1. 0Introduction

First of all. an advertisement bureau is unambiguously and meaningfully from the client. provides an outside point of position to the attempt of sell clients ‘ merchandises or services. Besides that. an bureau besides can cover with overall selling and stigmatization schemes and promotional activities for its clients. for the illustration of Leo Burnett. Leo Burnett is Malaysia’s taking international advertisement bureaus through about 95 offices in about 85 states. is owned by publicizing pudding stone Publicis ( leoburnett. com. 2013 ) . It besides helped make some of the top consumer trade names such as Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal and Tony the Tiger icon.

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The clients of Leo Burnett are Maybank. Petronas. Hotlink. Maxis. Taylors’ college. Marlboro and so on. They are all about that particular connexion between trade names and consumer. Their mission is the “best in the universe. without exclusion. in trade name purchasers turning into trade name trusters. ” and will non be utilizing its proprietary trade name of belief systems. Harmonizing to Stephen Gatfield. their vision reflects his personal brand-building expertness and changeless sweetenings will guarantee that its clients get a higher return on the trade in advertisement. Based on the research. Leo Burnett won the Overall Agency of the Year 2012 at the Ad and Selling Awards Malaysia. 2. 0Description of occupation rubrics and maps

The top of bureau is normally led by a CEO. 2 junior presidents. and some different functional country such as executive originative manager. pull offing manager. main runing officer. and main executive officer.

2. 1Executive Creative Director

Leo Burnett has some of the most of import cardinal histories in the universe. for the illustration Yasmin Ahmad. She was a endowment movie manager. author and scriptwriter from and was besides the executive originative manager at Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur. She worked at the company for 51 old ages. since 1958 to 2009. She brought some of the national oil company and the most singular advertizements for Petronas by Leo Burnett. It has won multiple awards within Malaysia and internationally so today put them as one of the top establishments in Malaysia. In the average clip. we know that her telecasting commercials and movies are good known in Malaysia because of their comedy. kindness and love.

Recently. Eric Cruz is fall ining Leo Burnett in Malaysia as Executive Creative Director. Therefore. his work focuses on the connexion between art and design. traveling images and researching new things in media loanblends. Harmonizing to Tan Kien Eng. Leo Burnett’s CEO. he says that Eric’s alone bring together of experience holding worked with some of the world’s taking bureaus across some of the most creatively-vibrant markets sets him apart. He has provided a strong planetary work and is profoundly impressive public presentation in Asiatic civilizations.

2. 2Managing Director

Robert Kay has joined Leo Burnett in Malaysia and he is new pull offing manager. In the past old ages. he has worked for some of universe Class Company and includes control selling and merchandise development for Australasia. In the average clip. based on the research. I found that he non merely as history leader for Saatchi & A ; Saatchi besides as leader of one of Asia’s most awarded marketing-services companies. Besides that. Robert Kay is a really well-known individual in the company because of his passion for creativeness. The most of import thing is the trade name has allowed him to link with some of the popular trade name in drink industry such as Coca-Cola and Carlsberg Tetley. engineering such as Hp and auto industry such as Mercedes-Benz & A ; Fiat. Thus. his work largely focuses on supplying leading on strategic job and looks for new concern chance.

2. 3Chief Operating Military officer

Recently. the company has selected Michelle Ong as head runing officer and besides supervising operations. In fact. his work are focus on reinventing workflow procedure while cooperation with co-workers in the company. Furthermore. she besides needs to concentrate on cardinal MNC trade names such as McDonald’s. Dutch Lady Malaysia. and Procter & A ; Gamble ( P & A ; G ) .

Based on the research. she has over 15 old ages of strong communications experience and builds a different scope of trade names. have work with Ogilvy & A ; Mather and McCann World group in the past old ages.

2. 4Chief Executive Officer

Leo Burnett’s main executive officer is Tan Kien Eng. He has grown the resourceful repute of his work with more than 20 old ages of industry experience. In the average clip. he besides creates a squad to construct Arc Worldwide Malaysia as the figure one direct bureau for three old ages in Malaysia. Harmonizing to Tan Kien Eng. he believes that a company with growing must come with freedom.

He starts from the growing of our people and our clients ‘ concern growing in order to develop the Leo Burnett trade name. In Leo Burnett. he has besides strengthened history service and originative sides. In the average clip. He besides helped OgilvyOne to set up the originative repute successful in Asia Pacific and made OgilvyOne figure one in Malaysia. In the past old ages of advertisement universe. we play a function in the planning. and today because we have introduced strategic planning capableness of the client has started to go more dependent on the strategic history Director. Therefore. he is focus on the following stage of growing for Leo Burnett Group Malaysia now.

3. 0Conclusion As a decision. harmonizing to Leo Burnett. it mentioned that a good advertisement does non merely go around information. It penetrates the public head with demands and belief. In my sentiment. I think that utilizing an advertisement bureau can salvage clip for a concern because non needs to pass more clip develop an advertisement run. In the average clip. an advertisement bureau besides can assist us salvage a batch of money as bureaus can acquire more price reductions by wireless or Television Stationss so they can acquire cheaper monetary value than people in direct contact. Furthermore. advertisement bureaus besides can assist us to develop a trade name in the market. It besides can assist us research and supply us to aim the most effectual market.