In Oedipus the male monarch. Sophocles begins the narrative line with the metropolis of Thebes sorrowing. Oedipus true individuality is get downing to go inquiry. when he is told by a unsighted prophesier that he is what blighting the metropolis. His married woman. Jocasta is instantly disbelieving about the prognostication. and tells him a narrative about an prophet that she had one time received and ne’er became fulfilled. However. this did non assist Oedipus uncertainness. and merely to do more confusion to his psyche was he visited from the yesteryear. a courier from his “fathers” land. The courier brings new that his male parent has died of old age and that his land wanted him to be at that place king. Jocasta believes this is good intelligence. but merely does her destiny bend when Oedipus confesses that he ran off from his ain land to because he had heard a prognostication that he would hill his parents.

The courier tells Oedipus that his fright was useless for he was non a blood relation of the male monarch. but a gift handed from his really ain custodies. Jocasta realizes the true individuality of Oedipus and begs him to halt his inquiring and hunt it would merely do him more greif. but merely does her heartache cause her to perpetrate self-destruction. Oedipus it told by a herder that Oedipus was given to him by the queen herself to be casted on the mountain side and left to decease. Oedipus realisation of his true individuality and happening out that that his married woman is his female parent and that she killed herself he ripped out his eyes. ( 969-99 ) Jocastas is disbelieving about the Prophetss and has her ain doctrine about she what should be known or what should be looked in to. she believes that the less person knows the better. is this what caused her ain ruin? Jocasta. the queen of Thebes. turns out it was non every bit glamourous as it sounds.

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Jocasta first matrimony was a really successful and happy one until they received a prognostication that was that their boy would kill his male parent and get married his female parent. Sophocles represents Jocasta in a unworried mode. In her first entryway we can see that she is non worried about what the prophesier spoke to Oedipus nor did she give it any importance. She tells Oedipus to non worry about what he said ; she believes that no person is of all time given the accomplishment of prognostication. ( 986 ) Jocasta may hold non trusted the words of the prophesier. because to her cognition the prophet that was one time given to King Laius and her had ne’er really been fulfilled. but she so still does worshpid the God Apollo. To me it seems that she is non really disbelieving of the Gods. but alternatively to the work forces who are said to construe the messages from the God.

The manner she expressed herself about the God after she had told Oedipus the prophet that she had one time received was. “That clip Apollo did non do our kid a patricide. or convey about what Laius feared. that he be killed by his ain boy. That’s how prophetic words determined things! Forget them. The things a God must track he will himself painlessly reveal. ” ( 986 ) Jocasta is non disbelieving about the God for she said that a God must make things himself. unlike the prophetic words. that to her. ne’er revealed themselves. As the drama progressed Sophocles presents a courier who began to bring out the true beginning of Oedipus. ( 992-993 ) Jocasta was foremost intrigued to happen out that Oedipus male parent had died of old age she recalls to him that it was pointless of him to fear the prophet. and that the hereafter is unknowable. life is ruled by opportunity. ( 992 )

However. non until a few minutes subsequently did she began to unsolve the enigma and began to plead Oedipus to halt seeking to happen out who he was. Jocasta realizes before Oedipus that he is her boy. and that she has committed incest. She began to state him to give up his hunt that she was already in adequate hurting. ( 993 ) Jocasta did non desire Oedipus to happen out who she truly was and do him heartache so she did non desire him to maintain looking into the yesteryear. the less he knew the better. Jocasta begged Oedipus to non oppugn anything any longer to halt his heartache. but subsequently on her ain heartache cuases her to perpetrate self-destruction.

Did Jocasta’s incredulity and doctrine become the ground to her ain ruin? Yes. in my sentiment they did. Jocasta did perpetrate most of her wrongs in artlessness. but she did abandon Oedipus on the mountain side and did non even try to happen out if her boy had lived or in fact died. the less she knew the better. This later on caused her to get married Oedipus and carry through the prophet. which became the terminal of her life when she hang herself with bed sheets.

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