When the universe had started to believe that economic crisis of 2008 is about over, it came across the intelligence of new unit of ammunition of fiscal convulsion in Europe. In the terminal of 2009, Greece ‘s authorities debt is exceptionally big which gross debt-to-GDP ratio is about 115 % ( European Commission, 2010 ) . This means its debt is greater than its one-year GDP. Greece ‘s current economic jobs have been caused by a mix of domestic and international factors. The purpose of this essay is to measure what the major causes of the Grecian debt crisis are. Peoples ‘ s positions on this vary from individual to individual. Some believe it was due to high authorities disbursement ( Nelson, 2010 ) , some argue the euro played the most of import function ( Belien, 2010 ) , nevertheless others blamed to the worsening of international fight. Limited by the length of the essay, it is traveling analyse four causes which been widely discussed: economic system construction, Olympic Games in Athens, planetary fiscal crisis and Goldman Sachs ‘s tactics.

Economy construction

Greece has seen an unbelievable velocity of GDP addition at 7 % every twelvemonth between 2004 and 2009. However, this relay on merely two major economic sectors: Tourism and transportation which are tooA fragile to stand for the alterations of universe import demand. Specifically, touristry net income accounts 18 % of the GDP of Greece, the figure of traveller from the US reduced 24.2 % in 2009 comparison with 2008 ‘s ; at the same clip, the figure of Europe travellers besides reduced one fifth, this cut down 16.2 % and 14 % of the national income severally. The Grecian transportation industry besides met depression that 2009 one-year income dropped 27.6 % . Furthermore, the inertia effects of high degree of societal public assistance make Grecian fiscal status worse and overstaffing and hapless productiveness in the populace sector still an obstruction to improved economic public presentation.

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This statement seems converting if non compare with other developed states which relay on service industry. Singapore is a good illustration, which has same pillar industries as Greece while non merely survive from the planetary fiscal crisis, but besides enjoys healthy authorities fiscal status. As a consequence, the industry construction is non the chief cause of Grecian debt crisis.

Olympic gamess Game in Athens

Some athletics economic expert trying to associate the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens to the factors are behind the stultifying debt crisis. They argue that the Olympics cost duplicate the initial budget while more than half of Athens ‘ Olympic sites are hardly used or empty now ( Gatopoulos, 2010 ) . Therefore, money was squandered in a thoughtless manner.

However, the information shows that the money spent on the Olympics is tantamount to one one-fourth of 2009 budget shortage ( Alevras, 2010 ) . Furthermore, Athens is still harvesting the benefits from its pre-games inspection and repair of the metropolis ‘s conveyance systems and substructure. Therefore it is small apparent to see the sum spent over seven old ages of readying for the Olympic Games end up being responsible for the crisis.

Sequel of planetary fiscal crisis

Some economic experts maintain that Grecian crisis is caused by the ripple effects of the 2008 planetary fiscal crisis.

Over the past three decennaries, there are four serious debt crises around the universe: Latin America ‘s debt crisis ( 1980s ) , Russian debt crisis ( 1998 ) , Argentina debt crisis ( 2001 ) and Grecian debt crisis which happened late. These debt crisis have some characters in common: fundamentally, the state where crisis erupt are non bellwethers of universe economic system ; moreover, the crisis do adversely impacted planetary economic position and caused terror around the universe ; above all, historically talking, there are more enormous crises before the eruption of the debt crises ( see Graph 1 ) . In proper order, these crises are planetary galloping rising prices crisis ( 1980s ) , Asiatic fiscal crisis ( 1997 ) , Internet bubble crisis ( 2001 ) and the US ‘s subprime lendingA crisis ( 2007 ) . Notably, these crises ever have direct relevancy to the debt crisis on economic processs.

Graph 1. Debt crises ever follow the planetary crises

After the eruption of the subprime lendingA crisis in 2008, Greece took the advantage of Expanding Financial Policy and Currency Policy of Keynesianism trade with the economic system depression, important bead of private sectors ‘ investing, psychiatrist of consume and rise of unemployment. When the economic system bottom out after strong stimulate, Grecian authorities debt besides been enhanced.

