Arthur Birling Husband of Sybil. male parent of Sheila and Eric. He is the proprietor of Birling and Company. some kind of mill concern that employs several misss to work on machines. He is a Magistrate and two old ages ago. was Lord Mayor of Brumley.

Gerald Croft Engaged to Sheila. His parents. Sir George and Lady Croft. are above the Birlings socially. and it seems his female parent disapproves of his battle to Sheila. He works for his father’s company. Crofts Limited. which seems to be both bigger and older than Birling and Company.

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Sheila Birling Engaged to be married to Gerald. Daughter of Arthur Birling and Sybil Birling. and sister of Eric.

Sybil Birling Married to Arthur. Mother of Sheila and Eric. Sybil is. like her hubby. a adult female of some public influecnce. sitting on charity organisations and holding been married two old ages ago to the Lord Mayor. She is an icily impressive adult female. arguably the lone one of all the Birlings to about wholly resist the Inspector’s efforts to do her realize her duties.

Eric Birling Son of Arthur and Sybil Birling. Brother of Sheila Birling. Eric has a imbibing job He works at Birling and Company. and his male parent is his foreman.

Inspector Goole The Inspector is in his 1950ss. and he is dressed in a field dark suit. He ab initio seems to be an ordinary Brumley constabularies inspector. but ( as his name might propose ) comes to look something more ominous–perhaps even a supernatural being.

Edna The parlor amah.

Eva Smith A miss who the Inspector claims worked for Birling and was fired. before working for Milwards and so being dismissed. She later had relationships with Gerald Croft and so Eric Birling ( by whom she became pregnant ) .