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Month: November 2017

Basketball and Soccer

America is a country that loves sports. Two of America’s most popular sports are basketball and soccer. Many children participate in the sports every year. […]

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June 8, 2009 — Giant jellyfish like this one are taking over parts of the world’s oceans as overfishing and other human activities open windows […]

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Rio Tinto Industry Analysis

Introduction Globalization is becoming a common thing nowadays, as companies and people around the globe are becoming more connected to each other than ever before. […]

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Corporate Identity

Corporate identity – the management of the process of change in the name/logo in the context of brands’ merger Joana Cesar Machado Paulo de Lencastre […]

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Marriages Decline

Marriages decline, divorces climb as families evolve into 21st century By William Harms News Office The American family, which has undergone a major transformation in […]

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