In Romans we learn so many facets of Christian’s life. It tells us how we as Christian’s should see the natural universe. our individuality and our relationship with others. our civilization. and civilisation. There is so much more we could larn from this book. In Romans 1-8 we will happen that the information in it is so much that we will non acquire the full significance of all the things it is stating unless we look deeper into it. Romans 1-8 takes us from our entire inability to walk in good plants. to God’s fidelity in warranting. consecrating. and lauding us by our religion through God’s grace.

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The Natural World

We all know that God through his ain words formed the natural universe. God spoke the existence and everything that being in it. As Christian’s we should cognize this because as trusters. we believe the Bible is a disclosure of God and that it is non merely a book written by human custodies. Paul writes in Romans 1:20-21 “For since the creative activity of the universe his unseeable properties are clearly seen. being understood by things that made. even in his ageless power and God caput. so that they are without alibi. 21- because although they knew God. they did non laud him as God nor were grateful. but became futile in their ideas. and their foolish Black Marias were darkened” . God made everything and he is demoing those that disrespect him in his face with their wickedness himself so that when they know that there is a God and he created everything.

Human Identity

Our human Identity of who we as a world is that we all were made in God’s image. God created us every bit. but he besides gives us the free will to take to function him or non. In Psalm 8:5 it says “For you have made him a little lower than the angels ; and you have crowned him with glorification and award. ” And in Genesis 2:15 “Then the Lord God took the adult male and put him in the Garden of Eden to be given and maintain it. ” We have many things that are incorrect with us that we can’t fix. so we need Jesus to warrant. consecrate. and laud us. We need all three those that we can be connected to Christ. unrecorded life. server him and when we die we will acquire to bask ageless Eden with him. and have everlasting life.

Human Relationship

In Romans 12:8 it says “he who exhorts. in exhortation ; he who gives. with liberalness ; he who leads. with diligence ; he shows clemency. with sunniness. ” What that poetry is stating to all Christians is that our moral principle is based all on love. We as worlds know that relationships really confusing and are hardest portion of life. We all have a wickedness against ain organic structures and psyches. but it is a wickedness that is against others who were created in God’s image. If you are traveling to steal from your neighbour you might every bit good steal from God. We were all created in his image and we need to love and esteem others merely like we would God.


Paul says in Romans 11 that God will salvage some in Israel because most of them were elite by the Patriarchs. Romans 12 says as Christians we are to populate as a life forfeit to Christ. while making all these thing in love and demoing our love to others through service. We as trusters are to be low and serve others with joy. as trusters we are to work with others to Christ’s redemptional work. Christ is merciful. righteous. crowned head. and merely God. He wants us to love another like he loves the universe.


“No power in the sky above or in the Earth below- so. nil in all creative activity will of all time be able to divide us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord Romans 8:39. ” It’s so reviewing to cognize that I can ever number on God to love me. Even when I’m unable to love myself God will. It is a fantastic feeling to cognize that I can hold a relationship with God. where and whatever I do. or say or think will ne’er do him non love me. God will ever love and be with me no affair what. God wants us to populate for him. He besides wants us to take others to him.


New King James Version Bible ( NJKB )