Singapore is one of the economic, fiscal and technological capitals of South-East Asia. It has taken old ages of development, immigrants, and alteration in order to set up this. The nation-state has undergone old ages of globalization in its civilization, architecture and economic system. Bing an highly little state, Singapore ‘s chief resource is worlds ; nevertheless it still required a foreign work force to assist acquire its economic system to the place that it is in today. Multiculturalism was promoted in order to ease nation-building. The authorities aimed to instill a sense of committedness and nationalism amongst the assorted racial groups. Today, Singapore is regarded as a widely distributed nation-state with inter-racial harmoniousness being one of its celebrated qualities ; nevertheless there is ever more than what meets the oculus.

The Globalised City State

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The creative activity of the planetary metropolis was an attempt of internationalizing facets of its architecture, economic system, and outlook of its people. This was done in order to assist construct the state, as the authorities wanted to pull people from all over to come and work in Singapore, supplying a familiar environment, would guarantee their in-migration to the state. Whilst still trying to retain its Asiatic civilization, architecture in Singapore has greatly leaned towards more western and modern-day tendencies. Initially the architecture reflected traditional Malayan manner places, and so the passage into store houses integrating EuropeanA neoclassical, A Gothic, A palladianandA Renaissance and art decoA manners. The transition into European manner architecture was in attempt to hike the state ‘s economic system by making a familiar environment for aliens to come and work and populate in. However, one might reason otherwise. Singapore was established as a trading colony for the British East India Company in 1819. This brought an extract of western civilization into the land and people ; this can be argued as one of the chief subscribers to the globalised expression of architecture in Singapore. Even though it is apparent that attempts have been made to do architecture more modern-day and ‘modern ‘ , they do have instead historic roots in western architecture.

Singaporean ‘s outlooks have besides changed over the old ages due to globalization. Again, in an attempt to internationalize the state, the manner that the multitudes thought had to be changed. Singapore ne’er had a distinguishable group of indigens that have lived there for centuries, its population is made up of 3 chief ethnicities ; Chinese, Malaysians and Indians. Each of these racial groups came with their ain political orientations and cultural values ; nevertheless there must be a sense of integrity amongst the people of a state if it is to boom. Therefore, for the constitution of a strong economic system, and integrity of the state, international, viz. western, civilization and political orientations were thrown into Singapore. The newer coevalss embraced the ‘western ‘ manner of life, and developed a common land for thought and civilization within themselves, and with the immigrants that came into the state. This made Singapore a more accessible state as opposed to other states in South-East Asia. However, even though the outlook and political orientations had changed, the assorted cultural group ‘s cultural values were non eradicated, and go on to be a beginning of clash to this day of the month.

Re-branding Singapore: Cultural Re-Development

Asiatic values are a set of ideals which include an accent on the community instead than the person, the privileging of societal order and harmoniousness over single freedom, an insisting on difficult work, a peculiar accent on salvaging and economy, a regard for political leading, a belief that authorities and concerns need non needfully be natural antagonists, and an accent on household trueness. These values have been promoted by Singapore ‘s Lee Kuan Yew and Malaysia ‘s Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed.

Prior to the popularity of Asiatic values, the Singapore authorities ‘s first measure towards nation-building was to eliminate any sense of communalism amongst its multiracial immigrant population. Their purpose was to develop a sense of Singaporean individuality which rejected the privileging of single cultural groups, in peculiar the bulk Chinese. They were determined to continue and keep the cultural roots of their several racial groups but in order to avoid the dangers of racism, it emphasised on industrialization and economic development as a metanarrative to border Singapore ‘s national individuality.

“ We must give our kids roots in their ain linguistic communication and civilization, and besides the widest common land through a 2nd linguistic communication… Then we shall go a cohesive people, all rooted in their traditional values, civilizations, linguistic communications ; but effectual in English, a key to the advanced engineering of the West, from where all our and new advanced industries come from ”

-Lee Kuan Yew ( 1971 )

The PAP leading ( People ‘s Action Party ) had come to footings with making a society anchored in traditions, and on the other manus, because of its little size, besides has to stop up in multinational economic flows. The leading was hence committed to guaranting that both aims were kept in balance.

“ If they are to develop, people in new states can non afford to copy the crazes and fetishes of the modern-day West. The unusual behavior of presentation and force prone immature work forces and adult females in affluent America, seen on Television and the newspapers, are non relevant to the societal and economic fortunes of new developing states. The importance of instruction, the demand of stableness and work subject [ … ] : these are critical factors for advancement. ”

-Lee Kuan Yew

The comment shows that imitation of western civilization and societal behavior were unwanted and looked down upon. However, the West was still a symbol of wealth, advancement and prosperity. These sort of idea and values inculcated into Singaporeans created chance for confusion as to whether they should be looking to the West, or ignoring it. This resistance of idea has now begun to play out in present twenty-four hours Singapore.

Domesticating Singaporeans and Attracting Endowments from Overseas

The authorities ‘s attempts to hike the economic system involved the in-migration of aliens to Singapore to work and populate in the state. Its first serious bend towards cultural policies came in the economic recession of the late 1980 ‘s. The Economic Committee came up with possible solutions for growing. The solutions chiefly comprised of the development of cultural and amusement services to do Singapore a more attractive tourer finish and besides more interesting for foreign work professionals so that they would come to work and develop their callings.

