Today. the advancement of establishments is mostly determined by the ability to do usage of computing machine engineering. Computerization is a conclusive grounds of the promotion in scientific discipline and engineering which undertaking is to maximise its intent. chiefly in instruction. The converting of manual to machine-controlled system is one best alternate to transport out manually work loads such as maintaining records. calculations. and recovering information in the shortest possible. In the planetary small town of the new economic system. larger mechanization companies have small option- they must happen more ways and agencies to spread out worldwide. To make this they need to minimise domination of the cardinal corporate civilization. and maximise reactivity to local client demands. And therefore. using a computerized system can be simple alteration like supplying production workers for greater freedom of motion in executing their undertaking ( hypertext transfer protocol: /www. automationworld. com. car. thml ) .

In Bataan Polytechnic State College. the college-wide computerized registration system was implemented. Last October 2005. they put into operation the college –wide registration system for the first semester of the academic twelvemonth 2005-2006. Using the consequences and informations generated by the disposal. the college was able to rectify usual jobs during admittances and registrations such as the inclination to overlook processs. confusion among the pupils on proper enrollment stairss. and the incompatibility of the information generated and submitted to assorted offices within and outside the BPST. Furthermore. the college was able to treble the figure of pupils served each twenty-four hours during the enrollment period. This made the operation faster. more accurate and efficient. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. bpsc. edu. ph/news2. hypertext markup language ) .

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Tagum Doctors College ( TDC ) of Tagum City a private establishment of acquisition is dedicated to the quality of instruction of the young person to continue and enrich the life of all Filipino heritages. Its current registration procedure is wholly paper-based. Their registration procedure was the consequence of staccato accounting. cashiering. and pupil records systems. This led to staff manually ciphering single fees. Additionally. the staff could non suit the spread outing pupil population. Faced with these manual. disconnected procedures. Tagum Doctors College wanted to simplify pupil registration with a self-service system that automatically generated payment sums by centralising all pupil. class. and accounting inside informations. In this connexion. the research workers intend to drop their torments by making a computerized registration system.

Statements of the Problem

After the preliminary probe to the establishment of Tagum Doctors College. the research workers encountered the undermentioned jobs.
1. Trouble in recovering records of the pupils
2. Feasible mistakes in calculating students’ histories
3. Complexity in following the records of current enrolled pupils
4. Delayed in treating a study
5. Difficult to place the suites and instructor on its topic and
6. There is a struggle arise in doing manual pupils category agenda.

Aims of the Study

This survey aimed to fulfill its chief aim of developing an automated registration system that will back up one of the operations of Tagum Doctors’ College. Along with this general aim. this besides aimed to fulfill the undermentioned aims:

1. To entree easy in recovering record of the pupils ;
2. To set up mistakes free in calculating Students Accounts ;
3. To follow easy outline record of the presently enrolled pupils ;
4. To automatically bring forth accurate studies ;
5. To place the room and instructor on its topic ;
6. To decrease struggle that arises in doing pupils category agenda ;

Scope and Restriction

The research worker designed this survey to the establishment of Tagum Doctor’s College to function the disposal to hold accurate processing during enrollment period. This survey designed a client/server system that shall cover the procedure in the registrar’s office. Dean’s office and Cashier’s office. The System caters the followers: a ) The Student’s information must hold encoded into the system to seek easy. to give/provide a back-up files for the pupils. B ) For the teller. the system can calculate the entire appraisal of the pupil including the assorted fees etc. it besides automatic deduct the payment of the pupil if they to the full paid before the scrutiny period and the staying balance.

degree Celsius ) The system can supply automatically a pupil category agenda. For the transferee and irregular pupil. the system can schedule their topics. In add-on. it can redact one-by-one the topic codifications. clip agenda if the pupil wants to alter their agenda. vitamin D ) Automatic generate the student’s figure. receipt figure and set up the study what the user’s demand. vitamin E ) The system can besides see the classs of the pupils.

degree Fahrenheit ) Can publish out difficult transcript for the of import agencies such as lists of pupils. capable codifications. clip agenda and the assigned instructors.

Significance of the Study

This proposed Computerized Enrollment System is relevant and good to the college in off that the procedure in maintaining data’s. cashiering and doing studies becomes more consistent. In add-on. it would be easier and would be lessen the work load of the involved offices. It would besides assist the school disposal to pull off and transact with other schools. The registrar’s office would manage the pupil appraisal accurate. It besides eases for the student’s dealing. Furthermore. the acceptance of this system would supply informations security which reliable on every minutess. The undermentioned individuals can benefits this survey:

Cashier. These systems will the school teller in calculating the entire appraisal of the pupils and other assorted fees accurate and clear Dean. This system will assist the Dean in maintaining all the minutess sing the student’s records. organized and pull off all the minutess accurate and safety. Faculty. This system will assist the module minimal their work burden during enrollment period. It gives an easier manner of placing their assigned topic. Registrar. This system will assist them in maintaining the student’s records orderly and safely. School Administration. This system will assist them to pull off and form the clip agenda in managing the dealing. Student. This system will besides assist ease the pupils in updating their topics available and other minutess easier and faster. It will besides supply the pupils to see their classs.

Review of Related Literature

The Review of Related Literature represents the reference rules. thoughts. construct. theories. facts and positions sing the relevant variables of facets as gathered from different books scrutinized by the research workers and searched from the cyberspace Today. the tendency of engineering rushing up really quickly. mechanization was developing as a consequence advanced in the design of machine. Technology has affected society and its milieus in a figure of ways. In many societies. engineering has helped develop more advanced economic systems including today’s planetary economic system and has allowed the rise of a leisure category. Most early machine was design to run under a specific set of status. when this status alteration manual accommodation was necessary to guarantee proper operation.

