By filtrating and weighing the carbonate after it has precipitated. the mass and moles of CaCO3 could so be found ; with these values. a molar mass of M2CO3 can be found. Using hydrometric analysis. it has been determined that the unknown Group 1 metal carbonate compound is K2CO3 ( potassium carbonate ) .

Experimental Beginnings of Mistake:

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A ) The first beginning of mistake had to make with the precipitation subdivision of the lab. Not merely is possible. but it is about guaranteed that the CaCO3 did non precipitate to its fullest extent. Achieving a precipitate that is 100 % pure and is precisely of the composing represented by its chemical expression would be highly hard. A 2nd beginning of mistake was in the filter paper. No filter paper can be perfect. and it is really likely that it did non filtrate all of the precipitate. which would so diminish non merely the mass of CaCO3. but besides the molar mass because merely the bulk of the right mass of the precipitate was found ; by take downing the mass of a compound. its molar mass will besides fall.

B ) After the precipitate had been filtered and dried. the filer paper that contained the precipitate was mishandled and its contents was scattered all over our lab bench. The dried precipitate had to be so gathered and so put back onto the filter paper ; this contributed a big part of human mistake to this lab. Spilling the dried precipitate is a beginning of homo because it is about guaranteed that non all of the precipitate was collected that had been spilled. This would hold so lowered the mass of all of the undermentioned information. and entirely. our end consequence ( i. e. molar mass ) . C ) Percent mistake = your result-accepted valueaccepted value x 100 Percent mistake = 128. 79-138. 21138. 21 ten 100 = 6. 8157 %

Sing that any per centum mistake that is under 5 % is frequently times considered accurate. a per centum mistake of 6. 8 % can be viewed as reasonably accurate. It is non excessively far off to wholly ignore. but it is besides non near plenty to utilize as fact.