A selling scheme was adopted in 1995 by the Singapore touristry board ; Singapore- Global City for the Arts. The authorities besides promoted the thought of pulling and presenting Broadway musicals, movies, popular music concerts, dance and theater.

In this procedure of pulling aliens, Singapore has lost much of its cultural individuality, going more and more westernised with clip.

“ How can one be polite about this? Singapore can be reasonably dull – for an Asiatic metropolis it can look strikingly un-Asian and unfertile, although the authorities is seeking to convey back some of the coloring material drained off by avid renovation and sanitation of dapper topographic points like old Bugis Street. The really things that make it attractive to many- such as the spruceness and orderliness- brand it anathema to true Asiaphiles. You ca n’t masticate gum, tongue or jaywalk for fright of significant mulcts, which is likely no great loss. ”

-Gary Walsh ( 1998- Australian Travel Commentator )

The selling scheme created in 1995 worked really good, harmonizing to the 2000 nose count, the figure of aliens working in Singapore is about 755,000. However the in-migration of such a big figure of aliens created issues amongst the Singaporeans. Many worry about viing with aliens for occupations. A canvass found that 72 % of respondents agreed that foreign endowments had contributed to the state ‘s success and that more were needed. However six in 10 respondents were disquieted that these aliens would present more competition for their kids and saw them as an unwelcome beginning of competition in the occupation beginning market. ( Straits Times, 7th September 1997 ) .

Despite the turning discontent expressed by many Singaporeans sing the foreign talent enlisting policy, the authorities had responded by indicating out the economic benefits of their presence.

“ We can construct the best place for Singaporeans merely by tapping the best endowment from around the universe. To hold first universities for our kids, we must pull the best pupils and professors here. To hold good occupations for our workers, we must pull the best employers- which means the most gifted professionals and enterprisers, and the strongest companies in the universe. Attracting endowment is indispensable for making the best for Singaporeans. ”

-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong, Straits Times, 24th August 1997

The increasing discontent amongst the Singaporeans has now filtered through to the aliens. Many are get downing to experience anomic and out of topographic point in the ‘cosmopolitan ‘ metropolis which puts the state ‘s economic system in hazard. Tension between the assorted racial groups is besides get downing to increase as the authorities is actively seeking to increase the Chinese population in Singapore because other communities are get downing to experience like they will go a minority shortly.

At ‘Home ‘ in a Globalised City state?

Many Singaporeans frequently associate themselves with their race and non merely their Singaporean nationality. Many choose to turn to themselves with their ethnicity foremost and so their Singaporean nationality i.e. Chinese-Singaporean and as a consequence return on a double individuality. So one might inquire, make these people really feel like Singapore is their place, or do they experience a sense of trueness to their states of beginning?

As mentioned before, the authorities has taken a batch of action and attempt into turning Singapore into a ‘global metropolis ‘ . These attempts include the ‘modernisation ‘ and transforming Singapore into one of the best topographic points to populate in footings of stuff life criterions like transit, cleanliness, and engineering. However, is this adequate for Singaporeans and aliens to name Singapore place?

Globalization has resulted in the transmutation of Singapore into one of the universe ‘s top topographic points to populate because of its high criterion and quality of life. From its high tech and highly efficient transit systems, to its about clinical cleanliness, it attracts a broad assortment of people in hunt of a quality life style. However there is a high monetary value to be paid, many spend old ages working to obtain a life style they may ne’er hold and some choose to travel out of Singapore because of this ;

“ One ground I came over here is for better chance. We all work hard for a life. But yet in the procedure of working really hard, you do n’t hold clip for household, clip for leisure and all those things. Here [ in Sydney ] I do the same sum of work but yet I do hold plentifulness of leisure clip, plentifulness of clip that I can loosen up back… quality of life. Any many factors, you know, when you grow older, if you work in this state, you pay high revenue enhancement, but in return when I grow older the society is traveling to look after me. And I am traveling to populate in a society where that is non much emphasis. But if I were to populate in Singapore, I work all my life and gain as much money as possible. And so I am paying mortgage until the twenty-four hours I die or until I get ill. I still pay until the twenty-four hours I die. There is non much benefit for the people [ … ] ”

Kadir Aziz ( went to Sydney in 1999, works as a wellness officer in a local infirmary )

Many Singaporeans feel like they are merely pieces of a mystifier to an economically goaded society, this makes many of them question their sense of belonging and in turn their trueness to the state. This creates a Domino consequence as this merely emphasises the issue of increasing separation between the cultural groups, there is a cardinal sense of unity that is losing.

The aliens that come into Singapore begin to experience the effects of this job as they get alienated non merely from the ‘locals ‘ but from the different cultural groups every bit good due to an array of grounds, some of the chief 1s being that ( 1 ) the foreign professionals are ‘stealing ‘ occupation chances off from Singaporeans and ( 2 ) the foreign workers that arrive make a nuisance for Singaporeans.

Since aliens are non ever welcomed with unfastened weaponries, the bulk does non experience a sense of belonging or trueness to Singapore. Most of them come to populate and do money for a period of clip, and so go forth to travel back to their place states, or travel to a new state.