This was non a major defect. since the machines operated at comparatively slow velocities. It was rapidly recognized as valuable to guarantee efficiency and truth and fabrication procedure. The term operation refers to a broad assortment of system and processes that operate with small or no human intercession. In the most modern information system. control is exercise by the system itself through control devices that sense alterations in such status as temperature. rate of flow to do accommodation to counterbalance these alterations. The development of digital computing machine. which can supervise external status and do an appropriate accommodation to the system. added farther drift to the application of mechanization.

It trices to increase apprehension of the ways in which information is generated. stored made available. and used. In the practical sense it undertake specific action to seek to better the same map of information engineering ( Grolier Internal Encyclopedia Vol. 2. 1995 ) Automation plays an progressively of import function in the planetary economic system and in day-to-day experience. Engineers strive to unite machine-controlled devices with mathematical and organisational tools to make complex systems for a quickly spread outing scope of applications and human activities.

A computerized system will let you to do better usage of your clip. Why spend clip typing information into a papers. when you could be hosting a occupation hunt workshop ( World Wide Web. truckwin32. com and World Wide Web. Shippernet. com ) . The De la Salle University’s ITC Systems direction Office designs. develops. implements and evaluates computer- based information systems as requested by the academic and administrative units to ease their operations. These information systems include their registration system. student’s information systems and accounting system for student’s appraisals. The University desires to to the full computerise its procedures and integrated all its information systems that are evaluated yearly. Its quality policy includes the list 99. 9 percent handiness of calculating resources. at most client satisfaction. prompt and positive response to customer’s petitions. feedback on customer’s petition ( hypertext transfer protocol: /www. disu. edu. ph/offices/itc/smo/default. asp ) .

The Automated Enrollment System of Samar State University purposes for an accurate. user friendly. efficient system that can assist both the pupil and forces for fast informations processing of registration. Engr. Hediki Hashimoto. a Nipponese voluntary headed the creative activity and conceptualisation of the system. He was assisted by the information engineering module from the College of Engineering and Humanistic disciplines and Sciences. The system. which is web. based. utilizations PHP programming linguistic communication with informations stored in MySQL is run through the intranet of SSU. A dry-run for this machine-controlled registration was done last summer and the first semester of this school twelvemonth. Offices affected with the mechanization were the registrar. teller. accounting. and the Colleges of Education. Engineering. Humanistic disciplines and Sciences. Industrial Technology. Nursing and Graduate Studies. Feedbacks from the pupils were formulated when the first semester started.

Over 75 % of them says that the mechanization procedure of registration was better compared with the old system. With the good consequence of the dry-run the automated registration system will be eventually implemented this 2nd semester. Saint Louis University’s Computerized Program was envisioned by Father Ghesleen de Vos. He saw the importance of automatizing the academic systems peculiarly the accounting and registrar’s offices. His end was to decrease the load of managing boring undertakings that was brought approximately by the voluminous records processed every semester. In June 1969. Fr. De Vos’ vision became a world with the acquisition of the IBM 1130 system. This gave birth the Saint Louis University International Business Machines Electronic Data Processing Office ( hypertext transfer protocol: /www. slu. edu. pH ) .

Mapua Institute of Technology started its computerized operations in the aggregation of relevant pupil information in the 1960’s. During the 1997 University yearss of the Mapua Institute of Technology. the MIS office held a presentation of a Windows-based paradigm of an online registration system for the Deans and several Heads of Offices. The system. developed utilizing Fox Pro for Windows. displayed assorted characteristics for a faster registration. The first online registration system and pupil information system was developed and was tested on the summer of 1998 where all pupils gathered at the Burgos Gym for their registration ( http: /do-it. mapua. edua. pH ) .

Context Flow Diagram

The Context Diagram besides includes the people and other organisations which the system communicates. It besides contains the information the system produces and the informations that the system receives from the external entities. The full system is placed on the procedure Recording and accessing. under which several procedures make up the full Computerized Registration System. Figure 1. are the external entities that send or receive information from the system are included in the Context Diagram.

During registration. the pupils provide their necessary informations for the system to treat the dealing. The system activate by providing the needed information that will consist the pupil information. payment of registration fees and other charges. The student’s information given by the pupil to the Registrar’s Office that will be stored in the system. After the pupil paid his duty and have a reception from the Cashier. The Registrar releases the category agenda of the pupils with the other student’s records to hold a difficult transcript for them. The Dean will hold the record of category list.

Figure 1. The Context Flow Diagram of Computerized Enrollment System

Definition of Footings

The undermentioned term used in this survey are defined conceptually for lucidity and easy apprehension of the constructs. Class list. The lists of the pupil every topic given by the Dean of College to the Faculties. Class Agenda. The signifier of the pupil with the room and clip assignment. and entire appraisal of the pupil. Requesting Class list. The Dean’s has the authorization to entree on the system and to hold a difficult transcript. Printed Student’s Record. The hardcopy records of the pupil kept by the Registrar. Printed Student’s Record.

The hardcopy records of the pupil kept by the Registrar. Recording and Accessing. The machine-controlled system can maintain the records. proctor. and calculate the appraisal of the pupil. Registration signifier. The signifier that need to make full up by the pupil to hold a Student’s record to the Registrar’s Office. Student’s Accounts. The appraisal of the pupil saved besides on the system. Student ID figure. This figure assigned on the pupils to recover their profile and histories. Student’s Record. The records of the pupil saved on the system.