 2007, pp.315-316 )

Fiscal expertness of measure surveyors make them ideally suited to project direction services. Harmonizing to Ashworth and Hogg ( 2007, p.376 ) , project direction provides the of import direction map of conveying the undertaking squad together and may be defined as “ The overall planning, coordination and control of a undertaking from origin to completion, aimed at run intoing a client ‘s demands in order to bring forth a functionally feasible undertaking that will be completed on clip within authorized cost and to the needed quality criterions. ” ( CIOB 2002 ) Quantity surveyor sometimes take overall control and duty of for organizing the activities of the assorted contractors, subcontractors, procedures and processs for the full continuance of the undertaking ( Ashworth & A ; Hogg, 2007 )

Ashworth and Hogg ( 2007 ) stated that “ The accomplishments of the measure surveyor traditionally included measuring and rating and to these were subsequently added accounting and dialogue. ” As the profession evolved, measure appraising profession were extended to prediction, analysing, planning, commanding, measuring, budgeting, job resolution and mold. The measure surveyor cognition has besides been developed by a better apprehension of the design and building procedure ( Ashworth & A ; Hogg, 2007 ) .