Harmonizing to the research of Uri Dadush, senior associate and the manager of the International Economics Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, autonomous debt boosted from 62 % to 85 % of planetary GDP in 2009 and 3.4 % of GDP was used to deliver the bank which was traveling to ruin. When it comes to Greece, authorities debt increased from 95.6 % of national GDP to 111.5 % ( Uri Dadush, 2010 ) .

However, the cost of the bank deliverance is non the whole narrative of fiscal inflicts. The Grecian unemployment reached 9 per centum in 2009 ( US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010 ) and struggles of unemployed workers are progressively ferocious and frequent. Therefore, as another the consequence of planetary fiscal crisis, the recession on revenue enhancement grosss and the automatic addition of disbursement on unemployment and other safety cyberspaces pull Greece into the abysm of debt.

the fiscal scheme devised by Goldman Sachs

A spokesman for George Soros effort to claim that the well-known hedge fund operator is guilty of no wrong-doing in connexion with the fiscal turbulence presently impacting Greece and Europe as a whole ( Kincaid,2010 ) . However, Wall Street tactics akin to the 1s that fostered subprime loaning in the US have worsened the fiscal crisis agitating Greece by enabling Grecian authoritiess to conceal their climb debts over the last decennary.

A In 2001, Greece traded away the rights to airport fees and lottery returns in old ages to come, entered into 1 billion cross currency barters fudging USD and JPY and restructured its portfolio with Goldman Sachs at a historical implied foreign exchange rate. In the documented instance, Goldman Sachs was able to raise the excess 1 billion dollars for Greece “ off balance sheet ” because the derivative basically transformed a loan into a currency trade. These minutess reduced Greece foreign debt by 2.367 euro and in bend decreased Greece debt as a per centum of GDP by 1.6 % — within the bounds on shortage disbursement that was the key to Greece fall ining the EU ( The New York Times, 2010 ) .

Apparently, although the trade can ease the debt force per unit area for Grecian authorities in short-run, the state of affairs of income falls short of the outgo still non be improve. Furthermore, the barters end up with long-run harm to the Grecian province while Goldman Sachs was handsomely rewarded US $ 300 million in the trade ( The New York Times, 2010 ) .

When subsequently, the planetary fiscal crisis and depression altered the investor ‘s positive predict of Greek national debt. Goldman Sachs together with other investing bank began Badmouth to Greece. With the Greek Standard & A ; Poor ‘s recognition evaluation diminution, fiscal market began panic, people began invest in recognition default barter ( CDS ) , an instrument that allows speculators to do a net income from a declining economic state of affairs in Greece, and even do loan conditions worse for the Grecian authorities. As a consequence, the monetary value of CDS rocketed. The fact is, Goldman Sachs purchased 20 twelvemonth term 1 billion euro Cadmiums to variegation of hazard after barter with Greek ( The New York Times, 2010 ) . Therefore, Goldman Sachs non merely deviate the hazard before caput, but besides harvest immense net incomes by short sell collateralized debt obligationA and coup d’etat CDS at a low monetary value as a individual in the know. That makes loan conditions worse for the Grecian authorities.


The undermentioned decisions can be drawn from the present survey. True, the Grecian economic system was influenced to some extent by unitary economic system construction, even 2008 Summer Olympic Games. However, the chief grounds why Greece suffered from the High autonomous debt degrees are the ripple effects of the 2008 planetary fiscal crisis and the part from theA US investing Bankss which played a function in making the gyrating Grecian debt crisis. Although Greece benefited from 750 billion of bailout from the European finance curates and IMF, there is still a long manner to travel for the Grecian economic system to the full to retrieve from the diminution. However, there are still issues of concern for other states, which possibly do non hold the precisely the same financial jobs as Greece, asA Warren BuffetA said, “ You do n’t cognize who’sA swimmingA naked until the tide goes out ” .